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Comprehensive GROUP Workshop
A Traditional Education Program

This course is the only Pilates education program which includes 1,637 Pilates exercises as well as 273 Pilates protocols.

Lecture formats are based in 7 Teaching Techniques and applied anatomy.

You will learn the distinctions and integrations of 3 Pilates Methods on all Pilates apparatuses from lab technicians with diverse teaching styles.

We emphasize safety 1st and focus on critical evaluation, not just memorization.

Discover how to tailor a well rounded workout for your clients' particular needs & ability, instead of forcing a client into one mold.

Open studio time is provided for your independent studies.

Our teachers provide practical application of East and West Coast as well as Classic, Traditional and Contemporary styles & variations.

This amazing Comprehensive 7 month program is $5,500 including digital study materials.

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Comprehensive GROUP Education

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