International Pilates College
The Pilates Syllabus

Education Material Taught in International Pilates College Courses
And Potentially What can be LEARNED

IPCollege study materials are the largest collection of Pilates exercises available.

‘The Pilates Encyclopedia’, Is a comprehensive body of work with 1,637 Pilates Mat, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Wunder Chair, Reformer and Cadillac movements, including 12,837 sequential photos and original drawings with descriptions, purpose, principles, cueing, contraindications, modifications for contraindications, as well as Classic, Traditional and Contemporary variations, plus EAST & WEST COAST Teaching Styles, in addition the etiology of each exercise and a bonus of cross references of the exercise names penned by different schools.

‘The Pilates Bible’ focuses on Exercise Physiology Protocols and includes:
• Analysis of Pilates’ initial fundamentals, principles and concepts
• 7 Teaching Techniques with insights to Memorization and Critical Analysis formulas
• 6 Stretching Techniques, Flexibility Testing
• 86 Pilates Trainer Assisted Stretches
• Posture, Alignment and Gate Assessment
• Guidelines for designing programs appropriate to the client’s needs and ability
• Training effect of repetitions
• 5 essential components of programming
• The Borg Technique, PER, and Pace
• Anatomy and Bio-mechanics specifically directed to the Pilates instructor
• 273 Protocols; guidelines for pregnancy, illness, injuries and special populations
• Resource material for Pilates’ research

‘The Pilates Dictionary’ is the only reference for medical, dance, yoga and fitness terminology, cross reference for different Pilates terms and exercise names as well as translated essential words used in Pilates training in foreign languages. It also serves as a Bibliography, index and glossary.

‘The Pilates Nomenclature’ is a handbook used in teaching instructors the Pilates Method. It includes a corpus of archives and a compendium of routines and diets for the professional Pilates instructor plus a Resource of Pilates business forms, equipment manufacturers and insurers.

The student must learn what can't be taught - experiential knowledge

All IPCollege teacher-training programs offer Theory and Practical Application with qualified Pilates Instructors.
Experienced movement technicians provide Comprehensive Training in the Mat work, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Half Barrel, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, and auxiliary equipment.
The student teacher is instructed in Critical Evaluation and modifications, based on the needs and abilities of the client, as well as pacing for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of teaching.
Guidance is generously given in professional business practices and Continued Educational support.
Lectures from Health Professionals and Supervised Lab Time are provided in the IPC 7 month group workshops only.

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