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International Pilates College
Graduation Requirements
  1. Attendance and participation in scheduled classes; Class Preparation
  2. Adherence to IPCollege standardized progression
  3. Retention of essential material as presented in the College Syllabus
  4. Completion and Comprehension of homework assignments
  5. A passing grade on all Practical Exams; Grading Criteria
  6. A passing grade on the FINAL WRITTEN EXAM or acceptance of a Thesis or Research Project
  7. Demonstrate professional standards as set forth in the Competency Doctrine
  8. Documentation of 450 Education Units
    1. Lectures; documented by the instructor
    2. Labs; documented by the instructor
    3. Observation; documented by the student-teacher
    4. Self practice; documented by the student-teacher
    5. Practical teaching; documented by the student-teacher
    6. Research; documented by the instructor
    7. Community Outreach (optional) documented by the student-teacher
    8. Internship (optional)

      A service fee of $25 is charged for copies of student graduation or completion documentation, an additional fee of $3 may be charged for delivery expenses.