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International Pilates Certification

Name: ____________________Date: ___________ Score: __________

Which of these conditions might contribute to problems in the lower back: [Circle all that apply]

The client complains of muscle twitch, spasm, or cramps that are severe enough to awaken them while lying in bed. What may be the cause of the problem?

What are your recommendations?

While monitoring each exercise, the Trainer should continuously make a check of the clients’;
B; ___________________
C; ___________________
D; ___________________
E; ___________________

Identify the fallacies, True or False:
_____ A. Women who do Pilates exercises are likely to develop large muscles.
_____ B. Muscles will turn to fat if you stop exercising.
_____ C. You can spot reduce subcutaneous fat by exercising the waist and thighs.
_____ D. You can do Pilates every day.
_____ E. When you are running a fever, it is best to exercise and sweat to break the fever.
_____ F. Pilates exercises actually makes the muscles longer.