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Daily Fitness Record  by Instructors of I.P.College

Simple Mat Routine  Client Homework

Dancers' Mat Routine By Instructors of I.P.College

Pilates for Cyclists by Alanna Flanagan, CPI

Fibromyalgia Pilates Mat Program by Instructors of I.P.College

Pilates for Golfers by Paulette Blaszak

Ladder Barrel Hips & Thigh Routine by Instructors of I.P.College

Osteoporosis Routine by Instructors of I.P.College

Parkinson’s Disease and Pilates Research by IPC Educators

Pilates ABS Mat workout by Ivon Dahl

Pilates Ball Routine by Julie Thurston

Cadillac; Shadow Boxing Program  by Terry Smith

Circuit Program  with Free Weights

Pilates Circuit Training by Instructors of I.P.College

Pregnancy Routine by International Pilates College staff

Definition Training   with Free Weights

Small Barrel Routine  by Instructors of I.P.College

3 Days a Week-Mass Training  with Free Weights

Balanced Workout with Free Weights by Mr. Olympian, Chris Dickerson

Exercise Defined  a Clinical Analysis

Advanced Mat Pilates  by Instructors of I.P.College

Well Rounded Workout   for Pilates, Free Weights, Cardio

The Pilates Experience  by Gina Ruffino

Swimmers' Program  with Free Weights

Teaching Pilates to a Weightlifter   Workout by Joe DiGiandomenico

Body Sculpting   with Free Weights

Density Training   with Free Weights

Pilates Flow Class    A mat workout designed by a Ballet Teacher; Pamela Sosa, ARAD

Scapular Stabilization Exercises  with  Pilates, Free Weights, Thera-band       

Hard Body Workout  with Free Weights          

Level I Workout   for Beginner Pilates

3 Week Swing   Muscle Gain with Free Weights

Level II Workout   for Intermediate Pilates                           

Hump Barrel  for Beginner Pilates                

Spine Corrector   for Intermediate Pilates   

Small Barrel    for Advanced Pilates   

Large Barrel   for Beginner Pilates 

Ladder Barrel   for Intermediate Pilates 

Big Barrel   for Advanced Pilates 

The Pilates TABLE   for Beginner Pilates

The TRAP TABLE    for Intermediate Pilates

The CADILLAC   for Advanced Pilates 

Chair  for Beginner Pilates 

Wunder Chair  for Intermediate Pilates

Stability Chair   for Advanced Pilates 

Mat Basic  for Beginner Pilates 

Mat Work   for Intermediate Pilates

Mat Advanced   for Advanced Pilates 

Interval Training   with Free Weights and Cardio

Monster Sets   with Free Weights

Mass Training - Technique Enhancement  with Free Weights

Mass Training - Reciprocal Enervation  with Free Weights

Mat Routine # 1  Extreme Pilates

Mat Routine # 2   For Pilates Enthusiasts

Mat Routine # 3   Pilates For Every Body

Mat Routine # 4    Pilates 4 U

Mat Routine # 5   A Pilates Morning Wake-up Work-out

Mat Abs # 2   Pilates Abdominal Workout

Power Lifting Program  with Free Weights

Reformer Routine # 2  Classic Pilates

Reformer Routine # 3  Pilates Group Class

Reformer Routine # 4  Traditional Pilates

Reformer Routine # 5  International Pilates Advanced

Pyramid      Strength Training with Free Weights

Reverse Pyramid      Strength Training with Free Weights

Step System    Strength Training with Free Weights

Strength-Flexibility-Endurance    with Weights-Pilates-Cardio

Plateau Method      Strength Training with Free Weights

Priority System     Strength Training with Free Weights

Get Lean Workout Program  with Free Weights

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