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Mat Lab

Beginner and Intermediate Levels

Warm Up

Exercise                                    Major cues                                                                                                                          Repetitions
Breathing                                    Clavicular, 12 o’clock, focus, elongate thru’ neck                                                                   1-2 mins.
Clock                                         Keep knees still, connect with floor                                                                                         1-2 mins.
Hip Roll Up to Bridge                 Exhale at beginning and end of movement, activate hamstrings                                                 10
Glutes squeeze in Bridge              Maintain length                                                                                                                        10-15
Hamstring stretch Work in neutral 8-10 each

Core Exercises

Exercise                                    Major cues                                                                                                                          Repetitions
Double Leg Stretch                    Keep low back connected to the floor, exhale on extension                                                       10
100's                                         Reach through fingertips, pull breath out                                                                                    100
Spine Stretch to Levitate            Keep glutes engaged!                                                                                                               1-2 mins.
Single Leg Circles                      Reach out both legs in opposition, in neutral                                                                                6 revolutions
Single Leg Stretch                      Deep 12, exhale on extension, tight Glutes is key                                                                           6-8 ea.
Scissors                                     Long legs, use flexor to stretch hamstring                                                                                    6-8
Stomach Massage                      Narrow hips, belly into back, clavicular breath                                                                           1 min.
Swan                                         Shoulders down, use lats to lengthen out neck                                                                            5-8
Child’s pose                               lift hips using abs to hang Forward, Stretch the back                                                                  5 breaths
Spine Twist sitting                       Open across shoulders, hips stable                                                                                            6
Kneeling/Saw                             Lengthen hip to rib                                                                                                                    6
Side Spine Stretch                      Lift ribs for lateral support, reach top toe to floor                                                                       6
                                                  Turn out, up/down Point going up, flex down. Keep side lifted                                                    
Double Leg Circles                     Reach out                                                                                                                                 5 in each direction
Hip Opener                                Push top hip forward                                                                                                                 8

Warm Down
Feldenkrais Clock with head       Slow is better                                                                                                                            2 mins.
Deactivate Begin at feet,             relax, sink into the floor                                                                                                              2 mins.
Deep Breaths

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