1-on-1 Comprehensive Pilates Education Program
Payment Schedule & Guarantee
to Pay

International Pilates (IPCollege)

name of legal International Pilates agent
Student’s name


I hereby acknowledge that I am enrolled in an education program that will run approximately three (3) months and expire in six (6) months.
I have negotiated an agreement with a local Pilates studio of my choice for my participation and completion in the International Pilates one-on-one education program.


I understand that this Payment Plan is offered by International Pilates and I will be charged $500 above the standard 1-on-1 tuition rate of $3,500 for a total of $4,000.
I understand that study materials are not included when tuition payments are made in this Payment Plan Agreement and that additional fees apply.
I understand that International Pilates shall not continue my Pilates education, should I fail to pay the agreed amounts on the dates stated below, until payment is made and that the expiration date of this program is still in effect.

I the undersigned agree to all the above terms and conditions stated herein. Signed: ___________________________________________ Date: _________

Payment Schedule

I, _____________________ hereby enter the following payment schedule with International Pilates.
Signed: _______________________ Date: ________

I, _____________________ hereby agree to pay $ ________ on; _________, as my Initial Payment.

I, _____________________ hereby agree to pay $ ________ on; _________, as my 2nd Payment.

I, _____________________ hereby agree to pay $ ________ on; _________, as my 3rd Payment.

I, _____________________ hereby agree to pay $ ________ on; _________,
as my Final Payment.

Guarantee to Pay
I agree to pay any remaining balance in full within one month after my completion or dropout of this workshop. As guarantee for this pledge, I have listed my bank card number below and hereby give International Pilates or agent of International Pilates permission to bill that account should I become delinquent of full payment by the end of that month. In the event that the bank card listed below is or has become invalid for any reason, I agree to pay International Pilates any remaining balance due plus any cost incurred by International Pilates or its legal agent including but not limited to legal fees associated in collection of the money that I owe International Pilates.
Signed: ___________________________________________________ Date: ________________
Witness: __________________________________________________ Date: ________________
Credit card number: _________________________________________ Exp. Date: ____________
Name: ______________________________________ Social Security Number:_______________
Address:__________________________________________________ Phone:_______________

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