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4 Easy Steps toward Your
On-Line MENTOR Pilates Education

STEP ONE: Choose a local Pilates studio and Mentor for your Pilates practice

STEP TWO: Submit your Student Application & Mentor Qualification

STEP THREE: Observe, practice & teach under mentorship in your local studio

STEP FOUR: Communicate and learn via 'Skype'

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IPC's Teacher Training Programs
With an experiential knowledge & respectful approach, you learn to heal body & soul.
IPC uses a variety of Pilates modalities to achieve; fitness goals, rehabilitation, core strength, flexibility, coordination, improved posture & movement habits for all levels.

International Pilates has promoted the Pilates Method since 1989.
Our objective is to pass our knowledge & experience onto you so that you may help others light their fire within.

IPC integrates different styles of teaching and philosophical approaches to the Pilates Method, and helps you understand the appropriate application of the technique for the clients needs & abilities.

The original exercise method, pioneered by Joseph and Clara Pilates, was an innovative fusion of the disciplines used in dance yoga, bodybuilding, calisthenics, gymnastics, and martial arts.

IPC challenges you to develop and bring Pilates to the next generation.
We give you tools of knowledge that are used by universities in the Science of Exercise Physiology.
This encompasses Feldenkrais diagnostic and rehabilitative principles, dance techniques for grace and alignment, yoga for breath and flexibility, and bodybuilding for strength, symmetry, and increased energy.
Contraindicated movements presented in other Pilates workshops are modified through evaluation and critical analysis.

IPC empowers you to educate, inspire, and challenge your clientele in a safe and effective method taking you to an elite instructor level.

The best teachers are always learning.
With our continuing professional support, IPC graduates have opened their own Pilates studios, been offered fitness video/television contracts, became directors for the leading health clubs, teach Pilates programs at universities and doubled their income as chiropractors, physical therapists, masseurs, private weight trainers, aerobic instructors, dancers, gymnastic and ice skating coaches.

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