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Instructor Agreement

The instructor agrees to do work for International Pilates as an independent agent. Agreed; ____________________

International Pilates understands that the instructor/independent agent may incur liabilities and/or costs of operation however; International Pilates does not accept responsibility for liabilities or costs incurred by the instructor. The instructor hereby accepts full responsibility of any and all liabilities and costs incurred in participation to this agreement during the course of this workshop, including but not limited to transportation, communication, liability insurance, tax withholdings and any instructional materials provided by said instructor. Agreed; ________________

The instructor agrees to provide proof of ‘Private Training Liability Insurance’ to _______________________. Agreed; __________________
                                                                                                                                                                  name of hosting Pilates studio
The instructor agrees to provide documentation and results of all scheduled classes to International Pilates. Agreed; ________________

The Pilates instructor must perform to the International Pilates professional standards. The instructor must also have written pre approval by International Pilates of all; prepared instructional programs, teaching materials, homework assignments and quizzes that International Pilates does not provide. Agreed; ________________

Because of the nature of the Pilates education business, it is understood that International Pilates reserves all rights to its Pilates workshops including but not limited to printed or digital materials. Agreed; ________________

It is understood that International Pilates will dedicate a % of collected fees from the Hosting Pilates Studio for payment to the participating instructors. Instructor fees will be based on current local free market standards for Pilates instruction and will be paid at the agreed upon hourly rate as stated below. Partial payments for services rendered may be paid periodically throughout the time of this workshop to all participating instructors , any balance due will be paid by _________.
Hourly Rate: _____________________, Agreed; ________________                                                                                                                                             ending date

Termination of this agreement will be in effect thirty (30) days after either party to this agreement receives ‘A Termination of Agreement Notice’ via certified mail. Termination of this agreement will be automatically enacted if the Workshop Promoter/Hosting Pilates studio, fails to enroll a minimum of eight (8) paying students. Termination of this agreement will be enacted automatically after all Final Written Exams have been received by International Pilates nd all instructors have been paid. Agreed; ________________

The above standing in its one-page entirety is hereby agreed.
______________________________________________________________, __________
Pilates Instructor and independent agent                                                                                             Date
______________________________________________________________, __________
Legal agent of International Pilates                      .                                                                                Date