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Pilates MENTOR Teacher-Training Program
With a Pilates Master & Local Mentor

This is an alternative program for Pilates studios seeking Elite instructors,
and individuals with a desire to become a Pilates instructor when time and price become the issue

The studio chooses a candidate that would be a great Pilates teacher
(The student arranges to practice in a local Pilates studio with a Mentor)

The student & Pilates Master Instructor meet for one (3 hour) session a week

Students observe, practice & teach under mentorship in their local studio

Student, Mentor and Pilates Master continue through this sequence covering
1,637 Pilates Exercises in 3 or 4 intensive months

Mentor Education
Course Description

This unique program was born from a studio’s call for Pilates instructors and a student’s desire to achieve Teacher-Training.
International Pilates College has customized this course with focus on the Pilates studio's needs and the instructor’s ability.

This Mentor Program expedites the education process and reduces fees by uniting the student with an IPC Pilates Master and an experienced Pilates instructor from your local studio as a mentor. The International Pilates College Master Instructor works with the student in Los Angeles and then the Mentor guides their protégé, off campus. An agent of International Pilates College may periodically evaluate the student’s progress throughout this program. The Mentor may observe the student/teacher during the Pilates Master's lectures. NOTE; a first time Student-Teacher Assistant may not qualify as an IPCollege Mentor, you are responsible for negotiating any payment to your chosen Student-Teacher Assistant. NOTE; an experience Student-Teacher Assistant may apply for IPCollege Mentor status HERE

When a Pilates studio chooses to mentor a Pilates student, they personally shape the student for a perfect fit in their studio. This lucky student receives a Pilates education at huge savings in half the time. Meanwhile, the studio’s clients reap the benefits of a teacher, custom trained in the latest exercise physiology protocols!

Together we can transform candidates into an Elite Pilates Instructor by becoming a tag-team. The student gets valuable one-on-one time with the mentor and also with an IPC Pilates Master. A wonderful opportunity!

This option allows the student to obtain a Pilates accreditation within the constraints of a tight schedule and stretched budget.

Do you qualify for the Mentor Program? The mentor and student must interview with the IPC Pilates Master for admittance into a Mentor Program. To qualify for a Mentor Program the student must first arrange to practice in a local Pilates studio with an experienced instructor and have a background in one of the following; Dance, Yoga, Fitness, Sports Competition, Wellness Programs or Pilates experience. In addition to attending lectures with the IPC Pilates Master, the Mentor and Pilates Master will communicate throughout this course by phone, e-mail and gmail+ or SKIPE.

This Pilates Education program is a great value at $4,500 including the cost of study materials. A total of 450 required EU's include: instruction, plus self practice, practice teaching, observation, independent studies, research, comparative studies, community outreach and internship teaching; documented for a period of one year after credentialing. Itemization of 450 education units

Achieving comprehension of this vast curriculum depends on the student’s motivation, study habits and understanding of 1,637 Pilates’ exercises in East & West Coast Pilates teaching styles as well as Classic, Traditional and Contemporary exercise variations. Sessions with the IPC Professor, Self-Practice, Observation and Practical Teaching hours with the Mentor insure your success! Pilates Education is typically accomplished in 3 to 4 months in a Mentor program, depending on the student’s scheduling. Accumulating teaching hours may extend up to one year from beginning this program. Preview Study Materials

An Internship Program is available with International Pilates College permission after the student completes the Mat section and obtains Liability Insurance. An internship program is a good way for you to earn $ as you learn.

This workshop has one to five future Pilates instructors working together toward their Pilates accreditation. The purpose of a Mentor workshop is to expedite the education process within a timely manner. Typically, a Mentor Program takes 3 to 4 months to complete and depends on the student’s schedules (a typical Pilates workshop takes from 6 months to one year).

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