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Three Day Fast
The 3-day fast for weight loss

NOTE: You should not experience hunger or a lack of energy.

Consume the following for each of 3 days:
5 boiled eggs
5 kiwi
3 liters of water

There is no limit on coffee (with non-fat milk) or tea [avoid sweeteners]

You are allowed one egg and one kiwi at any one time. Each may also be eaten at separate times if you prefer.

NOTE:  Do not continue this diet for more than 3 days without the following break.

On the 4th day, introduce 4 yogurts to you eggs and kiwi.
The 5th day, also add 3 cups of soup (no cream bases).
On the 6th day, select vegetables of your choice, raw or steamed.
On the 7h day, add any sensible food of your choice, as long as it does not contain wheat products.

Repeat days 1 through 7 for three more weeks.