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4 Easy Steps toward Your Pilates Education
For those who want a lucrative profession that helps others and provides a flexible work schedule

STEP ONE: Review our 5 IPC Education Programs

STEP TWO: Complete your IPC Student Application

STEP THREE: Submit your Enrollment

STEP FOUR: CONTACT us for more info

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IPCollege Teacher-Training Workshops
IPC has the only program that teaches East & West Coast styles plus Classic, Traditional & Contemporary variations

With an experiential knowledge & respectful approach, you learn to heal body & soul.
IPC uses a variety of Pilates methods and teaching styles to teach you to teach Pilates.

We have promoted the Pilates Method since 1972 and educated Pilates instructors since 1989.
Our objective is to pass our knowledge & experience onto you so that you may help others light their fire within.

IPC instructors integrate multiple variations of each exercise with practical applications.
They help you understand how to make modifications based on the client needs & abilities.

The original Pilates exercise method was a fusion of Physical Arts disciplines
in dance yoga, bodybuilding, calisthenics, gymnastics, and martial arts and it continues to evolve today.

IPC Internship Programs allow you to EARN $ AS YOU LEARN
IPC challenges you to develop and bring Pilates to the next generation

Tuition Refunds for Pro-Dancers
IPC empowers you to educate, inspire, and challenge your clients in a safe and effective method taking you to an elite instructor level

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The best teachers are always learning