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Homework Assignment

Pilate’s instructors that are interested in rehabilitative aspects of the method must understand; Anatomical Planes & Directions, Human Skeletal & Muscles Systems, Contractions & Joint Movements in order to discuss Bio mechanics with Health Professionals.

Define the following bio-mechanic terms

Hyper Extension
Hyper Flexion
Spinal Extension
Spinal Flexion
Lateral Spinal Flexion
Spinal Rotation
Cervical Extension
Cervical Flexion
Cranial Propepil Flexion
Thoracic Extension
Thoracic Flexion
Thoracic Hyper Flexion
Lumbar Extension
Lumbar Flexion
Shoulder Extension
Shoulder Hyper Extension
Shoulder Flexion
Shoulder Hyper Flexion
Shoulder Eversion
Shoulder Inversion
Scapula Abduction
Scapula Adduction
Scapula Retraction
Scapula Elevation
Scapula Depression
Scapula Protraction
Scapula Retraction
Superior Scapula Rotation
Inferior Scapula Rotation
Elbow Extension
Elbow Flexion
Forearm Supination
Forearm Pronation
Wrist Extension
Wrist Flexion
Hip Extension
Hip Flexion
Leg Adduction
Leg Abduction
Leg Medial Rotation
Leg Lateral Rotation
Knee Extension
Knee Flexion
Plantar Flexion
Dorsi Flexion
Foot Pronation
Foot Supination
Foot Inversion
Foot Eversion

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