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International Pilates Certification

To qualify to be tested by a Pilates Certification organization, you must provide a total of 450 documented Educational Units from an accredited Pilates education program and then pass the Pilates Certification testing.
The International Pilates Certification follows the highest standards in the fitness trainer industry set by The American College of Sports Medicine.

The International Pilates Certification company is a separate entity from The International Pilates College.

Sixteen (16) Continued Education Units from an Education Provider (or options) are required every two years to maintain IPCertification documentation.

IPCertification is a devoted member of American College of Sports Medicine and was the first Pilates Certification organization to become a member with the National Organization of Credibility Assurance (NOCA aka NCCA).
The IPC director was a charter member of Pilates Method Alliance and has since dissolved all affiliation with it.
Additional $75 fees apply to retesting of practical exams.
A fee of $25 is charged for copies of IPCertification documentation.
All Liability Insurance Providers accept documents from International Pilates Certification.
International Pilates Certifications are not intended to be a personal trainer's sole or primary certification.
IPCertification does not guarantee that IPCertification certificates will be accepted by all fitness industry employers.
It is your responsibility to determine what is required by your employer, as well as what is required by any laws or regulations that apply to you.
The U.S. Federal Government, State or Municipal governing body in the USA do not require Certification of Pilates Instructors, however; most Pilates Studios do.
International Pilates Certification was originally registered as National Fitness Trainers Certification 2-9-1989 #89011196 due to legal restrictions on the use of the word 'Pilates', subsequent court rulings allowed the use of the word 'Pilates and NFTC re-filed 12-11-200 #00-1924765 as International Pilates Certification and National Fitness Trainers Certification, currently we are re-filed 3-19-2012 #2012-045446 as International Pilates Certification in accordance with subdivision (a) of section 17920; Dean C. Logan Los Angeles County Clerk, P.O. Box 1208, Norwalk, Ca, 90651-1208.