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Below are requirements to become an IPCollege Mentor

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Mentor and On-Line Mentoring Enrollment and Procedures

Instructor Guidelines

What if I want to have a Pilates instructor friend help me through the teacher-training process?
Student teachers may chose to be assisted by any Pilates trainer, however, that arrangement may not be considered an IPCollege Mentor program.

I am a Pilates instructor  and want to help my friend through this process, is that OK?
Sure it's OK, just remember; Training clients is considerably different than teaching a future Pilates instructor.

I tried to help a teacher-trainee with a few sessions ...I GAVE UP.. I don't think I'd try it again, it's a lot of work! J. D.
An IPCollege mentor must first prove their ability to successfully guide a student-teacher through a Pilates education program.

Do I pay my Student-Teacher Assistant directly?
YES, you are responsible for any arrangement that you may make with a non-approved Mentor (Student-Teacher Assistant), including but not limited to payment, liability or schedule. IPCollege Inc only pays an approved Mentor and directs them step by step to help you successfully through the program.

What is it like being a Mentor?
Being a mentor not only allowed me to share my knowledge & passion for Pilates, but also reminded me of my own journey through certification, and has brought upon a new wholeness to my practice. S. S.

IPCollege Instructor Guidelines

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