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International Pilates College
Comprehensive Group Workshop

TOTAL 450 documented education units

162 Hours of Scheduled Class Time

Fifty (50) hours of the time stated above is made available for exclusive IPCollege use for eight (8) weekends; at a minimum of six (6) hours each.
These weekend classes shall fall within the hours of 9 am and 8 pm and the first two and the last two weekends shall be consecutive.
The remaining four (4) weekends will be spaced sequentially, approximately one weekend per month.
The balance of One Hundred and Fourteen (112) Hours will dedicated to lectures, practical application, labs, guest speakers and testing.
A schedule will be provided by International Pilates College Inc. at least two (2) weeks prior to beginning the program.

288 Hours of Independent Studies

Open Studio Time for Independent Studies
Available hours the enrolled students may use the Pilates studio areas non exclusively and at no extra cost, for self practice, practice teaching, research or to observe other Pilates instructors teaching clients.
You are allowed to accumulate document instruction hours for up to one year after credentialing.

Comprehensive Group Workshop Example Schedule