International Pilates
Terms, Policies and Stipulations
for the Comprehensive Group Workshop Program


  1. It is your responsibility to notify the instructor if you believe that you require additional tutorial assistance.
  2. You are expected to be prepared for each scheduled session; please review the Class Preparation so that you know what is expected.
  3. It is the instructors' prerogative to dismiss you from a session if you are not prepared for a session, emotionally charged or unprofessional.
  4. IPCollege may substitute, transfer or reassign your IPC educator at its discretion.
  5. If you miss classes or are dismissed, you may make up classes for additional fees.
  6. You may choose either an IPC Final Written Exam or a Project or Thesis as part of the Requirements to complete your International Pilates College education.
  7. Graduation is not guaranteed; Grading Criteria and Graduation Requirements determine qualification of IPCollege accreditation.
  8. A Pilates education diploma is a Pilates Certification agency requirement. Certifying agencies are separate entities from education institutions.
  9. Certification is not guaranteed; accreditation criteria, testing standards and the Competency Doctrine determine qualification of IPCertification.
  10. An Internship Program may be available after you obtain Liability Insurance.
  11. All participating parties must follow the Dispute Resolution Process if conflicts arise to promote a setting of mutual cooperation and respect.
  12. Both parties must agree upon any changes, additions or deletions to these terms, policies and stipulations prior to your tuition payment.
  13. You must read the Liability Waiver before beginning this program; a tuition fee payment shall be your agreement to the IPCollege Liability Waiver.


  1. A $100 deposit reserves your enrollment and is credited towards your tuition, but it is not refundable.
  2. Your tuition payment of  $5,500 gives you a credit of 162 scheduled hours of Classes, Lectures and Labs with IPCollege instructors and makes available 288 Hours of Open Studio Time in a Pilates studio for independent studies of Practical Applications; Observation, Self Practice, Practice Teaching, Community Outreach Programs and Research to accumulate the required 450 Education Units.
  3. Advanced full payment of tuition includes one copy of study materials in digital format. Hard copies are available from 'Infinity Publishing' for additional fees.
  4. Payment Plan Agreements do not include study materials, additional fees apply.
  5. Pay-as-you-go options are not available in a Comprehensive workshop Pilates education program.
  6. You have up to 7 months to complete your International Pilates College instruction component.
  7. Private tutorial assistance is available for additional fees.
  8. Additional instructional hours may be available at a $100 hourly rate after the credited 162 scheduled hours have been charged or after the 7 months expiration.
  9. Testing fees are charged by independent certifying agencies but may be waived by ‘International Pilates Certification’ when facilitated by a licensed testing agent that is also an IPCollege professor.
  10. With submission of a Project or Thesis you are granting your legal copyright release to IPCollege with your expressed permission for publication.
  11. If you enter a payment plan with IPC, you guarantee payment within one month after completion or dropout with your credit card authorization as collateral.
  12. A tuition fee payment constitutes your acceptance of and compliance to these 'Terms, Policies and Stipulations'.


  1. You are allowed one private Pilates session with a Pilates professor at no additional cost.
  2. Withdraw Policy; you must notify your enrolling IPCollege agent in writing of your withdraw from this education program prior to your 2nd scheduled session.
  3. Refund Policy: withdraw before the 2nd meeting allows a pro-rated refund, minus a $400 administration fee plus $200 per hour for time attended, prior to withdraw.
  4. Dropout Policy: a withdraw after the second meeting is a dropout. A dropout is non-refundable.
  5. Transfer Policy: transfers of credited hours to a third party are not allowed.
  6. Tardiness Policy: tardiness will be documented in the Grading Criteria and will not be credited toward future time.
  7. Cancellation Policy: failure to notify your instructor of cancellation 24 hours prior to scheduled sessions is considered a Late Cancellation.
  8. No-Show Policy; failure to appear for a scheduled appointment without notification is considered a No-Show.
  9. Dismissal Policy: a temporary dismissal may be enacted due to unprofessional behavior with no charge incurred for the first two occurrences.
  10. Charge Policies; Late Cancellations, No-Shows and Dismissals (post 2nd) will be charged against your 162 hours credit.
  11. Re-Testing Policy: failure to pass practical exams will incur an additional $75 re-testing fee.
  12. Expiration Policy; the Comprehensive education program expires 7 months from the first scheduled session.

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