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IPCollege Programs
Comprehensive PILATES Education

Comprehensive Group Pilates Programs provide more time for practice with nurturing guidance (for the Novice)
This Comprehensive Pilates Program patiently takes the novice student through all the 1,637 Pilates exercises on the mat, spine corrector, ladder barrel, wunder chair, reformer, cadillac, auxiliary apparatus and trainer assisted stretches. The student must accumulate 450 education units and pass all exams for accreditation in this comprehensive program. This 7 month group workshop features several gifted teaching assistants with a variety of teaching styles. Our staff will expose you to diverse Pilates methodologies (a truly unique concept in Pilates education).

Pilates Mentor Programs are available for students at a local Pilates studio with a certified pilates instructor as a Mentor (for distance training)
In the Pilates Mentor Program you and your Mentor must pre-qualify through an interview with the Master Instructor. Enrollment is limited to 5 students and only takes 3-4 months to complete. Each student must have a background in the physical arts or wellness and be self motivating with excellent study habits. Mentor programs require working with the Pilates Master Instructor, your Mentor and independent studies for a total of 450 EU's documented for a period of one year after credentialing. A hosting studio, a mentor and travel to the Master Instructor are required in this program.

Mentor Programs with Online Lectures are offered to mentored students with additional internet classes.
Online Workshop-Mentor Program qualifications, requirements and cost are identical to the Pilates Mentor Program except the IPCollege instructor is presented via skype. This special Pilates workshop is customized to your schedule plus; you can participate in this program from the comfort of your location. This distinctive program is formatted through 'Skype', and e-mail. The student teacher must have on-line computer access and a hosting studio and a mentor (a professional pilates instructor).

1-on-1 with a Pilates Master Program (advanced placement only)
One-on-One with a Pilates Master Program is only offered through IPCollege and only available upon acceptance after an interview with the IPC Pilates Master. This special Pilates education program is customized to the student's schedule, individual needs and abilities with personal attention from a Pilates Master. The cost of ONE-on-ONE education is considerably less than the Pilates Mentor Program or Comprehensive Pilates Program and only takes 2-3 months to complete. With focus and good study habits students complete their credentialing with 450 required EU's with observation, self practice, teaching credits, research projects and community outreach opportunities through the following year. You must arrange access to all Pilates equipment or hosting Pilates studio to participate in this program. 

Hosting an IPC Residency Program (available to Pilates studio owners ONLY)
Schedule a teacher training workshop while hosting a Pilates Master Instructor
A community of Pilates Studios collectively take advantage of a residency by identifying potential teachers, pooling resources and cutting overhead. Your studios share the teacher-trainer workshop and build your reputation. Each studio receives the opportunity to address its individual needs and only pays additionally for its customized part of the residency. The IPC Master instructor can become a shared resource in your Pilates community for up to 6 months, moving from studio to studio, daily or town to town, weekly.

You learn what cannot be taught
"To see every little movement with the dancer's eye & hear what is not said"