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Project Rainbow

A Pilates business, and achieving social good are not opposed to one another.
The inherent physical and metaphysical benefits of Pilates are well documented by individuals, health providers, psychologists and spiritualists.
'Project Rainbow' maximizes the value of Pilates vocation training for all stakeholders in our Community Outreach program.

International Pilates appreciate our students, teachers, team members, and communities.
By valuing our staff and clients as capital resources and acknowledging their commitment for social good, International Pilates has a competitive edge in bettering our best, with inspiration from our Mission 'to help others, so that they may help others' in concert with our 'pay it forward' community outreach program.

What is Project Rainbow?
'Project Rainbow' is an International Pilates Community Outreach Program designed to do social good and create a sustainable loop of positive results.
1. It is a generous gift of Pilates instruction.
2. It is a moral promise to cause no harm to others.
3. It is a social contract for the benefit of society.
4. It is an act of kindness to help others, with expectations that it will be passed on.
5. It is a program evaluation of the social benefits of giving and sharing Pilates.

Many instructors want to use their Pilates businesses to improve the world.
Project Rainbow' is an innovative 'Pay-It-Forward', social contract for Pilates instructors to achieve their visions.

International Pilates recognizes the power of a grassroots movement to bring social good.
'Project Rainbow' demonstrates that a successful business need not sacrifice its social mission, rather maintaining one's commitment to promoting goodness in the world is a key component to succeeding in an evolving Pilates industry.

The 'Project Rainbow' social contract is based on 4 principles
1. A Pilates teaching career has a deeper purpose beyond making a living.

2. A Pilates class creates a greater value than meeting the members immediate needs and goals.
3. Pilates Community Outreach Programs are designed by socially conscious Pilates instructors with a holistic outlook that moves beyond conventional Pilates businesses.
4. A 'Social Contract' has a tangible value that can be efficiently documented, effectively analyzed and transparently published.

While the benefits individuals receive from Pilates have been documented, the implied benefits for our society have not been.
Maximizing profits is a traditional business measure of success and often a primary ‘goal’ of large Pilates businesses.
Even if financial takings are substituted for the real purpose of Pilates, it does not prove that a Pilates business should only strive for sustainability or profits.
'Project Rainbow' is designed to integrate the individual's perceived value of receiving Pilates instruction into an expediential social benefit with a 'Pay-It-Forward' model.

We ask Pilates instructors to embrace a broader view of a client's potential.
Instructors are reminded that it is not just the person in class that will benefit from it.
This redirects the Pilates class goals toward a far-reaching social impact and stimulates a 'Pay-It-Forward' mind set.
It creates a mindful society of happy teachers, satisfied clients, and socially conscious communities.

Our inspirational purpose is to invest in local communities and energize social benefit.
Each 'Project Rainbow' Pilates class is a reflection of the personality and aspirations of the Pilates instructor that teaches it.
International Pilates gives guidance in program design and professional advice in implementation of all proposed Community Outreach Programs.
Pilates instructors do not receive pay for their community work and see the greater social contribution as their true profit and realize experiential knowledge as a bonus.

Ephemeral qualities are concrete; people feel them as soon as they enter a Pilates classroom.
'Project Rainbow' outreach programs feature solid hard work and are bursting with conviction, authenticity, compassion, integrity, learning, and empowerment.

'Project Rainbow' team-suppliers are partners investing in society and Pilates teachers.
International Pilates works closely with team-suppliers and respects them as a crucial link in achieving our mission.
Team-suppliers include; Pilates Studios and Community Centers, that provide space to teach in; Pilates manufacturers, which loan equipment as teaching tools; and individual benefactors who donate funds for program development.

We trust in people's innate goodwill to consciously pay a good deed forward.
By supporting philanthropy and other projects, which help solve social problems, socially conscious businesses make an investment in their reputation and build loyalty to their goods and services.

'Project Rainbow' blurs the line between traditional nonprofit and for profit corporations.
Humanity experiences an unhealthy competitiveness when adopting a 'us against them' mentality within our own micro-societies.
Pilates lends itself to a self-competition to better our selves.
A socially conscious business is competitive specifically because it doesn't compete with others, but rather commits to a social mission for self-improvement.

What does 'Project Rainbow' mean for Pilates?
'Project Rainbow' gives instructors' practical experience in innovative business design while consciously empowering them to make a significant social impact.
We believe it’s important that each project stays true to the deeper purpose and inspires a synergistic social movement in the Pilate industry.

Conscious change in our society changes the world.
'Project Rainbow' builds socially conscious cultures by treating clients with uncommon respect, listening to their individual needs and being respectful of their expectation for tangible results.

However, these simple rules must be surpassed to generate a measurable social benefit.
· A 'Project Rainbow' teacher must ask the class for their pledge to 'Pay-It-Forward' with two uncommon acts of kindness for each class that they take.
· Each class member agrees to document their acts and ask their targets to expand the program with reciprocation.
· The accumulated data is then documented for program effectiveness evaluation.
Format adherence creates a self-sustaining loop of social benefits and quantifiable returns.

Dynamic, healthy communities require social-glue.
Working for the common good produces great Pilates instructors while enhancing individual health and community wellness, therefore it is a WIN-WIN-WIN.
International Pilates envisions that the 'Project Rainbow' community outreach program's social contract will spark conversation, and perhaps debate, leading to public policies and added philanthropic contributions in support of similar contributions to society.

"It is in the spirit of charity and not the form of it that keeps justice alive"

Project Rainbow Objectives