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"The Career chooses the Person" Martha Graham


Ivon Dahl has extensive training in movement with a rich, expansive background. He was nearly paralyzed with a broken back when he was 17. Two years later he took a movement workshop from Joseph Pilates disciple Bruce King at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, "This type of movement stopped my back pain, I realized that I had to do it the rest of my life".

Ivon hitch-hiked to New York City to continue his Pilates lessons with Bruce King. Mr. King decided to mentor Ivon as a Pilates instructor when he learned that Ivon was sleeping on the streets in order to afford these Pilates sessions. During his Pilates internship, Ivon received several dance scholarships. As a professional dancer he toured internationally as a soloist and was honored by appearing as a member of the Martha Graham Dance Company in a Royal Command Performance before Queen Elizabeth II. Simultaneously, he apprenticed under Walter Nicks as a movement specialist for the National Endowment of the Arts and the French Ministry of Culture. 

In his mid thirties he won awards in bodybuilding competitions winning over a dozen titles, including Mr. New York City. Ivon modeled for many famous photographers of the times while being represented by Madison Avenue Muscle. He was featured in Muscle & Fitness and Interview magazines, appeared on talk shows and in 8 Movies.

Marketing Pilates to broader audiences, Ivon designed and successfully ran the first facility to incorporate a gym with Pilates, "considered to be the most beautiful gym anywhere". As Program Director he customized exercise programs by fusing Pilates Principles with bodybuilding concepts and then instructed the gym's Personal Trainers how to teach Pilates with gym equipment, elevating them to an elite status in the fitness industry.

Ivon has written for international magazines, produced television exercise programs and published 5 books.

Currently Ivon teaches Pilates Education Programs, sponsored by 'International Pilates College' and endorsed by 'International Pilates Certification'. Ivon has never stopped his academic studies earning him 3 degrees and international teaching positions (he can teach Pilates in 5 languages). He ritually enrolls in local college or university courses and finds time to volunteer for community outreach programs such as; Senior Charities and raising puppy Guide Dogs for the blind.

"My life long passion has been TEACHING. I find that helping others is a path to my personal joy, and I can help expediential by educating Pilates instructors, who help more people than I could ever teach by myself. My selfish side loves Ballet classes and Painting."

Ivon designed and constructed this entire Web site, his portrait of Freda Kunin below, exemplifies his creativity.

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