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Homework Assignment
Personal Image Exercise

Trainer Image “Your attitude is more important than your physical or mental capacity”
Confidence; 85% of our communication is how we feel about ourselves.
Body Language; 55% effective for subconscious communication Speech; 38% related to tone, 7% to choice of vocabulary People Skills; Listening, Eye contact, Touch, Sincerity, Compassion, Patience
Hygiene; Conservative Grooming, Deodorant, Modest cologne or make-up
Professional Attire; a uniform helps define the work parameters, mentally and emotionally Personal Boundaries; Respect, Balance work & personal demands; keep them separate
Work Ethics; Gossip, Loyalty, Honesty, Punctuality [many reasons but no excuses]
Business Policies; Fees, Payments, Late Cancellations, No Shows, Tardiness, Confidentiality
Affiliations; Trade Associations, Awards, Certifications, Continued Education, Other Instructors
Organization; Client Files, Health history, Schedules, Payment Records, Workout Programs
(Successful people spend 20% of their time organizing.)

The purpose of this exercise is to help identify you as a unique Pilates instructor.
Answer these questions and you’ll have all the necessary materials to build a Web site, Brochure, PR campaign, or public speech.

· Who I Am:
· My Philosophy Is:
· What I Teach:
· How I Teach:
· My Mission Statement Is:
· Who Is My Clientele:
· My Business Policies Are:
· My Fees Are:
· My Daily Schedule Will Be:
· How I Keep My Business Growing:

Student-teacher Name: ___________________________________ Date: ____________

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