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Media Release

This is to inform all media, print and broadcast, that Ivon Dahl has been accepted by The National Registry of Who's Who as a Life Member. The acceptance of Mr. Dahl as a Life Member is in recognition of exemplary service, both to community and to profession.

The National Registry of Who's Who is a highly recognized biographical publication for professionals. The responsibility of choosing only people of significant accomplishment is taken very seriously by The National Registry of Who's Who.

The National Registry of Who's Who, takes pride in accepting Mr. Dahl
The media should report Mr. Dahl's acceptance, in community cooperation.

From The Publication Of
The National Registry of Who's Who 2001

Ivon Dahl; Master Level Pilates Instructor, has taught a unique innovative fusion of The Three Schools of Pilates for several decades.
Highlights of Ivon's rich background include: PhD. Physical Sciences, Masters in Education, Multi-award winning bodybuilder earning over a dozen titles [including ‘Mr. New York City’], Protégé of Bruce King [Pilates instructor taught by Joseph Pilates], Professional dancer in the Martha Graham Dance Company and Assistant Movement Specialist for the National Endowments Of The Arts.
Ivon designed and successfully ran the first facility to incorporate a Pilates’ studio & gym, "considered to be the most beautiful gym anywhere". As Program Director he developed individual exercise programs fusing Pilates and bodybuilding concepts and instructed the gym's Personal Trainers how to apply these programs, elevating them to an elite status in the fitness industry.
Making Pilates more available to health and fitness professionals, Ivon teaches a "Pilates Education Program", endorsed by 'International Pilates Certification' and sponsored by 'International Pilates College'. Marketing Pilates to broader audiences, Ivon has written for international magazines, produced media recordings, and television exercise programs.
Ivon's dedication and heartfelt spirit is displayed in all his endeavors.

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