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International Pilates College
Mentor and On-Line Mentoring
Enrollment and Procedures

  1. Submit your IPC Student Application.
  2. Submit your Mentor Qualifications.
  3. Arrange a place to practice Pilates with a local Pilates studio. (Explain that you are enrolled in a certification program, and you would appreciate their participation. NOTE: some studios may charge a small fee for each visit, however others will be interested in mentoring you through this process with hopes of hiring you upon graduation, as the number of Pilates instructors is low and the demand is high).
  4. Review the IPC Mentor Terms, Policies & Stipulations.
  5. Submit your IPC student tuition payment.
  6. Contact IPC for your reading assignments and schedule.
  7. The IPCollege professor will test you via SKYPE (6 hours: 2 hours of oral exams, 2 hours of demonstrating your ability to perform certain Pilates exercises (with defense of what the purpose is, how to modify the exercise and what contraindications may exist) and 2 practical exams (1 hour each) of teaching of a client, while the IPCollege professor observes.) NOTE: You must have access to a real-time visual on-line communication such as ‘SKYPE’ for this program

Your itemized Mentor Program Hours

Preview (The study material used in the International Pilates College Programs).