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International Pilates Certification
QUIZ #15

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PRINT CLEARLY, use back of paper, or extra paper, if needed.
Remember to put your name on all extra sheets.

1. What did Joe Pilates call his method?
2. What/who were Joe’s influences?
3. How did Joe define fitness?
4. Where/when was he born?
5. Name two other countries where Joe lived.
6. Who is your Master Teacher?
7. What Pilates style have you been taught? Describe Briefly.

1. Define Range of Motion and give an example:
2. Name a Pilates move that is great for extension:
3. Name a Pilates move that uses torso flexion:
4. Name & Describe two stretching techniques utilized in the Pilates work:
5. What makes up your “core”?

1. Name three
Breathing techniques specific to the Pilates method.
2. Name a move whose primary purpose is to articulate the spine?
3. Name two ways you progress in the method:
4. How do you evaluate whether or not one is “in balance.”
5. What is authentic movement?

6. What does the anagram 'Always Show Our Bodies Respect' stand for?

1. Name two reasons for learning “knee folds:”
2. What is the #1 exercise to perform daily? Why?
3. Pick three exercises that make sense to do in sequence? Explain briefly.
4. What is the main reason to pull your shoulders down away from your ears?
5. Why would you work with a tube or elastic band?