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Giving to Help Others

Your generous contributions will 'Make a Difference'
You may choose to dedicate your generous gift to a specific program.

‘Most In Need with the Most Potential’
Scholarships in Pilates career training is 'a Hand up, not a Hand out'

'Research or Innovation Funding'
You can address public health issues with Pilates Research or invent the Pilates Future with private gifting

'Community Outreach'
Expand community teaching programs and rekindle the joy of movement

Gifts will be allocated based on individual or community needs and the ability to enhance the quality of life

Our Scholarship Awards offer Pilates career opportunities to special populations
Single Parents
Recent Immigrants

Our Community Outreach Programs provide free Pilates exercise classes to
Couples & partner duets; building relationships through experiential sharing
Parent-child duets; developing communication and physical skills
Pilates for Teens (non co-ed friends) class; learning to be responsible for our bodies
Elder Citizen group classes; balance and intrinsic posture workouts
Physically Impaired private/group classes; exploring creative movement solutions

Project Rainbow promotes positive social interaction with a 'pay it forward' program


  1. Subsidize all qualified International Pilates students tuition to help lower the rising cost of Pilates vocational training.
  2. Present Work Scholarships to those with a strong desire but weak finances
  3. Collaborate with other non-Profit organizations for student Tuition Recovery
  4. Award Funding for Pilates Innovation
  5. Endow Partial Scholarships for professional athletes and performers' re-career training
  6. Available Continued Learning by sharing articles on our Community Wall
  7. Offer a forum for Professional discussion and exchange to connect a diverse community
  8. Provide a Library of collected Fitness & Nutrition programs for enthusiasts
  9. Contribute Free Listings in our IP Community Directory to network the physical arts
  10. Furnish Free Listings in the IP Classified to foster a spirit of cooperation
  11. Present 'Green' means of education with online long distance learning
  12. Generate Grants for Research in the use of Pilates modalities in Physical Therapy
  13. Bestow Grants in bio mechanics and kinesiology Research of Pilates movements

How to Give
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Giving to Help Others
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