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Internship Program Option

This opportunity allows you to ‘earn $ as you learn’

FIRST: Complete the Mat section of your IPCollege program

SECOND: Secure the Pilates Professor’s permission

THIRD: Obtain Liability Insurance for a 'private fitness trainer'

FOURTH: Identify a local Pilates Studio and inquire if they would consider having a Pilates Teacher-Trainee work for them

Many studios offer this arrangement with a Teacher-Trainee that is enrolled in a Pilates Education Program.
It is an opportunity to help mold a future employee/independent contractor to their special needs.
Negotiate a fee for teaching Pilates mat classes until you graduate; no less than half the rate they pay to an experienced instructor.
This enables your required self-practice, observation, practice teaching and perhaps be mentored by one of the studio's experienced instructors.

Internship Documentation Form