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Liability Waiver

Do not make payment or enroll in the International Pilates College education program until you have read this document in its entirety.

Any fitness program including Pilates teacher training in strength, flexibility or endurance exercise, is potentially a hazardous activity and may involve risk of injury or death.
You must take personal responsibility when volunteering to actively participate in any specific activity; you maintain your right to observe rather than participate.
With enrollment in this program you affirm that you are in physically sound condition and agree that participation is undertaken at your sole risk.
Therefore, you are hereby waiving all liability of injuries arising out of involvement in this Pilates education program’s instruction or practice.

You are responsible for any damages you may cause to the facilities or equipment.
It is also agreed that any damages to the facility or property, or to the property of any workshop participant by another workshop participant, client or his/her guest, is the sole responsibility of the offending workshop participant.
You are here by notified that International Pilates shall not be liable for injuries or damage to any client, guest, or to their property, including their automobiles and contents.
It is further agreed that the teacher, lab instructor or other trainer assigned to you shall not assume responsibility for my safety and person and property while visiting the training facility.
It is specifically agreed that International Pilates and/or the independent contract instructors shall not be subject to any claim, injury or damage whatsoever resulting from an act of active or passive negligence on the part of any participant of this workshop in the future.

You are acknowledging that you have read the conditions of this agreement and agree to be bound by all of its terms and conditions with your payment to International Pilates.                College                Certification                Convention