PILATES with IVON         "To change your body you must first change your mind, to change your mind you must tap your spirit"

"When training with Ivon,
I walk in and float out "

"Ivon turns stumbling blocks
into stepping stones"

"Ivon's dedication and heartfelt spirit
is displayed in all his endeavors"

" He teaches Pilates beginners
with patience and compassion

"I just love to watch him demonstrate"

Ivon has experience with all fitness levels since 1972

  • Teaching Novice & Neophyte, Beginner or Advanced
  • Training of professional Trainers
  • Coaching for Competitive Athletes
  • Enhanced Technique for Dancers
  • Bodybuilder Program Design
  • Post-rehab, Special Populations
  • Specificity Training for Sports

"Changing your body is an inside job"

  • "The state of your body depends on the state of your mind"
  • "A mental inch is worth a pound of muscle...or Fat"
  • "Mental toughness determines physical success"

It's never too late to grow and change

  • "Strength, flexibility, endurance and nutrition are his hallmarks"
  • "Through his innovative training approach you learn to release negative ego, stress and fear"
  • " Ivon's formula for success balances the three energies - mind, body, & emotional spirit"
  • "Ivon teaches with an approach toward personal excellence as the ultimate goal"

    Ivon's goal is to teach you to TRAIN YOURSELF
  • "I've learned WHY my attitude is an essential component for positive action and growth"
  • "He taught me HOW to direct special attention to my problem areas"
  • "I now know WHEN to change my workout to avoid plateaus"
  • "I improved my self image as my body changed and ended up feeling my best, EVER"

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