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International Pilates Certification
Eligibility Requirements
  1. Graduation Diploma
    1. A copy of your Graduation Diploma with 450 Education Units from any accredited Pilates education organization
    2. or Documentation of 1,040 hours of Pilates Instructor employment
  2. Passing grades (73% or better)
    1. IPCertification written Quizzes
    2. IPCertification written Tests
    3. IPCertification Practical Exams; Matt, Small Barrel, Ladder Barrel, Chair, Reformer, Cadillac
    4. Fitness Testing; Program Design and Implementation
  3. A copy of your CPR Document
  4. A copy of your Liability Insurance
  5. Three References
    a. Pilates Studio Owner
    b. Certified Pilates Instructor
    c. Pilates Client
  6. Copies of TESTING payment receipts; no charge for written quizzes or tests, $75 per Certification Exam.

    Note; a Pilates certification document is valid for two years

The IPCertification Practical Exams are Pilates specific and tend to be an educational experience

International Pilates Certification sets the highest standards in the Pilates industry - with experiential understanding, critical evaluation analysis
and practical applications;
IPCertification was established in 1989, the first Pilates orginization to be a memeber of ACSM and NOCA (National Organization of Credibility Assurance - now know as NCCA).

ACSM & IPC require fitness trainers to perform a Fitness Test, design a workout program based on that Fitness Test and safely teach the program.
PMA certifications set the lowest standards - with one written test; taking a written test may indicate your memorization ability, testing skills or retention of information but does not demonstrate your ability to safely impart that knowledge to a Pilates client.

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