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Ladder Barrel Lab
Initiating Movement Proximately

Prone Series - Leg Lifts: Hold a Round Back Stomach Massage to prevent hyperextension of the spine, Use the core stabilizers to hold a 12 o’clock pelvic position while moving the legs freely up & down
Prone Series - Parallel leg lifts:
Prone Series – Scissors: Length is paramount to altitude
Prone Series – Frogs: Plie' s in 1st position, Hug the barrel with the thighs and pull the belly up on the in stroke to work the glutes going out and the abs coming in
Prone Series – Beats:
Prone Series - Double ‘D’s:
Prone Series - Circles with Legs Together:
Prone Series - Hip Turn-twist:
Prone Series - Single Knee Kick:
Prone Series - Double Knee Kick:

Side Series - Single Leg Lift:
With core stabilization; [exhale for concentric & inhale for eccentric contraction of limbs] Inhale-extend the spine cranially prior to rolling over the barrel, Exhale-laterally imprint the torso onto the barrel, Inhale- extend the top leg, Exhale-lift the top leg, Inhale- extend & lower the top leg, Exhale-adduct the top leg to the bottom leg, Inhale-prepare to repeat
Side Series - Bottom Leg Lift:
Side Series - Double Leg Lift:
Side Series - Leg, Forward & Back:
Scissors lying on the side
Side Series - Développé forward with Swing back: Single Leg Bicycle
Side Series - Développé back with Swing forward: Reverse Single Leg Bicycle
Side Series – Développé: Turn-out the top leg, Lift the bent knee, Stabilize that knee, Extend the knee without dropping it’s position in space, Extend the leg out of the hip socket and lower that leg, use the adductors to pull that leg toward the other and stretch the outer thigh muscles
Side Series - Knee Lift: Hip rotation with a bent knee

Sitting Series - Rag Doll: Sit on the barrel, Hold the bottom edge of barrel with hands to prevent falling off, Slide the hips back over the barrel and hang in a static stretch, Take mental inventory of all your tight muscles, Breathe into those areas and with each exhalation let tension go, Imagine that your muscle tension is dripping off your bones, Hips hang down with torso & legs relaxed forward in a static stretch to release tension while increasing the VO²max [The weight of the hips pulls the spine out in traction and opens hip joints]

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