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With a Pilates Master

Hosts a Residency Program
IPC Workshops and Residencies lower costs and increase profits

• PRIVATE INSTRUCTION with a Pilates Master
• TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAMS enhance your studio recognition
• TEACHER DEVELOPMENT create a staff of elite Pilates instructors
• PILATES CERTIFICATION TESTING reduces your liability risk
• GROUP CLASSES in Specialized Pilates Modalities provide unique services
• COMMUNITY OUT-REACH PROGRAMS expand your studio impact and reputation

Build staff loyalty
Insure client retention
Enhance your studio reputation
Develop a new resource for future Pilates instructors
Increase Profits

We offer the following MENU to help you develop a Potential-Pilates-Profit-Program
By offering IPC Programs to your staff , clients, community, future teachers, your studio becomes a profit magnet

  1. INTERNATIONAL PILATES COLLEGE Teacher Training Programs
    1. Comprehensive training in Mat, Small Barrel, Ladder Barrel, Chair, Reformer, Cadillac and Auxiliary apparatus
    2. Intensive Lectures, Application, Observation and Practice Time
    3. Documentation, Practical Testing and Final Written Exams included
  2. LECTURES with the Pilates Doctor
    1. Technique enhancement for Advanced Pilates Training
    2. Inherent Contraindications in Pilates with Modifications
    3. How to Critically Analyze Bio-mechanics of a Pilates exercise
  3. GROUP CLASSES in Specialized Pilates Practices
    1. Coaching your staff in teaching a DYNAMIC Reformer Class
           Pilates Technique Class: learn how to SAFELY teach a tough Pilates Reformer Class
    2. Training your instructors 86 AMAZING Trainer Assisted Stretches
           Pilates Stretch Class: partners learn to facilitate stretches in turn.
    3. Lessons in choreographing GREAT-CORE Routines
           Pilates Abdominal Workout: A non-stop abs class. The variety of exercises used in this class will inspire your personal abs routine and define your CORE.
  4. PRIVATE INSTRUCTION with a Pilates Master
    1. Demonstrations on West Coast and East Coast teaching styles
    2. Proper application of CLASSIC-TRADITIONAL-CONTEMPORARY variations
    3. Designing Pilates programs for your clients special needs and abilities
  5. OBSERVATION AND EVALUATION of current studio trainers
    1. Diagnosis of your Pilates instructors’ use of fitness modalities
    2. Lessons in how to take a Client Fitness Evaluation
    3. Practical application of Pilates Protocols for special populations
  6. APPRENTICE ASSISTANT TRAINING interview and acceptance of Trainer required
    1. Private tutoring with a Pilates Master
    2. Internships available for Lab Technicians, Master’s Assistant and Instructor Teachers
  7. CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS CONSULTATIONS on your studio business growth
    1. Functional Efficiency of your studio layout and design
    2. Human Resource enrichment creating a Pilates family
    3. Reduce Liability risks
    4. 'Numbers Crunching' to maximize profits and minimize losses

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