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International Pilates Certification
Renewal Requirements
Pilates Certification Documents are valid for two (2) years
  1. 16 CEC's (continuing education credits) every two years or Options below
    1. Completing three (3) hours with a Pilates Master Instructor or Accredited Pilates Educator (pre-authorization required)
    2. Three (3) units of Accredited University or College course credits (Pilates applicable subjects)
    3. Your Submission of an IPC approved Research or Project Thesis (Publishing authorization required)
    4. Documentation of 1,600 teaching hours (ongoing teaching is considered a continued education)
    5. Documentation of Mentoring or Assisting a Student-Teacher through a Pilates education course
  2. Adherence to the IPCertification's Competency Doctrine and Code of Conduct
  3. Renewal or Copy fee of $25 plus $3 for Certified Mail

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