AAA Pilates Certification Programs
The first Pilates organizational member of National Organization of Credibility Assurance
The first international Pilates organization (est. 1989)
703-PIL-ATES ........................................................INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOPS

121 Training Worthing, UK

1-on-1 Ultimate Fitness Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

21st Century Healing
Course in the practice of healing (including distant healing)
(310) 587 240

24 Hour Fitness
Health and fitness centers in the U.S. and Asia

3D Human Anatomy
3D Software 1.800.716.2475

4th Street Yoga Berkeley, CA

7th Heaven Yoga Center Berkeley, CA

8 Limbs Leederville, Australia

A Body in Balance LLC Boise, ID
Karin DeBenedetti (208) 331-2098

A Body Prepared 323.653.1981 Los Angeles, CA

A Fitness Solution Montana

A Friend Indeed; For Women in the Prime of Life
A newsletter that is a source of understandable and reliable information about the menopausal transition and women's midlife

A Perfect Dealer

Newsletter containing articles by nutritionists, the American Podiatric Medical Association, fitness trainers, and massage therapists

A World of Yoga

A+ Fitness, Inc. San Diego, CA

The BEST Pilates Education
on CD-Rom Adobe Acrobat PDFformat

Aaron Flynn Personal Trainer New York City, NY

Aaron's Better Bodies Forest Hills (Queens - New York City), NY

Aaron's Personal Training Jacksonville, FL

Abbey Brewer (404) 272-9099 Marietta, GA

Abbie Rolins
323.663.7263, 310.459.9845 Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

ABC Online: Science

ABC Safety Training

Aberdeen Pilates Studio Aberdeen, UK

About Health Clubs
Searchable database of health clubs, gyms, and leisure centres across the U.K

Absco Fitness

Absolute Center, Lafayette CA

Absolute Pilates (615) 370-5687 Brentwood, TN

Absolute Pilates (781) 329-5950 Dedham, MA

Absolute Pilates,
17700 W. Capitol Drive, Brookfield, Wisconsin 262.617.0731

Absolute Pilates,
12 Gregory Drive,, Suite # 1 South Burlington, Vermont

Absolutely Fit Exercise Studio Bellmore, NY

8543 Santa Monica B. #10 Hollywood, CA 90069 310.657.7878

Academy for Healing Arts
Offers structured classes in Reiki, Crystal and Gemstone Therapy, Magnified Healing and The Melchizedek Method. Crystal Healing Workshops

Academy of Healing Arts Macon, Georgia

Academy of Massage Therapy Englewood, NJ

Academy of Natural Therapy Eaton, Colorado

Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in Ireland Ireland

Accredited Alternative Health Courses
Nutritional Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner and Master Herbalist programs through home study

Acharya's Yoga and Meditation Center

Achieve Fitness Washington, D.C
Find a chiropractor

Ackermann College of Chiropractic

Action Fitness for Women Rohnert Park

Activator Methods
The Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique (AMCT) uses the latest advances in orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examinations to detect joint dysfunction in the spinal column and extremities

Active Duty Fitness for Women Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia

Active Fitness Australia

Active Health London, UK

Active Massage Therapy Network
Our national network provides a standard system for assessment, and a variety of services

Active Release Techniques
Information about the methodology, training seminars, and the ART treatment industry

Activlife Wimbledon, South West London, and Surrey, UK

Acupressure Institute Berkeley, CA

Ada Rivera Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico
316 De Diego Avenue Santurce, Puerto Rico
(787) 724-7032

Ada Wells (510) 523-1900 Alameda, CA

Adam Bailey: Alexander Technique Cambridge and Maynard, Mass
Explains the technique and its benefits

Adam's Personal Training TX

Addicted To Fitness Naples Florida

Addicted To Gym

Adelaide Club, The Toronto, Canada
A Toronto club offering a full range of facilities for fitness, aerobics, squash and rock climbing

Adria Chuhay (770) 578-6757 Marietta, GA

Adrian Petitore Los Angeles, Ca

Adrian Ramirez, Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor
, IPCollege Mentor

Adriana Ferreira G. 55 11 3081 1157 Brazil

Adrianne Crawford 619 337 3700 La Mesa, CA

Adrienne Weidert (949) 378-0702 Laguna Beach, CA

Adults and Children
Advice for parents concerned about their children's posture

Advanced Anatomy Massage Academy

Advanced Kinesiology Britain and Europe

Advanced Yoga Practices

Adventures in Fitness Self Discovery with the Alexander Technique
One student's experience taking lessons

Advice for Students of the Alexander Technique
Finding and choosing a teacher, and getting the most from your lessons

Adylia Roman 310 446 6100 Westwood, CA

Aerial Bodies Inc. West Palm Beach, FL
Lydie Robsham (561) 856-0131

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)
The world's largest fitness educator, providing certification to fitness professionals

Aerobics Plus 147 Monticello Avenue (757) 220-0556 Williamsburg, VA

AerobiKicK 200X Lewisville, Texas

Affirmative Fitness
Features a searchable database of professionals

André Rocha - Power Pilates ...................................................Verona, Italy
Phone +39 045 596615

After Everything Fails Health Report
Information and news about a variety of natural cures

Ahern's Massage Therapy School Mariposa, CA

Aija Peagle Studija Sports Pluss
..................Blaumanu iela 5A............................... Rtga, Latvia

Aim High Health Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Thornhill, CA New York

Alaina Jordan (316) 518-2891 Wichita, KS

Alan Gordon Health and Wellbeing UK

Alan Mars Alexander Technique England

Alan McGavin Sports Medicine (604).642.6761 Vancouver, Canada

Alana Flanagan (323).823.2332 Los Angeles, California
Certified Pilates Instructor

Albany Pilates Center ..................(518) 435-1156 ................Albany, NY

Albany Yoga Room, Auckland New Zealand

Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association, Canada
(780) 492-4435

Aleisa George, Centerworks Pilates
210 N. Washington, Box 3526 Wichita, Kansas
(877)874.7578 (316)265.9700

Alessandra Tegoni 011 555 1330 6346 Porto Alegre, Brazil

Alex Maunder Alexander Technique London, England

Alex Nicolson Eco Somatics Sydney, Australia

Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics Puget Sound

Alexander Technique Auckland, New Zealand

Alexander Technique Newton, MA

Alexander Technique
Find a Teacher or Course Directory organized by region

Alexander Technique
Kinesthetic Awareness
Short article on this subject

Alexander Technique - Suite
Several short articles, message board, and a large collection of links

Alexander Technique -
What it is........
Description of the technique emphasizing its basic concepts

Alexander Technique
The interesting story of one teacher's experiences with his study of this method

Alexander Technique and Dance
Includes the personal experience of a professional dancer with this method

Alexander Technique Associates Australia
Australian workshops and teachers

Alexander Technique Atlantic Halifax, Nova Scotia

Alexander Technique Birth Stories
An e-book consisting of accounts by women who prepared for childbirth this way. Free to download as PDF

Alexander Technique Brussels
Comprehensive collection of short articles in English and French. Also includes details of certified teacher

Alexander Technique
Center New England Amherst, Massachusetts

Alexander Technique Center

Alexander Technique Centre (ATC) Kyoto

Alexander Technique Centre in Belgium
Information in French and English; articles and a teachers' list

Alexander Technique Centre Ireland
Offers a list of teachers in the country, as well as background information

Alexander Technique Dance Website
Comprehensive information about applying the Technique to dance

Alexander Technique Education, Inc Sydney, Australia
Provides background information, articles, and details of schools and teachers

Alexander Technique for Performance and Development New York, New York

Alexander Technique in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island

Alexander Technique in Relation to Satipatthana Vipassana Practice
Explanation of how this method can help with meditation

Alexander Technique West Chester, Pennsylvania
A teacher specializing in working with musicians

Alexander Technique Info
Neutral and balanced information about the Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique Institute Sydney, Australia
Teacher training school and introductory workshops

Alexander Technique International
Includes a collection of articles and a list of teaching members

Alexander Technique on Modern Dance

Comprehensive essay on this topic

Alexander Technique Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Alexander Technique San Francisco California, New Mexico, Japan

Alexander Technique Studio Mountain View, California

Alexander Technique Sydney North Sydney, Australia

Alexander Technique Teacher Training

A comprehensive guide for anyone considering becoming a teacher

Alexander Technique Teachers Washington DC
A coalition of instructors in the District of Columbia, USA. Includes state lists and workshop details

Alexander Technique Vancouver Vancouver, Canada

Alexander Technique Workshops
A service provided by a consortium of teachers skilled in group teaching

Alexander Technique Notting Hill Gate

Alexander Technique, Ergonomics Santa Monica, California

Alexander Technique: Interactive Teaching Method England
The Alexander Technique based on the approach of Marjorie Barstow

Alexander Technique: Tools for Change

Alexander Techworks Los Angeles

Alexander the Great
A brief account of the origins of the Alexander Technique and how students have been helped by it

Alexander Works Liverpool, England
Philip Pawley explains the technique and discusses its applications

Alexandra M. Daniels (310) 273 0836 Beverly Hills, CA

Alexandria School of Scientific Theraputics

Alexey's Step center

Alexia Brousse Alexander Technique England

Alexis Del Sol (714) 654-4759 Irvine, CA

Alexis Niki Paris, France
Offers a free newsletter for teachers and students, as well as providing workshop details

Alfonso Fernando C. 55 11 3081 1157 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ali Burrows Alexander Technique Bristol, England

Aliceann Grusin (310) 770 7430 Santa Monica, CA

Alicia Buoni Geometry Pilates
821 N.W. Flanders Street, # 225 Portland, Oregon
(503) 228-2020

Alicia Gilbert (310) 937-3123 Hermosa Beach, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Alicia Perea (323) 669 3303 Los Angeles, CA

Alicia Principe
210 West 101st Street New York, New York
(212) 662-6025

Alicia Zabrocki (480) 948 1883 Scotsdale, AZ

Alisa Alpert (323).938.9840, (213).304.0077 Beverly Hills, CA

Alisa Wyatt Pilates on Hudson New York, New York
(212) 727-1002

Alison Baumann 011 612 6550 5044 Marlee, Australia

Alison Broomes Alexander Technique England

Alison E Thiem New York, New York

Alive and Well

Alix Excel Movement Studios
2001 Tidewater Colony Dr. Annapolis, Maryland (703) 608-6641

Aliza Pilates
507 617 5059 Bal-Harbour Paitilla Panama, Suite M-41 Republic Of Panama

News and features about science and technology worldwide

All About Pilates
All About Pilates is your on-line, straight-talking, no-nonsense source of information on Pilates

All About Pilates

All - Health and Medicine News
Principal newsfeed source for news and reports on health issues in Africa

All Headline News: Yoga

All Pro Training

All that Matters

All-American Pilates Education Royal Palm Beach, FL
Joe Santisi (561) 795-1219

All-American Pilates Palm Beach, Florida

Allexperts Chiropractor Q&A
Part of the site, which allows you to post questions to chiropractors

Allexperts Yoga Q&A

Allison Gonzalez (650) 593 4366 San Carlos, CA

Allyson Gottfried Studio City - LA, California
Certified Pilates Instructor 818-568-9455, Private Pilates Instruction
, Fitness Trainer


Alternative Conjunction Clinic and School of Massage Therapy Lemoyne, Pa
Alternative Healing Connection Offers seminars and private sessions in cranialsacral, DNA activation, reiki, and matrix connection

Alternative Health and Fitness (610) 293-9977 Wayne, PA

Alternative Health and Fitness
2016 Walnut Street 2nd Floor (215) 567-4969 Philadelphia, PA

Alternative Medicine: Christ Mind - Buddha Body
A free online tutorial in Kinesiology by Dr. Philip Petersen, certified Kalos Health Facilitator

Alternative Training

Alun Thomas Alexander Technique England

Alyce Bochette (239) 334-7731 Fort Myers, FL

Alycea Ungaro reaL Pilates
177 Duane Street New York, New York
(212) 625.0777

Amy Aronson Studio
560 Polly Park Road Rye, New York
(845) 921-0522 Amy Aronson

Alyse Plotkin (818) 618-1510 Calabasas, CA

Alysha Oclassen (208) 721-1134 Hailey, ID

Alyssa C Conn (510) 543-5515 Albany, CA

Amanae Foundation

Amanda Gaimer 310.443.8622 Beverly Hills, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor and Lawyer, Legal advise

Amanda Hood 310.770.0537 NYC, New York
Certified Pilates Instructor

Amanda Logan Personal Training Newcastle, UK

Amanda Smith Breon, My Pilates Place
16 W. Washington Street Hagerstown, Maryland 21740 (301) 791-2072

Amanda Taylor (214) 521 7755 Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Amanda Westphal Park Cities Pilates Center
6131 Luther Lane Dallas, Texas

Amatsu Therapy Association
Provides information on what this Japanese therapy is, what it can do and where to find a qualified practitioner Fitness & Yoga / Pilates

Ame Kaplan ....................................................................Chicago, IL

American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Board certification for Holistic Health Practitioners and graduates of traditional and non-traditional colleges

American Association of Personal Trainers
A professional fitness association to advance the quality and safety of personal training

American Back Society
Professional society of chiropractors and other health professionals interested in back care

American Board of Sport Psychology
Certification programs in Sport Psychology for Psychologists, Master's level practitioners and coaches. Features the Journal of the American Board of Sport Psychology

American Bodywork Institute

American College for Advancement in Medicine ................................................................Laguna Hills, CA
Dedicated to educating physicians on the latest findings and emerging procedures in complementary and alternative medicine, with special emphasis on preventive/nutritional medicine

American College of Osteopathic Pain Management and Scleroptherapy
Proliferative therapy stimulates a natural healing processes to strengthen joints weakened by traumatic or over-use

American College of Sports Medicine (317) 637-9200

American College of Sports Medicine (317)-637-9200

American Council on Exercise (800) 825-3636

American Environmental Health and Safety
Offering training for CPR, first aid, bloodborne pathogens, OSHA safety training classes

American Health and Fitness
Information include personal training, nutrition, active lifestyles and trainer to trainer

American Health and Fitness Rensselaer, NY

American Health Line
Provides a daily news briefing on health care politics, policy and business news at the state and national levels

American Holistic Medical Association

American Institute of Clinical Massage Post Falls, Idaho

American Institute of Fitness Educators (800) 545-2262

American Institute Of Massage Therapy Hawaii Kailua, Oahu

American Institute of Massage Therapy

American Institute on Domestic Violence

Conducts workshops and seminars for businesses and organizations

American Massage Therapy Association - California Chapter
Includes membership and licensing information, and details of continuing education programs

American Massage Therapy Association
An association providing information about the laws and practice of massage

American Psychosomatic Society
Promotes scientific understanding of the interrelationships among biological and psychological factors in human health and disease. Details of conferences, newsletter, job announcements, and press releases.

American Safety Training, Inc.
Planning, developing and implementing safety training standards across the country

American Scientist
Scientific Research

American Senior Fitness Association (800) 243-1478

American Society for the Alexander Technique
AmSAT - Includes a directory of teaching members, book catalog, workshops, a series of articles, and links

American Society of Exercise Physiologists
Certification (EPC), undergraduate academic accreditation, electronic research (JEPonline) and publications (PEPonline), licensure through state affiliates

American Viniyoga Institute

American Yoga Academy

American Yoga Association
Not-for-profit educational organization

America's Health & Fitness Zone .............Waupaca, Wisconsin


Amy Bates Nakamura (949) 916-3351.......... Aliso Viejo, CA

Amy Berger The Pilates Center
5146 Dorsey Hall Drive ........;;;;;;;Ellicott City, Maryland

(410) 992-5155

Amy Bergesen 615-293-4420 Willow - Nashville, Tennessee

Amy Cady (949) 305-3310 .........Mission Viejo, CA

Amy Chapman (334) 281-8665 Montgomery , AL

Amy Higgins-Stambaugh (573) 443-0220 Columbia, Missouri

Amy Kobza (239) 404-2167 ...........................................Naples, FL

Amy Kopala 02 Yoga Studio (603) 591-8538
216 Lafayette Rd Rye, New Hampshire

Amy Lange Pacific Pilates (760) 634-1620 Encinitas, CA

Amy Lopez (305) 297-7621 Miami, FL

Amy Wilson (516) 815-5505 Cold Spring Harbor, New York

Ana Caban (323) 545-6565 Miami, FL

Ana Lucia Martins O. 55 12 3941 3000 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ana Lucia Sacucci C. 55 11 3284 8905 Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Ana Padilla Yosco Mindful Movement (831) 624-3393 Carmel, Ca

248.930.6256 1016 Bird Road, Birmingham, Michigan 48009 Michigan

ANAM Holistics
Resources in dowsing, divining and shamanic healing practice, including courses, therapies, guided sacred site tours and holidays in Ireland

Ananda Assisi: A Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center ........................Italy

Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Centre ........Netherlands

Ananda Marga Yoga Center .............Russia

Ananda Palo Alto

Ananda Sacramento

Ananda Sanga Educational Institute Somerset West, South Africa

Ananda Sanga Yoga Centre: Somerset West South Africa

Ananda's Site

Anat Baniel Method of Feldenkrais Professional Training .........California
90 day professional training program in California. Taught by Anat Baniel, assistant to Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

Anat Baniel Method, based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais
Gentle movement programs to help with back pain, neck pain, and joint pain. Good for prevention and recovery. At-home audio programs, seminars, and trainings

Anatomy on line 1.800.621.7500

Charts & Models

Anatomy for Pilates, 3D 800-716-2475
education on CD-ROM, understanding the intrinsic core muscles visually

Anderson Fitness Solutions Virginia

Andi Kawamoto Klatt (949) 916-3032 Mission Viejo, CA

Andre Fergus Southampton, UK

Andre Rocha Contrology 39 045 596615 Pilates in Europe

Andrea Borgman (831) 648-1008 Monterey , CA

Andrea Buchhauer
215 ˝ Hollister Ave, Santa Monica CA 90405
Certified Pilates Instructor

Andrea Erdesz 011 431 587 4062 Vienna, Austria

Andrea Levine & Monica Levine
True to Form Northern Bergen County, New Jersey
(201) 391-1180

Andrea Lynne Balliette (718) 789-0188 Brooklyn, New York

Andrea Marcellus (323).481.0899 LA,CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Andrea Rogers (561) 693-8922 Boca Raton, FL

Andrew Mournehis, Melbourne

Andromeda Trumbull, Pilates Sports Center
16430 Ventura Blvd #200, Encino, CA 91436
818-970-1222, 818-788-8112 studio, 888-213-6393 toll free

Angel Garcia (925) 229 926 Madrid, Spain

Angel Maffei (310) 710-9772 Hermosa Beach, CA

Angela Adams Casella (714) 747-3752 Huntington Beach, CA

Angela Ochs (917) 968-0004 Astoria, New York

Angela Wiele (212) 737-6072 New York, New York

Angela Zaun (727) 895-3500 St. Petersburg, FL

Angeline Shaka (510) 915 5164 Berkeley, CA

Anglo-European College of Chiropractic

Anjali Yoga Canada

Anje Marshall Corps Dynamics (415) 793 6673 San Francisco, CA

Ann Dyer CA USA

Ann Kestenbaum Alexander Technique Nottingham, England

Ann Law, Pilates at Barking Legs Theater
1307 Dodds Ave Chattanooga, Tennessee
(423) 624-5347

Ann Turner (907) 479 2360 Fairbanks, AK

Ann Van Huffel 011 323 289 8789 Antwerpe, BELGIUM

Ann Walzel (713) 545-7061 New York, New York

Anna Alvarez (305) 332-3503 Miami Shores, FL

Anna Cooper Alexander Technique England

Anna Mendenhall,
8th Street Studio ...........................................................Charlotte, North Carolina
Pilates Body Shaping, (704) 962-4068 (704) 965-2252

Anna Schrefl Pilates Studio 43 1 403 5090 ..................Wein, Austria

Anna Slavitt Purely Pilates 650 593 4366
963-D Industrial Road San Carlos, CA 94070

Anna-Louise Sattee (954) 525-7353 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Anne Bear (260) 341-4895 Huntington, IN

Anne Brendle (404) 808-8639 Atlanta , GA

Anne Manassero Yorba Linda Fitness 714 695 1100
20539 Yorba Linda Blvd Yorba Linda, CA

Anne-René Lawton
Alexander Technique and dance instructor New York

Annette Gryniewicz (773) 972-8118 Chicago, IL

Annie Joseph (415) 380-8088 Corte Madera, CA

Annie Kaplon Pilates Sacramento (916) 541-4122 El Dorado Hills, CA

Annie Kaszina, Madelene Webb Alexander Technique London, England

Annual Barstow/Alexander Technique Institute
Summer program for those who want to learn the practical benefits of this method

Annual Reviews
Nonprofit science publisher, publishing annual syntheses of the latest developments in 29 fields of science

Anthroposophical Health Studies
Distance Learning Program

Anti Aging Newsletter
Monthly newsletter discusses various anti aging therapies, including: diet, vitamins, hormone replacement therapy, advanced anti aging products, exercise, and stress reduction. Provides information on diet, exercise, research, meditation, laughter and fun

Anusara Yoga

Anytime Fitness Madison, Alabama

Anytime Fitness Big Lake, Minnesota

AOL Diet & Fitness

Apel, Isabelle 661-977-3301 Southern California
Certified Pilates Instructor: MOSCOW, Russia

Apex Pilates Personal Training 500 E. Calaveras Blvd., Ste. 319, Milpitas CA, 95035
Mercedes Bobias 408-719-1612

Apollo Fitness Warwick, Rhode Island

Applied Kinesiology Center of San Francisco, Inc. California
Information on applied kinesiology, chiropractic and services offered for health and well being

Applied Motor Control

April Howser (310) 434 9130 Santa Monica, CA

April Wachtenheim
42 New Haven, Laguna Niguel CA, 92677
Certified Pilates Instructor

Aqua Aerobics
Education, training, and aquatic exercise clinics for individuals, fitness trainers, organizations

Aquatic Exercise Association (888) 232 9283

Aquatic Fitness Professionals Association International (800) 484-9666

Archangel Health News
Monthly e-zine that provides useful information about various health topics or health-related issues

Arete HealthFit

Ariana Basile International Instructor
Certified Pilates Instructor

Ariel Weiss Holyst Philadelphia and Morton, Pennsylvania

Arizona Physical Therapy Association (800) 264-2782

Arizona School of Integrative Studies Cottonwood, AZ

Arlene Lazarek Auburn Pilates & Wellness (530) 823-7800 Auburn, CA

Arlene Reese (909) 380 2324 Big Bear Lake, CA

Art Form Studio
24194 Alicia Parkway, Suite A/B, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 949-837-9999

Asa Pilates Swedish Pilates Studios Sweden
Certified Pilates Instructors

Asana Postures

Ashmead College Everett, Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver, WA

Ashtanga Yoga Academy

Ashtanga Yoga Center, Encinitas

Ashtanga Yoga Center, Russia, Moscow, St.Petersburg Russia

Ashtanga Yoga Institute Belgium

Ashtanga Yoga Germany

Ashtanga Yoga Ireland

Ashtanga Yoga: Amsterdam Netherlands

Ask Men

Asphalt Green NYC, NY

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (800) 458-2267

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals ........................................Evergreen, CO
A professional massage association representing massage, bodywork, somatics practitioners, and estheticians

Association for Network Care
Support the consciousness, advance the practice of, and promote the evolution of Network Spinal Analysis and the Network Protocol

Association of Chiropractic Colleges
Provides worldwide leadership in chiropractic education, research and service

Association of Massage Therapists and Wholistic Practitioners .........Canada
Nonprofit association serving the needs of Canadian massage practitioners and clients

Association of New Zealand Teachers of the Alexander Technique New Zealand
Contact list, calendar of activities, forum and links

Association of Schools of Public Health
National organization representing accredited schools of public health. Links to accredited schools, grants and funding, employment and public health resources

Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region
Dedicated to strengthening the role of public health through the training of public health professionals for both practice and research

Association of University Programs in Health Administration
A not-for-profit association whose interest is in the development and continuous improvement of health management education. Contains lists of accredited graduate and undergraduate programs in the United States

Association of Women's Fitness
Resource site on women's fitness and health, with a special focus on preventing home gym training injuries

Association Shakti .............France

Aston Enterprises
System of individualized bodywork, movement education, and ergonomic coaching

Astral Fitness and Wellness Center Bronx, NY

Asylum Training

Atasha Avery Kirkland, Washington

Atasha Avery (520) 322 0500 Tuscon, AZ

Atelier Pilates (617) 764-2835 Somerville, MA

Athina Vitori 30 2 10 671 0521 Athens, Greece

Athletic Club at Denver Place
1849 Curtis Street Denver, CO
(303) 294-9494

Athletic Club of Boca Raton (561) 241-5088 www.ACBocaRaton 1499 Yamato Road Boca Raton, FL

Athletic Insight Home
The online journal of sports psychology

Athletico Chicago, IL Katie Lemmon (312) 951-9700

Athletique Health Club Australia

Atlanta School of Massage

Atlanta School of Massage

Atlantic Avenue Pilates (561) 330-7117 Delray Beach, FLA

Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage New Brunswick, Canada

Atma Darshan Yogashram

Atrium Club

Attack training UK

Auburn Pilates & Wellness Auburn, CA
Arlene Lazarek (530) 823-7800

Audrey Wilson ..........Irvine, CA
(949) 551 3443 Audrey’s Pilates & Dance

Augusta School of Massage Michigan

Aum Raja Yoga and Healing Centre

Aus Bodz

Austin Fitness TX

Austin Warren Personal Training Ashdown Forest area of East Sussex, UK

Australian Centre for International and Tropical Health and Nutrition
Post Graduate, Masters and Graduate courses in Tropical Health, Indigenous Health and a Nutrition Program

Australian College of Vital Health

Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine

Australian Massage Therapists Network (AMTN)
An org of massage professionals who share knowledge, skills and resources to improve industry standards

Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
Links to articles and a teachers' list

Authentic Breathing Resources
Offers breathing and breathwork exercises, tips, articles, meditations, research, and workshops for health and self-transformation

Authentic Living New Zealand
Lifestyle consulting and personal life coaching. Holistic, values-driven approach to goal-setting and time management with a focus on self-care and work-life balance

Autonoma 55 11 3081 1157 Brazil

Avalon Art & Yoga Center, Palo Alto CA

Avril McKenzie Edinburgh and Lothians, UK