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Preparation for each scheduled session and your PRACTICAL TEACHING EXAMS

Questions you should ask yourself prior to teaching an exercise

· Am I Being PRESENT?
· Do I exhibit SELF CONTROL of my mind, body and emotion?
· Am I being ADAPTABLE?
· Am I PATIENT with myself or the one that I am teaching?
· Which teaching technique did I use in teaching this exercise? Am I comfortable using a different teaching technique?

Questions the Pilates professor may ask you, when you demonstrate a Pilates movement

1. What is the exercise about?
2. Where do you feel it? What muscle are you mostly working?
3. When do you breath in/out during this exercise?
4. Where is your center? Does it change during this exercise?
5. Are you in pelvic 12 o’clock or neutral? Does it change during this exercise?
6. Are you in spinal flexion, extension or neutral? Does it change during this exercise?
7. Is your neck part of your spine? (Should it be in the same alignment/position)
8. Which core muscles groups (i.e.; lower back, abs, pelvis) are engaged in this
     exercise? How can you get more intrinsic core muscles activated? (which ones)
9. What demands your priority concern?
10. What is the ‘Pilates Principle’ being focused on?
11. If you focus on a different ‘Pilates Principle’, how does it change the exercise?
12. Who would this exercise be appropriate for and not appropriate for
13. What could potentially go wrong with this exercise? (Contraindications)
14. How could we modify the exercise?
15. Please justify modifications that you have made in this exercise
16. What are the parameters of this exercise? (How big a ROM, repetitions, speed)
17. What movement is intended? (Moving or stabilizing from the core options)
   a. Core stability with distal mobility (the torso is still with arms/legs moving)
   b. Distal stability with core mobility (moving from the torso only)
   c. Isolated mobility (one joint/muscle is working)
   d. Integrated mobility (everything is moving simultaneously)
18. Do you prefer a modification or variation as opposed to the original? Why?
19. What is your critical evaluation of this exercise? (Do you like it, WHY)
   a. Fitness based - West Coast
   b. Dance based- East Coast
   c. Post-rehabilitation based - Soma Therapy