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International Pilates College
A Review of the 1-on-1 Pilates Education Program
By Rodrigo Restrepo, Ph.D.

Having been a professor for nearly forty years at a prestigious university, I was very pleased to review Ivon Dahl's teaching methods in the International Pilates College education program. I was very impressed by this work because Mr. Dahl successfully deals with the challenge that every teacher must face: to find the best way to ``educate'', that is, to bring out the potential of the student. He deals with the intellectual approach to physical well being of the body with the power and the development of the mind.

Like most university professors, professor Dahl recognizes and practices the concept that good teaching is greatly enhanced through critical evaluation and experiential understanding of the subject. For him, that research involved training as a Pilates’ instructor, experience as a professional dancer and a successful competitive bodybuilder. Mr. Dahl continued his formal education with many respectable Universities throughout the United States and Europe. More recently, he has examined and systematized the Physiology of the Pilates method.

Mr. Dahl recognizes that good learning can't be accomplished by simply memorizing exercises and cues. Therefore, he encourages our future Pilates instructors to also use an analytical approach; to treat each client as a unique individual with their special needs and abilities. Thus, the development of each training program as a critical opportunity to select the most suitable modification or variation of each exercise for every client, and to teach clients to safely perform exercises to their best ability, based on current health professional standards.

This willingness to treat each student teacher as a unique individual is highly valued in the careers of all university professors; and this analytic method, backed by his experiential knowledge, may be the most important ingredients in Mr. Dahl's success in his teaching future Pilates professionals. That may well be his most important legacy, as he invites and instructs his students to advance, step by step toward success.

Rodrigo Restrepo, Ph. D.
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada