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'Project Rainbow' Development Strategy

This program is in compliance with government strategy's to encourage discussion, surveys, activism, advocacy, media collaboration and documentation.

* Poll and Interview Example Questions
Have you heard of any incidence of social bullying recently?
Do you think unsocial acts are more frequent recently?
What kinds of unacceptable behavior have you witnessed?
What kinds of negative aggression do you witness most?
Where do you see this negative social behavior?
What time of day does it occur?
What day of the week did it happen on?
Who appear to be the aggressors? Special populations; youth
Who appears to be the victim? Special populations; youth, elderly
How do involved parties react to each other in a conflict?
How do bystanders react?
Was there a person of authority near to where this happened?
Are you aware of anything being done in our local area to help?
Do you believe positive social interactions can be contagious?
Do you believe negative behavior is infectious?