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The Pilates Diet
Eating the right foods in the right amounts at the right times does not require a major revamping of your life-style.
Just follow a few sound principles

Don’t skip breakfast.
Your last meal was eight to 12 hours before, so your blood sugar level is low.
You need energy - and a cup of coffee just won’t do it.
Instead, opt for hot or cold whole-grain cereal with skim milk, a bran muffin and fresh fruit.

Make lunch your biggest meal of the day.
A good lunch can boost your afternoon performance and reduce your desire for a large dinner.
Your best bets are broiled poultry and seafood, and plenty of complex carbohydrates.
Think 60- percent carbohydrates (rice, pasta, breads, potatoes),
20- to 25-percent lean protein (like broiled lean meats, poultry, seafood and skim milk products).

Your LAST Supper?
If you eat properly during the day, then you won’t want a big dinner in the evening.
This is the time for hearty homemade vegetable soup, broiled Mahi-Mahi with vegetables or a salad with a low calories dressing.

Snack? Absolutely.
The right snack is just the ticket to keep you alert between lunch and dinner.
If you get hungry or light-headed at 4 p.m., head it off at the pass with a planned snack at 3:30.
Good afternoon energy boosters include dried fruit, whole-wheat crackers, plain popcorn, oat-bran or corn muffins, rice cakes, fruit or raw vegetables

Don’t go to sleep on a full stomach!