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AAA Pilates Certification Programs
The first Pilates organizational member of National Organization of Credibility Assurance
The first international Pilates organization (est. 1989) 703-PIL-ATES

121 Training Worthington, UK

1-on-1 Ultimate Fitness Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

21st Century Healing
Course in the practice of healing (including distant healing)
(310) 587 240

24 Hour Fitness
Health and fitness centers in the U.S. and Asia

3D Human Anatomy
3D Software 1.800.716.2475

4th Street Yoga Berkeley, CA

7th Heaven Yoga Center Berkeley, CA

8 Limbs Leederville, Australia

A Body in Balance LLC Boise, ID
Karin DeBenedetti (208) 331-2098

A Body Prepared 323.653.1981 Los Angeles, CA

A Fitness Solution Montana

A Friend Indeed; For Women in the Prime of Life
A newsletter that is a source of understandable and reliable information about the menopausal transition and women's midlife

A Perfect Dealer

Newsletter containing articles by nutritionists, the American Podiatric Medical Association, fitness trainers, and massage therapists

A World of Yoga

A+ Fitness, Inc. San Diego, CA

The BEST Pilates Education
on CD-Rom Adobe Acrobat PDFformat

Aaron Flynn Personal Trainer New York City, NY

Aaron's Better Bodies Forest Hills (Queens - New York City), NY

Aaron's Personal Training Jacksonville, FL

Abbey Brewer (404) 272-9099 Marietta, GA

Abbie Rolins
323.663.7263, 310.459.9845 Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

ABC Online: Science

ABC Safety Training

Aberdeen Pilates Studio Aberdeen, UK

About Health Clubs
Searchable database of health clubs, gyms, and leisure centres across the U.K

Absco Fitness

Absolute Center, Lafayette CA

Absolute Pilates (615) 370-5687 Brentwood, TN

Absolute Pilates (781) 329-5950 Dedham, MA

Absolute Pilates,
17700 W. Capitol Drive, Brookfield, Wisconsin 262.617.0731

Absolute Pilates,
12 Gregory Drive,, Suite # 1 South Burlington, Vermont

Absolutely Fit Exercise Studio Bellmore, NY

8543 Santa Monica B. #10 Hollywood, CA 90069 310.657.7878

Academy for Healing Arts
Offers structured classes in Reiki, Crystal and Gemstone Therapy, Magnified Healing and The Melchizedek Method. Crystal Healing Workshops

Academy of Healing Arts Macon, Georgia

Academy of Massage Therapy Englewood, NJ

Academy of Natural Therapy Eaton, Colorado

Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in Ireland Ireland

Accredited Alternative Health Courses
Nutritional Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner and Master Herbalist programs through home study

Acharya's Yoga and Meditation Center

Achieve Fitness Washington, D.C
Find a chiropractor

Ackermann College of Chiropractic

Action Fitness for Women Rohnert Park

Activator Methods
The Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique (AMCT) uses the latest advances in orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examinations to detect joint dysfunction in the spinal column and extremities

Active Duty Fitness for Women Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia

Active Fitness Australia

Active Health London, UK

Active Massage Therapy Network
Our national network provides a standard system for assessment, and a variety of services

Active Release Techniques
Information about the methodology, training seminars, and the ART treatment industry

Activlife Wimbledon, South West London, and Surrey, UK

Acupressure Institute Berkeley, CA

Ada Rivera Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico
316 De Diego Avenue Santurce, Puerto Rico
(787) 724-7032

Ada Wells (510) 523-1900 Alameda, CA

Adam Bailey: Alexander Technique Cambridge and Maynard, Mass
Explains the technique and its benefits

Adam's Personal Training TX

Addicted To Fitness Naples Florida

Addicted To Gym

Adelaide Club, The Toronto, Canada
A Toronto club offering a full range of facilities for fitness, aerobics, squash and rock climbing

Adria Chuhay (770) 578-6757 Marietta, GA

Adrian Petitore Los Angeles, Ca

Adrian Ramirez, Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor
, IPCollege Mentor

Adriana Ferreira G. 55 11 3081 1157 Brazil

Adrianne Crawford 619 337 3700 La Mesa, CA

Adrienne Weidert (949) 378-0702 Laguna Beach, CA

Adults and Children
Advice for parents concerned about their children's posture

Advanced Anatomy Massage Academy

Advanced Kinesiology Britain and Europe

Advanced Yoga Practices

Adventures in Fitness Self Discovery with the Alexander Technique
One student's experience taking lessons

Advice for Students of the Alexander Technique
Finding and choosing a teacher, and getting the most from your lessons

Adylia Roman 310 446 6100 Westwood, CA

Aerial Bodies Inc. West Palm Beach, FL
Lydie Robsham (561) 856-0131

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)
The world's largest fitness educator, providing certification to fitness professionals

Aerobics Plus 147 Monticello Avenue (757) 220-0556 Williamsburg, VA

AerobiKicK 200X Lewisville, Texas

Affirmative Fitness
Features a searchable database of professionals

André Rocha - Power Pilates ...................................................Verona, Italy
Phone +39 045 596615

After Everything Fails Health Report
Information and news about a variety of natural cures

Ahern's Massage Therapy School Mariposa, CA

Aija Peagle Studija Sports Pluss
..................Blaumanu iela 5A............................... Rtga, Latvia

Aim High Health Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Thornhill, CA New York

Alaina Jordan (316) 518-2891 Wichita, KS

Alan Gordon Health and Wellbeing UK

Alan Mars Alexander Technique England

Alan McGavin Sports Medicine (604).642.6761 Vancouver, Canada

Alana Flanagan (323).823.2332 Los Angeles, California
Certified Pilates Instructor

Albany Pilates Center ..................(518) 435-1156 ................Albany, NY

Albany Yoga Room, Auckland New Zealand

Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association, Canada
(780) 492-4435

Aleisa George, Centerworks Pilates
210 N. Washington, Box 3526 Wichita, Kansas
(877)874.7578 (316)265.9700

Alessandra Tegoni 011 555 1330 6346 Porto Alegre, Brazil

Alex Maunder Alexander Technique London, England

Alex Nicolson Eco Somatics Sydney, Australia

Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics Puget Sound

Alexander Technique Auckland, New Zealand

Alexander Technique Newton, MA

Alexander Technique
Find a Teacher or Course Directory organized by region

Alexander Technique
Kinesthetic Awareness
Short article on this subject

Alexander Technique - Suite
Several short articles, message board, and a large collection of links

Alexander Technique -
What it is........
Description of the technique emphasizing its basic concepts

Alexander Technique
The interesting story of one teacher's experiences with his study of this method

Alexander Technique and Dance
Includes the personal experience of a professional dancer with this method

Alexander Technique Associates Australia
Australian workshops and teachers

Alexander Technique Atlantic Halifax, Nova Scotia

Alexander Technique Birth Stories
An e-book consisting of accounts by women who prepared for childbirth this way. Free to download as PDF

Alexander Technique Brussels
Comprehensive collection of short articles in English and French. Also includes details of certified teacher

Alexander Technique
Center New England Amherst, Massachusetts

Alexander Technique Center

Alexander Technique Centre (ATC) Kyoto

Alexander Technique Centre in Belgium
Information in French and English; articles and a teachers' list

Alexander Technique Centre Ireland
Offers a list of teachers in the country, as well as background information

Alexander Technique Dance Website
Comprehensive information about applying the Technique to dance

Alexander Technique Education, Inc Sydney, Australia
Provides background information, articles, and details of schools and teachers

Alexander Technique for Performance and Development New York, New York

Alexander Technique in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island

Alexander Technique in Relation to Satipatthana Vipassana Practice
Explanation of how this method can help with meditation

Alexander Technique West Chester, Pennsylvania
A teacher specializing in working with musicians

Alexander Technique Info
Neutral and balanced information about the Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique Institute Sydney, Australia
Teacher training school and introductory workshops

Alexander Technique International
Includes a collection of articles and a list of teaching members

Alexander Technique on Modern Dance

Comprehensive essay on this topic

Alexander Technique Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Alexander Technique San Francisco California, New Mexico, Japan

Alexander Technique Studio Mountain View, California

Alexander Technique Sydney North Sydney, Australia

Alexander Technique Teacher Training

A comprehensive guide for anyone considering becoming a teacher

Alexander Technique Teachers Washington DC
A coalition of instructors in the District of Columbia, USA. Includes state lists and workshop details

Alexander Technique Vancouver Vancouver, Canada

Alexander Technique Workshops
A service provided by a consortium of teachers skilled in group teaching

Alexander Technique Notting Hill Gate

Alexander Technique, Ergonomics Santa Monica, California

Alexander Technique: Interactive Teaching Method England
The Alexander Technique based on the approach of Marjorie Barstow

Alexander Technique: Tools for Change

Alexander Techworks Los Angeles

Alexander the Great
A brief account of the origins of the Alexander Technique and how students have been helped by it

Alexander Works Liverpool, England
Philip Pawley explains the technique and discusses its applications

Alexandra M. Daniels (310) 273 0836 Beverly Hills, CA

Alexandria School of Scientific Theraputics

Alexey's Step center

Alexia Brousse Alexander Technique England

Alexis Del Sol (714) 654-4759 Irvine, CA

Alexis Niki Paris, France
Offers a free newsletter for teachers and students, as well as providing workshop details

Alfonso Fernando C. 55 11 3081 1157 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ali Burrows Alexander Technique Bristol, England

Aliceann Grusin (310) 770 7430 Santa Monica, CA

Alicia Buoni Geometry Pilates
821 N.W. Flanders Street, # 225 Portland, Oregon
(503) 228-2020

Alicia Gilbert (310) 937-3123 Hermosa Beach, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Alicia Perea (323) 669 3303 Los Angeles, CA

Alicia Principe
210 West 101st Street New York, New York
(212) 662-6025

Alicia Zabrocki (480) 948 1883 Scotsdale, AZ

Alisa Alpert (323).938.9840, (213).304.0077 Beverly Hills, CA

Alisa Wyatt Pilates on Hudson New York, New York
(212) 727-1002

Alison Baumann 011 612 6550 5044 Marlee, Australia

Alison Broomes Alexander Technique England

Alison E Thiem New York, New York

Alive and Well

Alix Excel Movement Studios
2001 Tidewater Colony Dr. Annapolis, Maryland (703) 608-6641

Aliza Pilates
507 617 5059 Bal-Harbour Paitilla Panama, Suite M-41 Republic Of Panama

News and features about science and technology worldwide

All About Pilates
All About Pilates is your on-line, straight-talking, no-nonsense source of information on Pilates

All About Pilates

All - Health and Medicine News
Principal newsfeed source for news and reports on health issues in Africa

All Headline News: Yoga

All Pro Training

All that Matters

All-American Pilates Education Royal Palm Beach, FL
Joe Santisi (561) 795-1219

All-American Pilates Palm Beach, Florida

Allexperts Chiropractor Q&A
Part of the site, which allows you to post questions to chiropractors

Allexperts Yoga Q&A

Allison Gonzalez (650) 593 4366 San Carlos, CA

Allyson Gottfried Studio City - LA, California
Certified Pilates Instructor 818-568-9455, Private Pilates Instruction
, Fitness Trainer


Alternative Conjunction Clinic and School of Massage Therapy Lemoyne, Pa
Alternative Healing Connection Offers seminars and private sessions in cranialsacral, DNA activation, reiki, and matrix connection

Alternative Health and Fitness (610) 293-9977 Wayne, PA

Alternative Health and Fitness
2016 Walnut Street 2nd Floor (215) 567-4969 Philadelphia, PA

Alternative Medicine: Christ Mind - Buddha Body
A free online tutorial in Kinesiology by Dr. Philip Petersen, certified Kalos Health Facilitator

Alternative Training

Alun Thomas Alexander Technique England

Alyce Bochette (239) 334-7731 Fort Myers, FL

Alycea Ungaro reaL Pilates
177 Duane Street New York, New York
(212) 625.0777

Amy Aronson Studio
560 Polly Park Road Rye, New York
(845) 921-0522 Amy Aronson

Alyse Plotkin (818) 618-1510 Calabasas, CA

Alysha Oclassen (208) 721-1134 Hailey, ID

Alyssa C Conn (510) 543-5515 Albany, CA

Amanae Foundation

Amanda Gaimer 310.443.8622 Beverly Hills, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor and Lawyer, Legal advise

Amanda Hood 310.770.0537 NYC, New York
Certified Pilates Instructor

Amanda Logan Personal Training Newcastle, UK

Amanda Smith Breon, My Pilates Place
16 W. Washington Street Hagerstown, Maryland 21740 (301) 791-2072

Amanda Taylor (214) 521 7755 Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Amanda Westphal Park Cities Pilates Center
6131 Luther Lane Dallas, Texas

Amatsu Therapy Association
Provides information on what this Japanese therapy is, what it can do and where to find a qualified practitioner Fitness & Yoga / Pilates

Ame Kaplan ....................................................................Chicago, IL

American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Board certification for Holistic Health Practitioners and graduates of traditional and non-traditional colleges

American Association of Personal Trainers
A professional fitness association to advance the quality and safety of personal training

American Back Society
Professional society of chiropractors and other health professionals interested in back care

American Board of Sport Psychology
Certification programs in Sport Psychology for Psychologists, Master's level practitioners and coaches. Features the Journal of the American Board of Sport Psychology

American Bodywork Institute

American College for Advancement in Medicine ................................................................Laguna Hills, CA
Dedicated to educating physicians on the latest findings and emerging procedures in complementary and alternative medicine, with special emphasis on preventive/nutritional medicine

American College of Osteopathic Pain Management and Scleroptherapy
Proliferative therapy stimulates a natural healing processes to strengthen joints weakened by traumatic or over-use

American College of Sports Medicine (317) 637-9200

American College of Sports Medicine (317)-637-9200

American Council on Exercise (800) 825-3636

American Environmental Health and Safety
Offering training for CPR, first aid, bloodborne pathogens, OSHA safety training classes

American Health and Fitness
Information include personal training, nutrition, active lifestyles and trainer to trainer

American Health and Fitness Rensselaer, NY

American Health Line
Provides a daily news briefing on health care politics, policy and business news at the state and national levels

American Holistic Medical Association

American Institute of Clinical Massage Post Falls, Idaho

American Institute of Fitness Educators (800) 545-2262

American Institute Of Massage Therapy Hawaii Kailua, Oahu

American Institute of Massage Therapy

American Institute on Domestic Violence

Conducts workshops and seminars for businesses and organizations

American Massage Therapy Association - California Chapter
Includes membership and licensing information, and details of continuing education programs

American Massage Therapy Association
An association providing information about the laws and practice of massage

American Psychosomatic Society
Promotes scientific understanding of the interrelationships among biological and psychological factors in human health and disease. Details of conferences, newsletter, job announcements, and press releases.

American Safety Training, Inc.
Planning, developing and implementing safety training standards across the country

American Scientist
Scientific Research

American Senior Fitness Association (800) 243-1478

American Society for the Alexander Technique
AmSAT - Includes a directory of teaching members, book catalog, workshops, a series of articles, and links

American Society of Exercise Physiologists
Certification (EPC), undergraduate academic accreditation, electronic research (JEPonline) and publications (PEPonline), licensure through state affiliates

American Viniyoga Institute

American Yoga Academy

American Yoga Association
Not-for-profit educational organization

America's Health & Fitness Zone .............Waupaca, Wisconsin


Amy Bates Nakamura (949) 916-3351.......... Aliso Viejo, CA

Amy Berger The Pilates Center
5146 Dorsey Hall Drive ........;;;;;;;Ellicott City, Maryland

(410) 992-5155

Amy Bergesen 615-293-4420 Willow - Nashville, Tennessee

Amy Cady (949) 305-3310 .........Mission Viejo, CA

Amy Chapman (334) 281-8665 Montgomery , AL

Amy Higgins-Stambaugh (573) 443-0220 Columbia, Missouri

Amy Kobza (239) 404-2167 ...........................................Naples, FL

Amy Kopala 02 Yoga Studio (603) 591-8538
216 Lafayette Rd Rye, New Hampshire

Amy Lange Pacific Pilates (760) 634-1620 Encinitas, CA

Amy Lopez (305) 297-7621 Miami, FL

Amy Wilson (516) 815-5505 Cold Spring Harbor, New York

Ana Caban (323) 545-6565 Miami, FL

Ana Lucia Martins O. 55 12 3941 3000 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ana Lucia Sacucci C. 55 11 3284 8905 Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Ana Padilla Yosco Mindful Movement (831) 624-3393 Carmel, Ca

248.930.6256 1016 Bird Road, Birmingham, Michigan 48009 Michigan

ANAM Holistics
Resources in dowsing, divining and shamanic healing practice, including courses, therapies, guided sacred site tours and holidays in Ireland

Ananda Assisi: A Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center ........................Italy

Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Centre ........Netherlands

Ananda Marga Yoga Center .............Russia

Ananda Palo Alto

Ananda Sacramento

Ananda Sanga Educational Institute Somerset West, South Africa

Ananda Sanga Yoga Centre: Somerset West South Africa

Ananda's Site

Anat Baniel Method of Feldenkrais Professional Training .........California
90 day professional training program in California. Taught by Anat Baniel, assistant to Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

Anat Baniel Method, based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais
Gentle movement programs to help with back pain, neck pain, and joint pain. Good for prevention and recovery. At-home audio programs, seminars, and trainings

Anatomy on line 1.800.621.7500

Charts & Models

Anatomy for Pilates, 3D 800-716-2475
education on CD-ROM, understanding the intrinsic core muscles visually

Anderson Fitness Solutions Virginia

Andi Kawamoto Klatt (949) 916-3032 Mission Viejo, CA

Andre Fergus Southampton, UK

Andre Rocha Contrology 39 045 596615 Pilates in Europe

Andrea Borgman (831) 648-1008 Monterey , CA

Andrea Buchhauer
215 ˝ Hollister Ave, Santa Monica CA 90405
Certified Pilates Instructor

Andrea Erdesz 011 431 587 4062 Vienna, Austria

Andrea Levine & Monica Levine
True to Form Northern Bergen County, New Jersey
(201) 391-1180

Andrea Lynne Balliette (718) 789-0188 Brooklyn, New York

Andrea Marcellus (323).481.0899 LA,CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Andrea Rogers (561) 693-8922 Boca Raton, FL

Andrew Mournehis, Melbourne

Andromeda Trumbull, Pilates Sports Center
16430 Ventura Blvd #200, Encino, CA 91436
818-970-1222, 818-788-8112 studio, 888-213-6393 toll free

Angel Garcia (925) 229 926 Madrid, Spain

Angel Maffei (310) 710-9772 Hermosa Beach, CA

Angela Adams Casella (714) 747-3752 Huntington Beach, CA

Angela Ochs (917) 968-0004 Astoria, New York

Angela Wiele (212) 737-6072 New York, New York

Angela Zaun (727) 895-3500 St. Petersburg, FL

Angeline Shaka (510) 915 5164 Berkeley, CA

Anglo-European College of Chiropractic

Anjali Yoga Canada

Anje Marshall Corps Dynamics (415) 793 6673 San Francisco, CA

Ann Dyer CA USA

Ann Kestenbaum Alexander Technique Nottingham, England

Ann Law, Pilates at Barking Legs Theater
1307 Dodds Ave Chattanooga, Tennessee
(423) 624-5347

Ann Turner (907) 479 2360 Fairbanks, AK

Ann Van Huffel 011 323 289 8789 Antwerpe, BELGIUM

Ann Walzel (713) 545-7061 New York, New York

Anna Alvarez (305) 332-3503 Miami Shores, FL

Anna Cooper Alexander Technique England

Anna Mendenhall,
8th Street Studio ...........................................................Charlotte, North Carolina
Pilates Body Shaping, (704) 962-4068 (704) 965-2252

Anna Schrefl Pilates Studio 43 1 403 5090 ..................Wein, Austria

Anna Slavitt Purely Pilates 650 593 4366
963-D Industrial Road San Carlos, CA 94070

Anna-Louise Sattee (954) 525-7353 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Anne Bear (260) 341-4895 Huntington, IN

Anne Brendle (404) 808-8639 Atlanta , GA

Anne Manassero Yorba Linda Fitness 714 695 1100
20539 Yorba Linda Blvd Yorba Linda, CA

Anne-René Lawton
Alexander Technique and dance instructor New York

Annette Gryniewicz (773) 972-8118 Chicago, IL

Annie Joseph (415) 380-8088 Corte Madera, CA

Annie Kaplon Pilates Sacramento (916) 541-4122 El Dorado Hills, CA

Annie Kaszina, Madelene Webb Alexander Technique London, England

Annual Barstow/Alexander Technique Institute
Summer program for those who want to learn the practical benefits of this method

Annual Reviews
Nonprofit science publisher, publishing annual syntheses of the latest developments in 29 fields of science

Anthroposophical Health Studies
Distance Learning Program

Anti Aging Newsletter
Monthly newsletter discusses various anti aging therapies, including: diet, vitamins, hormone replacement therapy, advanced anti aging products, exercise, and stress reduction. Provides information on diet, exercise, research, meditation, laughter and fun

Anusara Yoga

Anytime Fitness Madison, Alabama

Anytime Fitness Big Lake, Minnesota

AOL Diet & Fitness

Apel, Isabelle 661-977-3301 Southern California
Certified Pilates Instructor: MOSCOW, Russia

Apex Pilates Personal Training 500 E. Calaveras Blvd., Ste. 319, Milpitas CA, 95035
Mercedes Bobias 408-719-1612

Apollo Fitness Warwick, Rhode Island

Applied Kinesiology Center of San Francisco, Inc. California
Information on applied kinesiology, chiropractic and services offered for health and well being

Applied Motor Control

April Howser (310) 434 9130 Santa Monica, CA

April Wachtenheim
42 New Haven, Laguna Niguel CA, 92677
Certified Pilates Instructor

Aqua Aerobics
Education, training, and aquatic exercise clinics for individuals, fitness trainers, organizations

Aquatic Exercise Association (888) 232 9283

Aquatic Fitness Professionals Association International (800) 484-9666

Archangel Health News
Monthly e-zine that provides useful information about various health topics or health-related issues

Arete HealthFit

Ariana Basile International Instructor
Certified Pilates Instructor

Ariel Weiss Holyst Philadelphia and Morton, Pennsylvania

Arizona Physical Therapy Association (800) 264-2782

Arizona School of Integrative Studies Cottonwood, AZ

Arlene Lazarek Auburn Pilates & Wellness (530) 823-7800 Auburn, CA

Arlene Reese (909) 380 2324 Big Bear Lake, CA

Art Form Studio
24194 Alicia Parkway, Suite A/B, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 949-837-9999

Asa Pilates Swedish Pilates Studios Sweden
Certified Pilates Instructors

Asana Postures

Ashmead College Everett, Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver, WA

Ashtanga Yoga Academy

Ashtanga Yoga Center, Encinitas

Ashtanga Yoga Center, Russia, Moscow, St.Petersburg Russia

Ashtanga Yoga Institute Belgium

Ashtanga Yoga Germany

Ashtanga Yoga Ireland

Ashtanga Yoga: Amsterdam Netherlands

Ask Men

Asphalt Green NYC, NY

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (800) 458-2267

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals ........................................Evergreen, CO
A professional massage association representing massage, bodywork, somatics practitioners, and estheticians

Association for Network Care
Support the consciousness, advance the practice of, and promote the evolution of Network Spinal Analysis and the Network Protocol

Association of Chiropractic Colleges
Provides worldwide leadership in chiropractic education, research and service

Association of Massage Therapists and Wholistic Practitioners .........Canada
Nonprofit association serving the needs of Canadian massage practitioners and clients

Association of New Zealand Teachers of the Alexander Technique New Zealand
Contact list, calendar of activities, forum and links

Association of Schools of Public Health
National organization representing accredited schools of public health. Links to accredited schools, grants and funding, employment and public health resources

Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region
Dedicated to strengthening the role of public health through the training of public health professionals for both practice and research

Association of University Programs in Health Administration
A not-for-profit association whose interest is in the development and continuous improvement of health management education. Contains lists of accredited graduate and undergraduate programs in the United States

Association of Women's Fitness
Resource site on women's fitness and health, with a special focus on preventing home gym training injuries

Association Shakti .............France

Aston Enterprises
System of individualized bodywork, movement education, and ergonomic coaching

Astral Fitness and Wellness Center Bronx, NY

Asylum Training

Atasha Avery Kirkland, Washington

Atasha Avery (520) 322 0500 Tuscon, AZ

Atelier Pilates (617) 764-2835 Somerville, MA

Athina Vitori 30 2 10 671 0521 Athens, Greece

Athletic Club at Denver Place
1849 Curtis Street Denver, CO
(303) 294-9494

Athletic Club of Boca Raton (561) 241-5088 www.ACBocaRaton 1499 Yamato Road Boca Raton, FL

Athletic Insight Home
The online journal of sports psychology

Athletico Chicago, IL Katie Lemmon (312) 951-9700

Athletique Health Club Australia

Atlanta School of Massage

Atlanta School of Massage

Atlantic Avenue Pilates (561) 330-7117 Delray Beach, FLA

Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage New Brunswick, Canada

Atma Darshan Yogashram

Atrium Club

Attack training UK

Auburn Pilates & Wellness Auburn, CA
Arlene Lazarek (530) 823-7800

Audrey Wilson ..........Irvine, CA
(949) 551 3443 Audrey’s Pilates & Dance

Augusta School of Massage Michigan

Aum Raja Yoga and Healing Centre

Aus Bodz

Austin Fitness TX

Austin Warren Personal Training Ashdown Forest area of East Sussex, UK

Australian Centre for International and Tropical Health and Nutrition
Post Graduate, Masters and Graduate courses in Tropical Health, Indigenous Health and a Nutrition Program

Australian College of Vital Health

Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine

Australian Massage Therapists Network (AMTN)
An org of massage professionals who share knowledge, skills and resources to improve industry standards

Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
Links to articles and a teachers' list

Authentic Breathing Resources
Offers breathing and breathwork exercises, tips, articles, meditations, research, and workshops for health and self-transformation

Authentic Living New Zealand
Lifestyle consulting and personal life coaching. Holistic, values-driven approach to goal-setting and time management with a focus on self-care and work-life balance

Autonoma 55 11 3081 1157 Brazil

Avalon Art & Yoga Center, Palo Alto CA

Avril McKenzie Edinburgh and Lothians, UK

B 1 of the BEST Pilates instructors with IPCollege Inc.Teacher Training Programs

Back 2 Health Physical Therapy Slava Shut PT, DPT, MS, ATC, CSCS
..........323-708-6200 .........Beverly Hills, CA

Back Talk Systems
Chiropractic brochures, posters, videos, postcards, and practice aids
Useful resource for both patients and chiropractors

Backlund Pilates London, UK

Backs in Business Leeds, England

Baker Family Chiropractic Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Balance Arts
Products and services to improve balance of movement, based on the Alexander Technique

Balance Pilates & Yoga Bradenton, FL
Connie Borho (941) 773-6168

Balance Sport and Fitness Washington, DC


Balance, Your Pilates and Yoga Studio (301) 986-1730 Bethesda, MD

Balanced Body (800) 240-3539, (800) Pilates (916) 454-2838

Balanced Fitness Studio Surrey, BC, Canada

Balanced Health & Fitness East Falmouth, Massachusetts

Balanced Seating Posture on Forward Sloping Chair
Good seating posture from the perspective of a medical doctor

BalanceFlow Santa Clara, California
Offering Asian method and Rosen bodywork and training

Balancing Bodyworks Studio, 13420 W. Watertown Plank Road Elm Grove, Wisconsin 262.490.8780

Balboa Pilates Karen Leto 949-675-5888 Newport Beach CA, 92661

Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico (787) 724-7032
316 De Diego Avenue Santurce, Puerto Rico

Ballet Core L.A. California

Ballet Memphis Pilates Centre Memphis, TN

Bally Total Fitness
Free 2 week guest pass. Discover gyms and classes convenient to you

Bally Total Fitness (314) 725-1777,
7393 Forsyth, Clayton, MO

Bally Total Fitness (713) 521-3113,
2500 Dunstan Houston, TX

Bally Total Fitness (818) 382-6060,
17401 Ventura Boulevard Encino, CA

Bally Total Fitness
203 West Big Beaver Road (248) 524-6474 Troy, MI

Bally Total Fitness
6700 West 110th Street (913) 491-0200 Overland Park, KS

Bally Total Fitness
3235 148th Avenue SE (425) 643-0060 Bellevue, WA

Bally Total Fitness
2828 North Clark Street, 6th Floor (773)929-6900 Chicago, IL

Bally Total Fitness
260 South Waukegan Road (847) 480-0770 Deerfield, IL

Bally Total Fitness
9675 Montgomery Road (513) 984-4811 Cincinnati, OH

Bally Total Fitness
1628 North El Centro Avenue (323) 461-0227 Hollywood, CA

Bally Total Fitness

Balmain Fitness Australia

Baltimore School of Reflexology Baltimore, Maryland
Contains reflex maps, theory, history and typical session

Baltimore Sun - Health & Science

Balwyn Yoga Centre

Bambi Watt Willow Studio (615) 354-1955 5133
Harding Road Nashville, Tennessee

Bankers Hall Club Calgary, AB, Canada

Barb Fellerman
5102 Mesmer Ave, Culver City, CA 90230

Barb Zonakis Pinnacle Pilates (480) 215-0582 Fountain Hills, AZ

Barbara Bogart (201) 315-3724 Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

Barbara Bowman 310.403.3863 Laguna Beach, CA

Barbara Palmer The Pilates Center, Goucher College (410)337-6531 x5
1021 Dulaney Valley Road Baltimore, Maryland

Barbara Schwarz .................................................................Los Angeles, Ca

Barbara Tyler (618) 351-9927 Carbondale, IL

Barbara Zaro (530) 756-7063 Davis, CA

Barbra Bean (949) 631-5528 Costa Mesa, CA

Baron Baptiste Power Yoga Institute

Basics and Beyond

Baulkham Hills Yoga Studio Australia

Baum Healing Arts Center Carson City, NV

BBC News - Health

Coverage of news about health including audio and video, topics in depth and guides and reader discussion forum

BCBS Health Issues

Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs Boston and Newton, Massachusetts

Beatrice M Cipriano (818) 632-5560 Los Angeles, CA

Beaumont College of Natural Medicine UK

Beautifully Fit

Becky Touber
645 Ramon Ave. #3, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Beechwood Chiropractic Clinic Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Describes chiropractic care, subluxations, and the nervous system

beFit4Life Oxford, Henley, Reading, Basingstoke, UK

Being-Fit Fitness Centers San Diego

Bella Concepts Studio
2069 S. Glebe Road Arlington, Virginia

Bella Vita Studios Littleton, Colorado

Belsize Studio Virgin Islands

Ben Gurion University of the Negev ..............................Israel
M.D. Program in International Health and Medicine
Topics include Public Health and International Health, Health Economics, Health Services' Management and Health Policy and Planning

Ben Harris The Studio
7210 Wrightsville Ave (910) 509-1414Wilmington, North Carolina

Benefits of Strength Training
Benita Bentley Dallas, Texas

Bergamo Personal Training and Wellness Center Cheshire, Connecticut

Berkeley Yoga Center

Bernadette Wilson 425.252.8240
3426 Broadway, Everett, Washington

Bernardville Pilates (908) 221-9500 Bernardville, NJ

Best Abs
Beta Pilates (215) 881-2290
8460 Limekiln Pike Wyncote, Pennsylvania

Beth Bliss 360.204.2100
4459 SE Mile Hill Drive, Port Orchard, Washington

Beth Francarilla Los Angeles, Ca

Beth Tracy
Embody Pilates, The Wellness Center Camden, Maine
(207) 338-2977 or (207)338.9089

Beth Tracy Pilates Studio (207) 338-2977
96 Main Street Belfast, Maine

Bethany Tinsley Portland Pilates (207) 772.8950
49 Dartmouth Street Portland, Maine

Betsie Valley Fitness Club Frankfort, MI

Betsy Graci Parker (323).363.1360 Los Angeles, CA

Betsy Johnson (312) 218-4978 Deerfield, IL

Betsy Tappen Equilibrium Pilates
(973) 744-3555 427 Bloomfield Avenue Montclair, New Jersey

Better Body Pilates Fitness, Inc.
22237 Mulholland Highway, Calabasas CA
Sharona Saltzman 818.347.9500

Better Body Pilates
622 Lindero Canyon Road, Oak Park CA
Maricar Pratt 818-707-3723

Better Bodz

Better Health Technologies Newsletter
E-mail newsletter focuses on the intersection of business, technology and clinical aspects of care management, case management, and patient health education

BetterU Inc.

Beverly Racquet and Fitness Club Beverly, Massachusetts

Beyond Fitness UK

Beyond the Movement
: The Pilates Podcast

Beys Singapore
Provides fitness consulting-management services to corporations, clubs, hotels, residences, and sporting institutes

Big Girls Don't Cry UK

Big Ideas

Includes series overview, list of great minds, details on individual segments, and interactive feature

Bigger Faster Stronger - fitness conditioning

Bija Yoga, San Francisco

Bikram Yoga College Crows Nest, NSW, Australia

Bikram Yoga ............................Canada


Bill Greer's Massage FAQ
A frequently asked questions page for people who are considering getting a massage for the first time

Bill Landrum (323) 469 2012 Hollywood, CA

Billy Diederich (949) 388-4028 Laguna Nigel, CA

Bio-Ergonomics / Alexander Technique

Bio-Sync Research Institute Aliso Viejo, CA

BKS Iyengar Yoga Centre: Camps Bay South Africa

Black Bear Fitness Centers Parsippany, Lake Hopatchong, New Jersey

Black Coaches Association

Black Dog Yoga, Sherman Oaks

Blackley Health Club Manchester, England

Blast Fitness Brookhaven, PA

Bloomsbury Alexander Centre London, England

Bloor Street Boxing Gym

Blue Heaven Pilates (609) 921-6181 Princeton, New Jersey

Blue Heron Academy Grand Rapids, MI

Blue Moon Yoga Canada

Blue Ridge Healing Arts Academy, Inc Concord, NC

Blue Ridge Mountain Club Blairsville, GA

Blue Sky Educational Foundation

BNA's Health Care Professional Information Center
News, analysis, and source materials targeted to health administration and policy professionals

Bo Cunningham
"The Fit Coach" Buffalo, NY

Boal Pilates,
Jan Boal (913) 593-5721 Overland Park, KS

Bob Whelan's Natural Strength

Bobbie Mandell (847) 433-2789 Highland Park, IL

Boca Raton Athletic Club Florida

Bodhi Maya Pilates 02-8962-6000
,Suit 2/167 Bondi Rd,Bondi NSW 2026, Australia

Bodies In Balance Pilates Studio Inc. Abby Sokolic (302) 654-5951 Wilmington, DE

Bodies In Motion LA and Orange County

Bodies In Motion (901) 452-4976
5111 Sanderlin Ave Memphis, Tennessee

Bodies of Joy Murietta CA

Bodies of Stone

Bodies Under Construction Online Hollywood, Florida


Boditree Pilates Vancouver, BC Canada

BODiZONE Personal Fitness Studio Oakville, ON, Canada

Body & Mind Core-Dynamics,
Tracie Coe 310-798-7600 Manhattan Beach CA

Body & Mind Studio
3300 south 1063 east, Suite 201 Salt Lake City, Utah 801.486.2660

Body & Mind Studio 801.486.2660
3300 South 1063 East, Suite 201, Salt Lake City, Utah

Pure Pilates St. George, Utah

Body and Mind ..........Milan, Italy

Body and Soul Lancaster, PA

Body Arts and Sciences International

Body Balance Center 808.596.8663
320 Ward Ave. #201, Oahu, Hawaii

Body Base Malvern, Worcestershire, UK

Body Beautiful Women's Fitness Centers California

Body Breath Pilates Sandy Sarnoff 310-379-9203
440A Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach CA

Body Builder

Body Building Tracker

Body By Berle Fresh Meadows, NY

Body By Design 10000 Ranch Hand Avenue (702) 243-8900 Las Vegas, NV

Body by Kick Los Angeles and Orange County, California

Body by Lynn New Jersey

Body by Premiere One Ellisville, Missouri

Body Concepts
4919 Windplay Drive #4 (916) 939-6800 El Dorado Hills, CA

Body Control Pilates Association
The Body Control Pilates Association (BCPA) in Europe

Body Control Pilates Essex Westcliff-on-Sea, UK

Body Control Pilates Australia, Portugal, Poland, Canada and the UK

Body Control Studio London, UK

Body Defined (419) 885-664
5703 North Main Street #11 Sylvania, OH

Body Design by Ray Carlsbad

Body Designs Private Exercise Studio Columbus, Ohio

Body Endeavors (312) 202-0028
1528 North Halsted Chicago, IL

Body Evolution Personal Training

Body Evolution Illinois

Body Express Bondi Beach, Australia

Body Harmonics UK

Body Harmony Yoga Studio Canada

Body Image Personal Fitness Center North Hollywood

Body IQ Lifestyle Center 215.802.9027
255 S. 17th Street, 4th Floor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Body Kinetics of Florida,
Pamela Mortemore (954) 958-9262 Ft Lauderdale, FL

Body Line Fitness 310.274.2716 Los Angeles, Ca

Body Master Fitness Studio Houston, Texas

Body Mind Awareness Yoga Center

Body Mind Balance
A short introduction to the Alexander Technique

Body Moves Pilates,
Mehva Renaye 415-239-7873, 49 Josiah Ave, San Francisco CA, 94112

Body N Sync Port Washington NY

Body Parts Pilates Studio,
Shasta Bashaw (561) 955-9585 Boca Raton, FL

Body Precision Philadelphia PA

Body Proof Inc, 214.369.7273,
6706 Northaven Road Dallas, Texas

Body Pump Inc. Toronto, Canada

Body Reconstruction TX

Body Reform Physical Therapy & Pilates,
Mary Harris 310.247.8414, 414 N. Camden Drive Suite 1050, Beverly Hills CA, 90210

Body Smart Personal Training
120 Broadway near Wall St, NYC, NY

Body Springs Studio (512) 452-0115 Austin, TX

Body Stress Release
A technique designed to release locked body stress and tension

Body Structures Gym and Fitness Center Chesapeake, Virginia

Body Symmetry Studio Fairfield, Iowa

Body Tech Amagansett, NY

Body Therapy Center Palo Alto, California

Body Time Fitness West London, South Bucks and Slough, UK

Body Tonic

Body Up St Louis Missouri

Body Vision Warwickshire, UK

Body Wisdom School Ankeny, Iowa

Body Wise,
Jennifer Wilson 818.718.1188, 19524 Nordoff St, Unit 8B, Northridge CA

Body Zone
Information about several posture education methods

Bodybuilders Handbook

Bodybuilding Routines

Bodybuilding Tips

Bodybuilding UK

Bodybuilding Universe

Bodylab Ltd Bournemouth, UK

Bodyline Studios Ealing, London, UK

Bodymind Integration

Body-Mind-Spirit Conference
Pilates, Yoga, Gyrotonic & NIA
Welcome to the Body Mind Expo educational conference

Body-N-Balance Atlanta Georgia Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK

Bodypro Studio Battersea, London.

Bodyscape Integravtive Physical Therapy,
Leslie Frank, DPT 626-449-3900, 2623 E. Foothill Blvd., Suite 102, Pasadena CA, 91107

BodySmith Personal Training Washington, D.C

Bodystyling Personal Fitness Training Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Bodysublime Gold Coast, Australia

Bodywerx Vancouver, Canada
An on-site mobile provider of chiropractic and massage therapy to the corporate and industrial community throughout the Vancouver lower mainland
Provides health tips and articles

Bodywise Personal Training & Fitness Center Charlotte, North Carolina

Bodywise Pilates Studio,
Mercy Sidbury 707-824-6866 Sebastopol CA

BodyWise Yoga & Health Hendra, Australia

Bodywork Online
Online discussion forum for massage therapists and other bodyworkers

Bodyworks Fitness Center Austintown, Ohio

Bodyworks Fitness Center Marlborough, Connecticut

BodyWorks Studio, (617) 723-8090 www.bostonbodyworksstudio,
38 Newbury Street, 5th Floor Boston, MA

Boea Fitness

A guide to over 80 body-centered methods of healing and personal growth. Related books, links and addresses to practitioners and institutes

Boot Camp at Platoon Fitness Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Boot Camp Fitness Training Gloucester, Massachusetts

Boot Camp LA Los Angeles

Boot Camp SF San Francisco

Borderpilates Carlisle, Cumbria, UK

Boston Ballet,
Sue Scales, Kate Edon, 617.695.6950 Boston, Mass

Boston Body (617) 262-3333 Boston, MA

Boston Center for Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine 653 Summer St, Boston, MA

Boston Pilates, (617) 524-8804, 793 Center Street, Newburyport, MA

Boston Pilates, (617) 524-0118 X3
, 73 High Street Jamaica Plain, MA

Boston University Athletic Enhancement Center

Boston University School of Public Health
Admissions, catalog, departments and public health links

Boxing Club, The
Extreme fitness boxing for men, women, and kids with clubs and franchise opportunities available nationwide

Brad Appleton's Stretching and Flexibility
Brad Jordan Ohio
Brad Minns Orlando, Florida
Brad Wadlow Missouri
Brad's Weight Lifting Page

Brain Therapy
Integrates craniosacral therapy with TMJ-dental and fascial therapies: workshop for health professionals approved for continuing education credits

Brandon Raynor's School of Natural Therapies

Brandon Alter
Circut Pilates and Pilates Plus Los Angeles, California, USA
Reformer Class Instructor

Brant Chiropractic Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Breakthrough Coaching
A comprehensive chiropractic consulting company

Breath Mastery
Explores the potential and possibilities of breath and breathing, towards self discipline

Breathconnection Australia
International School of Essential Human Development. Information on training and workshops, links, articles, FAQs and publications

Breathe Fitness Kingston, Stone Ridge, and Woodstock, NY

Breathe Magazine for Rebirthing and Breathwork UK
A quarterly print journal that includes articles, descriptions, personal accounts, advertisements, news and opinions

Breathing Coordination
Information on continuing the research of Carl Stough. Contains a list of practitioners and schedule of events

Breathing room, the studio,
Cheryl A Depp (317) 625-3155 Indianapolis, IN

Breathwork Australia
Comprehensive listing of articles and seminar details for heart opening, personal transformation, relationship enhancement, emotional healing, and raising heart intelligence using breathwork and other modalities

Breathwork Discussion Group
Email discussion group/list on the topic of healing breathwork, especially rebirthing

Brenda & Linda Alexander Technique England

Brenda Julian Beverly Hills-Los Angeles, Ca

Brenda Lee Andreasen (520) 235-8516 Tucson, AZ

Brenda McDermott (480) 483-1100 Cave Creek, AZ

Brenda Nealy (763) 258-2801 Phoenix, AZ

Brendan Nichols
A quest towards empowerment, metaphysical insight, spiritual purpose and personal development. Articles, seminars, and online questionnaire

Brenna Santoro
1072 Laskin Road, Suite 101 Virginia Beach, Virginia 757.491-2333

Brenneke School of Massage Seattle, WA

Brett Howard, The Pilates Haus
155 Second Street Jersey City, New Jersey 963-0436

Brian Calkins Ohio

Brian Utting School of Massage Seattle, Washington

Brick Bodies Maryland & Florida

Bridgeham Pilates Smallfield, Surrey, UK

Bridgeport Family Chiropractic Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Bridget Cave Teddington, London, UK

Bridget Michelle McCarthy (925) 586-4893 Concord , CA

Brie Neff Equilibrium Pilates, (215) 923-3669
420 S 2nd Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bright Course
Online continuing education for Pilates instructors, chiropractors, athletic trainers, physical therapists and nurses
Directory of news stories and press releases about scientific events and discoveries

Brigitte Garten (949) 463-6486 Laguna Beach, CA

Brigitte Ziebell 202.338.4676,
1427 27th Street NW, Washington DC

Briningham Complementary Cancer Care
Offers meetings and seminars for overcoming the challenges of cancer

Brisbane Yoga Studio

Bristol Total Fitness Bristol, Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Britannia Clinic Calgary, Alberta, Canada

British Chiropractic Association UK
Promoting, encouraging and maintaining high standards of conduct, practice, education and training within the profession in the UK

British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (604) 273-8055

British Council for Yoga Therapy United Kingdom

Brittney Aroff 323.595.5132 Los Angeles, Ca

Brixton Karnes Los Angeles, Ca

Broad Street Health and Fitness Trenton, New Jersey

Brodhead Health and Fitness Center Wisconsin

Brook Visser Big Barn Pilates (360) 378-6566 Friday Harbor, CA

Bruce Guercio Pilates Experienc (520) 296-8669 Tucson, AZ

Bruce's KO Boxing Gym Austin, Texas

Bryan Kest's Power Yoga, Santa Monica

Buff Girl Fitness

Build Your Perfect Body Los Angeles, California

Building a Healthy Body Kansas

Building Muscle101

Burlington Family Chiropractic Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre Ireland

Busby's Total Fitness Austin, Texas

Business and Life Coaching Sydney, Australia
Achieving the freedom to be, do and have what they dream of through powerful coaching

Business incorporation (866) 720.7405 Business incorporation

Butterfly Pilates,
Shannon Nicolette (352) 373-9996 Gainesville, FL

Byron Bay Yoga Retreats

CUSTOMIZED Pilates Certification WORKSHOPS
www.internationalpilates .org

One-on-One with a Pilates Master
(advanced placement) approved by the State of California
Mentor Programs (from 1 to 5 students) approved by the State of California
Comprehensive Programs (for the novice) approved by the State of California

C4 Cardio Combat and Combat Conditioning

Calgary Yoga Academy Canada

California Alliance of Massage and Bodywork Schools (CAMBS)
A membership organization of massage and bodywork schools with programs approved by the State of California

California College of Physical Arts Inc.

California Compliance Council

California Fitness Centers Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand

California Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences

California Massage Therapy School Costa Mesa, CA

California State University, Long Beach, Health Science Department
Offers MPH and MS programs in community health education

California State University, Northridge
Department of Health Sciences, Master of Public Health Degree Program

Callanetics Studio of Chicago Chicago, Illinois

Callaway Fitness Graham, South Hill and Tacoma, Washington

Camille de Ganon (917) 226 3620 San Francisco, CA

Camille Grable (260) 492-4229 Fort Wayne, IN

Can Am College
Home study correspondence courses in holistic sciences, alternative health, counseling, nutrition, beauty, sports, fitness, stress

Can Do Fitness Clubs Edgewater, Wayne, Short Hills, New Jersey

Canada Massage Therapist Alliance Canada
A nationwide organization that promotes the art, science and philosophy of massage therapy

Canadian Association of Massage Therapists and Other Therapists in Alternative Medicine
A non-profit organization whose goal is to offer therapists recognition and credibility while practicing their profession as a member of the Association. English and French

Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology
A non-profit organization. Directory of members and list of classes offered

Canadian Council of Massotherapeutic Examiners Canada
Site offers details on the education and examination requirements for massage therapists

Canadian Health Centre
Provides natural health services and classes including On-line newsletters include wellness related articles, web links and recipes

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
Undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs

Canadian Neuro-Optic Research Institute
Iridological research and development, Iridology FAQ, Seminars and course information

Canadian Society of Teachers of the F. M. Alexander Technique
Includes a description of the Technique, a directory of teachers and teacher training courses, links and book list

Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association Canada
Offering a variety of information about and for practitioners in Canada

Canadian Therapeutic College Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Candace Fair (805) 745-5226 Carpinteria, CA

Candice Crews (808) 874-0052 Kahului, HI

Owns and operates health and fitness clubs nationwide

Capalupa Studios Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Cape Cod
Yoga Directory

Capital University of Integrative Medicine

Cara Chow (310) 644-7744 Lawndale, CA

Cardio Strippersize

Career Track,
Information seminars and tape training as well as useful resources

Career Training Academy, New Kensington and Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Career Transition For Dancers, 323.549.6660, 212.581.7043 LA & NYC

Reeducation programs and entrepreneurial grants for professional dancers
International Pilates. Org cooperates with CTFD in tuition reimbursements for Pilates teacher training

Cari Riis, (323) 662-7419, Los Angeles, CA

Carin Lenox, (562) 433-7087 Long Beach, CA

Carita Lesch 46 8 306 540 Stockholm, Sweden

Carl and Sandra's Physical Conditioning Center,, New Mexico

Carla Danette Hood
Uncle Joe's Studio New Orleans, Louisiana, (504)895-5008,

Carol Conway
Renaissance Pilates Studio, 105 Southdownwest Boulevard Houma, Louisiana

CM Meiers co. Inc Associates USA
(800) 596-0969
(818) 986-7105

Liability Insurance for Pilates Instructors

Carmela Ramaglia, Newcastle, Washington 425.241.4214

ChaCha Guerrero Metroplex Pilates
500 West Abram Street Arlington, Texas
( 817) 733-8118

Chacha Guerrero Seattle, Washington

Christl Marcontell
321 3rd Avenue South, Seattle, Washington 206.854.4532

Caroline Nolan Probst (215) 598-8846 Newtown, Pennsylvania

Catherine A. Isaacson Centre Pilates
20 D, Richboro / Newtown Rd Newtown, Pennsylvania
(215) 579-0007

Carla Dunlap Kaan
Flexfit Mind & Body Training Center 607 N Avenue Door, # 14 Wakefield, MA
(781) 245-9143

Carmen Lucia de A. Sao Paulo, Brazil 55 11 3284 8905

Carmen Zeni (415) 388-0808 Mill Valley, CA

Carol Harding
Alexander Technique Essex, England

Carol Peckins (305) 441-9131 Coral Gables, FL

Carole Amend (415) 380-8660 Mill Valley, CA

Carole Clement Canada

Carolina Girls Irmo and Lexington, South Carolina

Caroline Dale
Alexander Technique London, England

Caroline E Schmid (904) 246-5430 Jacksonvile Beach, FL

Carolyn Biraben
Alexander Technique England

Carolyn S Ratliff
Pilates Place (205) 870-4901 Birmingham, AL

Carpman Fitness & Performance Michigan

Carrie C. Leal (615) 579-6688 Shelbyville, Tennessee

Carrie Crawford 44 0 870 011 6530 Oxford, England

Carrie Macy Power Pilates at Equinox (310) 587 2409 201
Santa Monica Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90401

Carrie Macy (310) 923 3949 Beverly Hills, CA

Casa Blanca Yoga and Reiki Therapy Centre Spain

Cassandra Dawn Jones (818) 281-5120 Calabasas, CA

Cassandra Santor Power Pilates at Equinox
201 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Cassy DaSilva Core Shape (858) 736 1333 La Jolla, CA

Castro Yoga, San Francisco

Catalyst Health and Fitness

Catherine Anderson Studio 4/Pilates On the Coast (650) 726-7200 Half Moon Bay, CA

Catherine Beehan Circut Pilates and Pilates Plus Los Angeles, California, USA
Reformer Class Instructor

Catherine Kirsch (415) 288 1001 San Francisco, CA

Catherine M. Cuzzone Pilates
RI 265 Wickenden Street Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 273-2639

Catherine Roberts 310.659.4829, 310.430.3428 Beverly Hills-West Hollywood-Los Angeles, Ca

Catherine Street Chiropractic and Massage Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Catherine Tait (704) 442 8600 Charlotte, NC

Catherine Wass East Anglia, UK

Cathie Teague, Teague Pilates (818) 991-9405 Agoura Hills, CA

Cathryn S. Yost (510) 524-2687 Berkeley, CA

Cathy Crisafulli 949.637.7831 Laguna Beach, CA

Cathy Gross (954) 401-7878 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cathy Stahura, Body Mind Flex
17 N Main Street Centerville, Ohio
(937) 272-7221

Cathy Whitt (954) 431-5150 Pembroke Pines, FL

Health and Science News
Top stories, headlines, and indepth coverage from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

CC Martin (800) 401 8349 South Windsor, CT

Cecelia Ebadi 800 910 0001 New York, NYC

Cecile Sicangco Ibarrola Integrated Body Arts (632) 890 1286 227

Cecilia Panelli Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cedar Sinai Orthopedic Center, Los Angeles, CA
Pilates Alternative Health

Celebration Health Florida

Celeste Leitch San Francisco, California
Experienced San Francisco Feldenkrais professional utilizes gentle movement to improve flexibility

Celeste Neal Huntington (919) 929-1536 Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Center for Yoga Studies

Center of Balance, Mountain View

Center of Life Pilates Studio (301) 748-2284 Sabillasville, MD

Centered Pilates Maryland

Centerpoint Pilates Studio
2258 Santa Clara Ave Ste. 3, Alameda CA, 94501
Louisa Mackintosh 510.522.2100

Centerworks Pilates Institute Wichita, Kansas

Centerworks Pilates Institute Wichita, KS Aliesa George (316) 265-9700

Central England Pilates UK

Central Florida School of Massage Winter Park, Florida

Central Maine School of Massage Therapy Lewiston, Maine

Central Pennsylvania School of Massage State College, PA

Centre de Conditionnement Physique Pour la Femme

Centre for Personal Performance Enhancement Zurich, Switzerland

Centre for Spiritual Research and Development

Centre Pilates
131 rue St. Denis 7005 Paris, France

Centre Ray Friel Centre Orléans, ON, Canada

Cerisport Bedfordshire, UK

Certification International Pilates

Certified Personal Trainer Orlando Orlando and Metrowest, Florida

Chael Hilton 61 7 5443 3466 Brisbane, Australia

Champneys England

Chandra Yoga Shala Australia

Changing Shape Fitness

Changing Shape

Changing Your Mind for Health
Practical, inspiring, down to earth instruction in confident and competent use of the mind-body approach to health

Character Training International
Provide business ethics training either on-site or in "train the trainer" mode

Charlene Hanson (310) 312 8942 Los Angeles, CA

Charles Health and Fitness Institute South Florida

Charles Reid Miami Beach, Florida

Charlyn Huss d’Anconia (213) 247-2947 Los Angeles, CA

Charts & Models 1800-299-3366x295

Chava Hamlet
Circut Pilates and Pilates Plus Los Angeles, California, USA
Reformer Class Instructor

Cheri Clampett, Santa Barbara

Cherie Kubel Summerland Pilates Studio (805) 745-5800 Carpinteria, CA

Cheryl Child 666.993.4664,, Santa Clarita, New Hall, CA
Pilates Instructor specializing in Equestrian conditionaing

Cheryl Hagen La Canada, CA

Cheryl Lathum Fitness Finesse, Inc.
61 Broad Reach Road, T-111-B North Weymouth, MA
(781) 736-0000

Cheryl Loatsch Fitness Studio Quincy, Illinois

Cheryl Love Miller (417) 865 0500 Springfield, MO

Cheryl Miller (520) 742 0987
PO Box 68577 Tuscon, AZ 85737

Cheryl Mostowski (847) 420-9764 Algonquin, IL

Chicago Personal Trainers
Health information for patients and resources for chiropractors. Includes extensive information and articles
ChiroCredit Chiropractic Continuing Education Online

Chiro-Manis, Inc.
Dr Cox sells books and publications to chiropractors (and their patients) who use the Cox Distraction Manipulation technique. Also offers supplements, videos, and tables


Helps chiropractors to create integrated marketing programs to grow their practices and increase revenues

Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia
A non-profit organization comprising Chiropractors, Osteopaths and related health professionals

Chiropractic and Posture

Chiropractic Association of Ireland
Chiropractic information, contact and job information in Ireland

Chiropractic Association of South Africa
The website offers research information, chiropractic dictionary, history and a discussion forum

Chiropractic Biomechanics of Posture
Includes a directory of doctors trained in this practice

Chiropractic Diplomatic Corps
A non-government information and patient advocate organization interested in the ethical development of services throughout the world. Includes a registry, forum, tips, links and contact details

Chiropractic Education Australia Ltd Australia
Continuing professional development organization. Information about continuing education resources, seminars, courses and distance education modules available to Australian chiropractors

Chiropractic for Your Chiropractor
Chiropractic vacation relief, easy new muscle stretches, fast soap notes, narrative report, speed up history taking, technique, x-ray report format and protocol. Chiropractic practice management and growth strategies. Online eBook, practice assessment, and feature articles

Chiropractic Information Center
Information center for those interested in what chiropractic can do to improve the quality of their lifes

Chiropractic Internet Resources www/chiropractic.html

Chiropractic Questions and Answers
Post questions to a chiropractor and view replies

Web site presenting the dangers of chiropractic treatment, along with stories of litigation, fraud and bogus claims
Features the latest chiropractic news, complete searchable worldwide chiropractor directory, articles, multiple discussion forums, and a free alternative health email-newsletter

Chris Lavelle Powerhouse Personal Training
PO Box 179 Rozelle NSW 2137 Australia
011 612 9818 6234

Chris Patterson Fitness Los Angeles, California

Chris Townsend Abbott Pure Pilates
4605 Scoter Lane McKinny, Texas
(214) 551-6229

Christchurch Yoga School New Zealand

Christian Finn's Facts About Fitness

Christian Science Monitor - Sci/Tech

Christie Fitness Centres Australia

Christie Fitness Centres Brisbane, Australia

Christine Blake (404) 252-1097 Atlanta, GA

Christine Ryan
1560 Granvia Altamira, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274

Christine Smith's Kinesiology

Christy's Pilates-Enterprises Inc Fort Myers, FL
Christy Demond (239) 561-1177

Chrysalis Massage & Bodywork
New York City clinic specialising in Lymph Drainage Therapy

Chucker Body Building New Jersey

Cindy Maybruck Pilates by Cindy
996 W. Thornbush Place Oro Valley, AZ 85755
(520) 219 4414

Cindy P. Qualls,
Pilates of Memphis (901) 643.4198 Memphis, Tennessee

Cintia Elaine Camara L. The Pilates Studio 55 11 3081 1157
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Citrus Club Orlando, Florida

Citrus Keli Martindale
045 Lincoln Ave, San Jose CA, 95125

City Trainers London, UK

City Yoga, Los Angeles

Claire Flewin 323.663.3022 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Clare Ballew (239) 207-5522 Bonita Springs, FL

Clare Maxwell-Hudson School of Massage

Clare Rankin LA, CA

Clarington Chiropractic Clinic Courtice, Ontario, Canada

Classes in Neural Touch for Bodywork Professional

Classic Pilates Inc. (82) 2.515.7560 Seoul, Korea

Classical Hatha Yoga

Classical Pilates Inc. (215) 205.8004

Classical Pilates Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Clay County Medical Center Wellness and Fitness Kansas

Clayton College of Natural Health

Cleveland Chiropractic College
Offering Doctor of Chiropractic, B.S. in Human Biology, and coursework for other health professional categories.
Two campuses, Kansas City and Los Angeles

Clinical Pearls
Health newsletter providing information on the latest clinical health studies

Clint Phillips Illinois

Club Champions of Centerville Ohio

Club Energy Newport, Washington

Club La Maison PA

Club One Fitness Centers

13 Northern CA locations

Club Sportif MAA Montreal, Canada

Club West Fox Valley, Wisconsin England
Online guide to health and fitness clubs in the U.K.

CNN's Health News: Diet and Fitness
Offering current health news, tips, on-line encyclopedia and many fitness related links

Coaches Information Service

Coaching Association of Canada
CAC is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to establish education, training and ethical standards for coaches in Canada. [Site in English and French.]

Coleen O'shea Premier Pilates (480) 777-1061 Gilbert, AZ

Colin Baettie, Gloria Pullen Alexander Technique England

Colin D. Shelton Studio Adrienne, Inc. Authentic Pilates Portland, Oregon
(503) 227-1470

Colin Mattis You4You St Albans, UK

Colleen Carboni
The Pilates Center of Chattanooga 1416 McCallie Avenue Chattanooga, Tennessee
(423) 280-1764

Colleen Delfino (650) 728-1707 Montara, CA

Colleen Naus (760) 207-5986 Carlsbad, CA

Colleen Russo (317) 414-1957 Indianapolis, IN

Colleen Wenrich, RN 16 Robin Lane Ringwood, New Jersey
(973) 865-2764

College of Chiropractic Orthopedists Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Organization based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, supports post graduate programme in chiropractic orthopedics

College of Classical Massage

College of Maharishi Vedic Medicine
Graduate and undergraduate academic training programs in Vedic Medicine-the most ancient, comprehensive, and scientific system of prevention-oriented natural medicine

College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (877) 321-3404

College of Natural Medicine

College of Public Health - University of Oklahoma
Offering graduate degrees in four educational departments: Biostatistics and Epidemiology (BSE), Health Administration and Policy (HAP), Health Promotion Sciences (HPS), and Occupational and Environmental Health (OEH)

Colleen Naus
Pillar Performance Encinitas, CA 760.479.1944

Colm Walsh Ireland

Colorado Athletic Club
6 locations, Denver, Colorado

Colorado College of Chiropractic

Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy

Colorado School of Healing Arts

Commit To Change Morristown, New Jersey

Common Dreams Newswire
Current stories from a broad range of progressive, left, environmental and peace organizations

Community Health Accreditation Program
Providing educational programs for home care accreditation

Community Health Reporter
A newsletter founded on research, developed and conducted by the Population and Community Health Unit for the Southwestern Ontario, Canada region

Community Park Fitness Lisle, Illinois

CompFit Washington

Complete Fitness Concepts Washington, DC

Complete Personal Training London, UK

CompMed Alaska
Specializes in education and research in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM

Computerized Chiropractic Instruments
Supplies & instruments which can be used for spinal mobility analysis and joint mobilization

Concord Athletic Club San Antonio, Texas

Concourse Athletic Club 8 Concourse Parkway (770) 698-2000 Atlanta, GA

Conditioning Spa Greeley, Colorado

Connecticut Center for Universal Reflexology Wolcott, Connecticut
Contains descriptions of methods, information for students

Connie Ierullo 905 891 0891 Mississauga, Ontario

Conscious Coaching
Life is not a dress rehearsal - Life coaching, holistic coaching and transformational coaching

Consortium for Environmental Education in Medicine
Non-profit organization dedicated to advancing human health by understanding its relation to the environment. CEEM is working on a systematic effort to bring environment and health perspectives into medical education

Constructive Teaching Centre Alexander Technique London, England

Continued Education Credits

Continued Education in Pilates

Continued Education Credits

Controlled Fitness Services Inc. NYC, NY

Coombs Benchworks
Equipment sales

Cooper Aerobics Center

Copperfield Racquet and Health Club Houston, Texas

Core Atlanta, GA
Jessica Gowen (404) 783-1195

Core Body Centre Pilates
131, rue Saint-Denise Paris, France
01 45 08 44 29

Core Concepts (414) 224-8219 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Core Connection Inc. DBA Reach Safety Harbor, FL
Michele Berman (727) 669-2673

Core Dynamic

Core Fitness Iowa City, Iowa

Core Pilates NYC New York, NY

Core Power Yoga

CoreFitness Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Core Shape 7660-B Fay St. La Jolla, CA 92037

Core Sport Pilates Fitness Studio 829 Penniman Ave. Plymouth, MI 48170
734.459.1547, 734.233.5268

Corporate yoga in melbourne

Corporate Yoga Canada

Corpus Christi Athletic Club Texas

Corpus Ray (30) 210.6926.209 Athens, Greece

Correct Posture
Analysis of what constitutes good posture, and how to achieve it

Correcting Faulty Posture
Comprehensive posture information from a chiropractic point of view

Cory's Natural Bodybuilding

Council on Education for Public Health
Independent agency recognized by the US Department of Education to accredit schools of public health and graduate public health programs

Council on Professional Standards for Kinesiotherapy (800) 296-2582

Courthouse Athletic Club Auburn and Grass Valley

Courtney Granall (818) 986 8361 Sherman Oaks, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Courtney B. Norris (661) 645-4245 Newhall, CA

Courtney Combs-Docter (773) 412-4734 Los Angeles, CA

Courtney Gornall 818.388.6462 Studio City, Taluca Lake, Sherman Oaks, Ca

Courtside Racquet And Fitness Club Ithaca, NY

Cox Distraction Manipulation
Dr. Cox's chiropractic manipulative technique for low back pain. Details of training and a referral directory

Coyote Healing Retreats
Provides information about healing retreats that are a mix of western and Native American healing practices

CPR and First Aid, Injury Prevention (213) 739.5293

Critical Bench


With locations in major U.S. metros including New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco

Crunch at South Beach 1259 Washington Avenue (305) 674-8222 Miami, FL

Crystal L. Bartos (408) 496-9321 Phoenix, AZ

CT Training Sydney and Mount Isa, Australia
Offers Frontline Management training, executive coaching, certificates, diplomas, and computer training

Curves for Women Juneau, Alaska

Curves for Women Chicopee, Massachusetts

Curves For Women Muskego, Wisconsin

Curves International
Health club features a 30-minute fitness, strength training, and weight-loss program designed for women
Fitness and weight loss facility dedicated to providing exercise services and nutritional information for women

Custom Bodies St. Petersburg, Florida

Custom Training, LLC. Union, Morris, Essex and Somerset counties in NJ

Cuts Fitness for Men Scottsdale and Casa Grande, AZ

Cuts Fitness For Men Clark, New Jersey



Cynthia Ann Neilson 949-488-3545 Laguna, California
Certified Pilates Instructor

Cynthia Buenaventura Allen (602) 689-0348 Scottsdale, AZ

Cynthia D’aries 310.279.3543 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Cynthia Glidden
305 Commercial Street Portland, Maine
Pilates Baxter Place (207) 828-3737

Cynthia Leigh (480) 242-6503 Phoenix, AZ

Cynthia Lochard
75 Holt St., Surry Hills Sydney, Australia 011 02 9212 6715

Cynthia Longfield
Pilates By The Sea Balboa Island, CA (949) 673-7350

Cynthia Stephen, Newcastle, CA
Perpetual Motion Pilates (916) 825-1402

Dahl, Ivon; Master Teacher for International Pilates College1130 North Ogden Drive, La, CA, 90046 323.656.6373
Certified Pilates Instructor

Dahlia Hedayat 310.384.0443 Venice, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Brent Wood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Ca
International Pilates Certified Teacher-Trainer
and Mentor

Dahn Healing Institute New Jersey

Dahn Healing Institute
Offering education for energy healing, holistic health program, ki gong, dahn, tai chi, and other healing modalities

Daisy White

Pilates Instructor

La, Ca

Dale Carnegie Training
Offers training of managers, salespeople, service providers, and presenters

Dale Doering Germany

Dallas Everleth Center Strength Berkeley, CA
(510) 526-3757

Dalton's Deep Tissue School (MAT) Massage Therapy Techniques

Dan Eiden Las Vegas, Nevada

Dana Lynn Handler 310.285.8343 LA, CA

Dance of Life Yoga School

DanceNet Fitness

Danguole Baranauskiene Vilnius, Lithuania

Daniella Mallach 972 3 6483521 Tel Aviv, Israel

Danielle Marcus Janssen (818) 521 7215 Valley Village, CA

Danielle Reed (404) 817-0900 Atlanta, GA

Daphne Pena Higgs London, England

Dara Blaine Power Pilates at Equinox
260 E. Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91101
626 685 4800

Darcy Lane Institute London, Ontario

Darien Gold Studio (323) 874 2615 7507
W. Sunset Blvd, #14 Los Angeles, CA 90046

Darshana Yoga, Palo Alto

Datamonitor's Healthcare News
Healthcare news and opinion from national and trade press resouorces plus a 30 day archive

Dave Liberman Ohio

Dave Reynolds & Associates Washington, D.C

Dave Smith Body Dynamics Pilates
924 17th Ave SW Alberta T2TOA2 Calgary Canada
403 244 4448

David Anderson (334) 262-6478 Montgomery, AL

David Holt's Stretching and Flexibility

David James Zoppi Connecticut and Western Massachusetts

David Lloyd Leisure
Network of leisure clubs throughout the U.K. and Ireland, offering tennis, swimming, fitness studios, and more

David Mooney, (913) 649-1479
Modern Body Contrology, 9308 Dearborn Overland Park, Kansas 66207

David Silva Fitness,
Susan Karvelis (305) 968-7083 Miami Beach, FL

David Silva Fitness Training Center Miami, Florida

David Van Antwerp
(323) 851.1174, (213) 707.6012

Davin's Bodybuilding and Fitness

Davorka Kulenovic 011 497 11 9239026 Stuttgart, Germany

Dawn James (561) 832-4616 Palm Beach, FL

Dawn Miller

Beverly Hills-Los Angeles, Ca

Dawn Moriarty Canyon Ranch Tucson, AZ
(520) 749-9655

Dawn-Marie Ickes Core Conditioning (Burbank, CA
818) 729-9419

Dax Moy Personal Training Studios UK

Dayita Bhat Purely Pilates Old Country Road Belmont, CA
650 593 4366 880

Dayna Perry

Mission Viejo, CA

Daytime Yoga with Narelle Thomas
Information about the fee based online continuing education courses offered

De Wild Pilates Studio
330 E. Canon Perdido St. #D, Santa Barbara CA, 93101

Dean Demarest, Certified Personal Trainer Florida

Dearborn Racquet and Health Club MI

Debbie Cantieny (205) 877-0658 Birmingham, AL

Debbie Frank Exercise Studio Larchmont, NY

Debby-Lee Maister 61 02 9371 7805
ReCenter Australia Pty, Ltd. Australia

Debie Crawford Pilates of Tucson
5451 N. Via Del Arbolito Tuscon, AZ 85750
520 577 1597

Debra Baker (916) 983-7641 Folsom, CA

Debora Batz (386) 671-2080 Port Orange, FL

Deborah Crawford 206.463.5339 Vashon Island, Washington

Deborah Harris Premier Pilates & Yoga
53 Mountain Boulevard Warren, New Jersey (908) 754-5901

Deborah Mandis Cozen (310) 289 8766 Westlake Village, CA

Deborah McKeever-Watson (407) 628-4888 Winter Park, FL

Deborah Mendoza (520) 323-7070 Tucson, AZ

Deborah Montaquila,
Body Mind Fitness (401) 640-4024 East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Deborah Nicol (818) 225-1356 Calabasas, CA

Deborah Orenstien Malibu, CA

Deborah Rocha (520) 290-8003 Tucson, AZ

Deborah Smulian Siegel
(617) 566-7339 149 Fisher Avenue Boston, MA

Debra Fischer (260) 459-9300 Fort Wayne, IN

Definitions Fitness Center Fort Collins, Colorado

Defrancos Training

Defy Gravity Pilates San Francisco, CA

Deja Griffith (514) 989 8299 Montreal, Quebec Canada

Dellfitness Personal Trainer Washington, D.C

Delta Yoga Centre Canada

Dena Baggs-Curtin (813) 831-1002 Tampa, FL

Denise Carter 242 362 6422 Nassau, Bahamas

Denise Rovira Pereira 55 11 3284 8905 The Pilates Studio Sao Paulo, Brazil

Denise Straus (954) 575-3959 Coral Springs, FL

Denman Fitness Vancouver, BC, Canada

Denman Place Chiropractic Clinic Vancouver, Canada
Dr. Roger Bendle and Dr. Richard May's office. Printable stretching pages and answers to common questions

Department of Community Health – Brown-U Providence, RI
Graduate and Undergraduate courses in Community Health disciplines

Department of Public Health - University of Glasgow UK
Offering a Master of Public Health program

Department of Public Health and Community Medicine Uof Sydney, Australia
Provides internationally recognized leadership in public health by advancing and disseminating knowledge in the public health disciplines. Programs include Master in Public Health and Master of International Public Health

Derekthedog Studios Exeter, UK

Desert Institute of the Healing Arts Tucson, Arizona

Desert Palms Health and Racquet Club St. George, Utah

Desert Resorts School of Somatherapy Palm Springs, CA

Designing Bodies Inc.
Courtney Alvarez (813) 259-4615 Tampa, FL

Desima Dawdy (785) 267-5896 Topeka, KS

Desiree Grisham 310.775.3036 Beverly Hills-Los Angeles, Ca

De-Stressing Stress
Executive stress management workshops
Full day corporate trainings for maintaining a relaxed and productive mind-set in today’s active work environment
Combines hypnosis, NLP, neuro-semantics, cognitive behavioral psychology, and other sciences of the mind

Devon Fitness Club PA

DGS Fitness

Dharma Yoga Studio

Diablo Yoga Center, Danville

Diana Dietrich (310) 913-1284, Los Angeles, CA

Diana Friedman Select Fitness (520) 299-1350 Tucson, AZ

Diana Gore
My Pilates Place ........................................Fredrick & Hagerstown, Maryland
(301) 991-8343 (301) 620-0669

Diana Kullander (954) 986-9135 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Diana Perreira (714) 915-2572 Huntington Beach, CA

Diana Sullivan The Pilates Studio 44 1865 552 555 Oxford, England

Diane Brignardello (615) 646-2277 Franklin, Tennessee

Diane Caldwell (503) 698-4613 Clackamas, Oregon

Diane Diefenderfer
Studio du Corps (714) 546-6313 Costa Mesa, CA

Diane Gentile
The Pilates Studio of Morristown, (973) 539-2333 10 Wilmot Street, Morristown, New Jersey

Diane Lala (504) 251-9556 Cincinnati, Ohio

Diane Merritts Fitness Solutions Florida

Diane Richie 310.278.5578 Los Angeles, Ca

Dianne Ambrose (847) 682-3758 Lake Zurich, IL

Diane Caldwell 206.405.3560 Seattle, Washington

Dianne Rose (305) 412-9323 Miami, FL

Dianne Signiski Garrett 202.269.3020 3407 8th Street NE, Washington DC

Diesel Fitness Toronto Canada

Dina Garrod-Matty
58 Gibraltar Dr, Isle of Capri Surfers Paradise Queensland, Australia

Dinosaur Training

Dion Smith 310.442.6434
1530 S. Saltair Ave. #15, Los Angeles, CA

A journal on the Alexander Technique published in Australia. Subscription information, message boards, links

Dirk Shafer

West Hollywood, Ca

Discover Magazine

Discover Yoga Studio Brisbane Brisbane, AU

Discovery Channel - News

Discovery Health
Offers health news

Discovery Yoga

Dissection Seminars and Massage Therapy Univ. of S. Fla

Division of Health Psychology

Djuna Watt (949) 360 8210 Laguna Niguel, CA

DMD Fitness Jacksonville, Florida

DNV Training

Docklands Pilates Portsmouth and London, UK

Dodman West Sussex, England
Writings by Nicholas Dodman on the Alexander Technique

Dolphin Fitness Clubs NYC, NY

Dominika Gaines Kinesphere (602) 532-3111 Phoenix, AZ

Don Miller 323.356.1580 Los Angeles, Ca

Don White Alexander Technique England

Donna M. Tambussi (856) 869-3569 Westmont, New Jersey

Donna Quisenberry (916) Fortitude Pilates Studio Folsom, CA

Donna Richards Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Ca.

Donna Starling Joyce (770) 886-9037 Suwanee , GA

Dorothee Vandewalle
, 206.525.9900 2688 NE 49th Street, Seattle,Washington

Dorothy Velasco (480) 206-9729 Fountain Hills, AZ

Dosmary de Andrade 55 41 366 5508 The Pilates Studio Curitiba, BRAZIL

Double Diamond Athletic Club Reno, Nevada

Doug Murphy Fitness Training Washington, D.C

Doug Zabrocki (480 )948 1883
Pilates Center of the Southwest, 7000 E. Shea Boulevard, #1970 Scottsdale, AZ 85254

DoveStar Holistic Technology Institute

Downeast School of Massage Waldoboro, Maine

Downtown Athletic Club Amarillo, Texas

Dr Bruce Veltri Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Dr Robert Evans Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Jason Nyman Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Jay Sandweiss Ann Arbor, MI
Integrative medicine. Articles, classes, scheduled events, radio show

Dr. Jennifer Wells, DC Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Luke Boudreau Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Parsons' Online Health Centre Victoria Langford BC, Canada
Information on various conditions, and clinic overview

Dr. Patrick Freud Montreal, Canada

Dr. Shahin Pourgol

Dragons Health Clubs

Drew Perrott London, UK

Dubail Fitness Institute

Dumbbells Denver, Colorado

Dungeon Gym

Dunn Pilates (919) 388-0111 Cary, NC

Dyanne Williams West Los Angeles

Dynamic Body Alpharetta, GA
Patricia File (404) 275-1531

Dynamic Body Wellness Center,
Stacy Ziegler Berube (954) 916-8888 Plantation, FL

Dynamic Duo Martial Arts and Fitness

Dynamic Fitness Inc.
Sherry Resh (941) 929-9885 Sarasota, FL

Dynamic Muscle

EXCEPTIONAL Pilates Workshops with a Pilates Master 323.656.6373 International

Eagleson Institute

Earline Randolph
(201) 819-6191 Teaneck, New Jersey

Earth Healing
Videos and books on breathing, recommended readings and a newsletter

East Bay Pilates,
Robert Surenbroek 510.450.08784053 Harlan Street suite 113, Emeryville CA, 94608

East Side Athletic Club Portland, Clackamas, and Milwaukie, Oregon

East West Rehabilitation Institute
Committed to the seamless integration of Eastern and Western therapies into rehabilitation

Eastcentral PA Area Health Education Center
Information on health education, statistics and demographics

Eastern Athletic Clubs NYC, Brooklyn, Long Island, NY

East-West School of Massage Therapy Reading, PA

Eastwind School of Holistic Healing Iowa

Easy Exercises
An online programme of exercises to be incorporated into your everyday life

Eclipse Fitness Club

Ed Reynolds (949) 716-1900 Laguna Niguel , CA

Edda Marzi Move On Pilates Studio
Neubaugasse 12-14-A-1070 Vienna Austria 0043 1 523 4691

Edgar Tirado The Work
, (864) 226-5439 Piates in Anderson, 112 East Benson Street Anderson, South Carolina

Edie Fernandez Backman (813) 495-1024 Tampa, FL

Edison Institute of Nutrition
Distant learning courses offering a Certificate, BASc and MASc programs in Holistic Nutrition

Ed's Gym Dillon, Montana

Eduardo Laranjeira Pilates 030 40301875 Zentrum Berlin Pappelallee 3 10437 Berlin, Germany

Eduardo Tilve , Alexander Technique Barcelona, Spain

Educating Hands School of Massage

Education 2000
Resources for parents and teachers who would like to see the Alexander Technique used in schools

Education Guardian - Research
Education programs and K-8 classroom materials for healthy living

Edward Hospitals Medical Fitness Center Woodridge and Naperville, Illinois

Edwina Ward 61 2 9698 4689 New York Pilates Studio of Australia

Effective Reflexology Worcestershire, UK
Contains information on courses, course dates, and charts

Effervescence, LLC Washington, D.C

EG Health/Fitness London, UK

Eight Lectures on Yoga by Aleister Crowley

Eileen O’Dower (520) 299-1850 Tucson, AZ

El Dorado PT
907 Embarcadero Drive #1 (916) 933-1221 El Dorado Hills, CA

Elaine Muir-Tracy (928) 710-6742 Prescott, AZ

Elan Fitness Marin County, CA

Elana Essers In Perfect Balance (661) 729-8585 Lancaster, CA

01 53 10 86 00
16, rue de la Grande-Chaumiere Paris, France

Elisa Nixon (310) 463-3422 Altadena, CA

Elise Browning Miller Yoga,
Mountain View and Redwood City

Elisete Rios Rovery,
Jose Studio Pilates, Ribeirao Preto 55-16-636-4767 Brazil

Elisha Johnson (818) 679-9234 La-Canada, CA

Elite Athlete Training Systems

Elite Fitness, Inc. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Elizabeth Ahearn
Pilates Center at Goucher College (410) 337-6399
1021 Dulaney Valley Road Baltimore, Maryland

Elizabeth Carnegie 011-613-9804 8111,
10 Daly Street Victoria, South Yarra 3141, Australia


Elizabeth DeMarse (239) 410-1030 Ft. Myers, FL

Elizabeth Dodgson Alexander Technique London, England

Elizabeth Hathaway Alexander Technique England

Elizabeth Jackson (617) 899-5477 Arlington,MA

Elizabeth McCoyd Greer (615) 423-6203
Green Hills YMCA Nashville, Tennessee

Elizabeth Mitiko Mukono
The Pilates Studio Brasil 55 11 3825 7485
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ellen Henrici (831) 659-8455 Carmel Valley, CA

Ellen Latham (954) 433-4318 Davie, FL

Ellena Wong 310-997-0650 El Segundo, CA
Pilates Instructor

Elyse T. Cardon
www.axiom-pilates.com757.617.7634 Virginia Beach, Virginia

Em Goodman 323.655.9280 LA, CA

Eme Cole Pilates Plus

Emergency Net News Today
Monitors current and potential political, social and natural crises

Emilia Horvath (714) 773-5344 Fullerton, CA

Emily Goldenberg (415) 412 6693
1149 Shrader Street San Francisco, CA

Emily Hull, 650 593 4366 880 Old County Road Belmont, CA

Emily Schneider (860) 508-2852 Boca Raton, FL

Emma Newham Tyneside, UK England
Searchable database of personal trainers and health clubs throughout the U.K.

Empathology - a Journey to Self
Empathology helps people identify the inner programming from past experience that drives a person's life.
The goal is to change what doesn't work

Empire Fitness Club New York, Hoboken, NJ and Brooklyn

Empowered Health San Francisco


Endurance Plus Fitness Boot Camp Orange County, CA

Energia Body Centre Monterey, CA

Energie Cardio, Fitness network PQ, Canada

Energize Fitness Woodbury, Minnesota

Energy Balancing Pilates Studio Englewood, Ridgewood, New Jersey

Energy Burst London, UK

Energy Center Fitness Club Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

Engadine Yoga Centre Australia

Enza Arrizza
Studio Arte Del Controllo 39 028356952 Mare del Q, Italy

Epicentre Yoga Room

Epiphany Fitness Pittsburgh, PA


Equilibrium Mind-Body Fitness Bloomfield Hills, MI

Equinox Fitness Clubs
Equinox fitness clubs offer personal training, spa treatments, and exercise classes

Ergo Yoga

Eric Daniel Haun 213.483.2181 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Erica Jordan (818) 313 9900 Woodland Hills, CA

Erica Meek 818.623.8005, 323.819.6777 Los Angeles, Ca

Erica Nelson (786) 247-5730 Miami, FL

Erich Schiffmann,
Santa Monica

Erika Davis-Marsh (818) 458-2134 Los Angeles, CA

Erin Boylan ebfitness@yahoocom (760) 271-9205 Del Mar, CA

Erin Huggins syner-g (323) 253-3644 Los Angeles, CA

Erin McMillen (636) 527-6440 Ballwin, Missouri

Erin Mohr (727) 455-0495 Belleair Beach, FL

Erin Soong (858) 692-1580 Encinitas, CA

Erin Tullius (805) 481-1566 Grover Beach, CA

Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association

Esla L Andrew (760) 735-9471 ENLA Studios Body Refinement Escondido, CA

Espacio, International Centre for Holistic Studies
An institute for holistic living and integration of awareness in everyday life
Online and on-site course

Espirit De Core Fitness Studio Suite
202-1847 Marine Drive (604) 926-2858 West Vancouver, BC

Esporta Esporta plc@

Essence Of Motion,
Evelyn Kuo (626) 583-9089
1041 E. Green St. #209, Pasadena CA

Essence Pilates Marilee Papale (773) 404-8044 Chicago, IL

Essentials 4 Fitness Minneapolis, Minnesota

Estella Yu Cauldwell England

ESTT College of Natural Medicine

Ethics in Business 1.888.822.9255
ethics in business, how to become a successful employee

Ettore Arcais Alexander Technique London, England

Eugenia Papadopolou Corpus Ray
100, Kifisias Ave 11526 Athens Greece 011 30 210 6926209

Searchable database of science-related press releases from research institutions, universities, government agencies

Europa: Research Information Centre
Science articles and stories indexed by themes and sub-themes to identify specific research topics

European Federation of Sports Psychology
FEPSAC is composed of national societies for sports psychology in Europe

European Stone Massage Workshop

Everest Therapeutics Inc
M201-970 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6Z 2R4 604-633-9593

EveryBody Fitness

Evolution of the Divine Living

Evolution Personal Training Washington, D.C

Evolutions Body Clinic
(410) 224-7220
1834 George Avenue Annapolis, MD

e-Weight Loss and Fitness Exercises

Excel Movement Studios
3407 8th Street N.E. Washington DC
Michelle Mendelson 202.269.3020

Exciting Futures

Executive Fitness Long Beach, CA

Exercise Daily Magazine
Offers links to news releases and research findings in fitness, health and wellness

Exercise Science Lecture Notes
Lecture notes about anatomy, exercise physiology, biomechanics and other fitness-related topics

ExerSyk Personal Training Chester and Delaware Counties, PA

Free Exercise Tracking Software

Exhale Venice, Ca.

Expanding Paradigms - Peak Performance


Exterior Designs Inc. Hudson, Ohio

Extrafit Hampshire, Fareham, Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth, UK

Extreme Fitness Health Club Pickering, Thornhill, Whitby, Canada

Extremely Fit Personal Training Redondo Beach, CA

Eye4Fitness UK

For One-on-One private Pilates certification, contact Ivon Dahl, Ph.D, M.Ed IPC’s Pilates Master at

Fabiana Cristina de O.
The Pilates Studio Brasil 55 11 3825 7485 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Fabiane Wigmer Tremea Autonoma 55 51 331 9111 Brazil

Fabio Geronazzo 55 11 3081 1157 Sao Paulo, Brasil

Fabulous Family Fitness Center Wantagh, NY

Fact, Fiction and Fraud in Modern Medicine
Contains information on prolotherapy, ligament reconstruction, chelation, orthopedic medicine, nutritional medicine, and alternative health care methods

Family First Chiropractic

Family Fitness Australia

Family Yoga Centre Canada

Fantasy Fit Inc.

Farida Sharan's Pure Health Boulder, CO
On-site and home study courses available in the following fields: natural physician, naturopath, master herbalist, master iridologist, and life enhancement

(French Advances in Science and Technology)
Twice-weekly review of mainstream French press on topics of science and technology. From the Office for Science and Technology, Embassy of France in the United States

Fast Track Fitness Greenville, South Carolina

Fast Trak Fitness Katy, Texas

Father Josef's Method of Reflexology

Contains board member profiles, workshop dates, practitioner directory, mission statement and products

Fatima Bruhns 201.489.1347 Hackensack, New Jersey

FaudFit San Francisco, California

Fayetteville Athletic Club Fayetteville, Arkansas

FDA News and Publications
Press releases, news, and issues from the Food and Drug Administration


Feather Davis (321) 720-4796 Melbourne , FL

Federation MBS
A federation of non-profit membership organizations in the massage, bodywork and somatic practice field

Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards
FSMTB supports state massage boards in advocating for simplified and standardized licensing of massage therapists

Feed Direct
Gathers and categorizes articles from news sites worldwide and delivers them as topic-based Webfeeds

Feeling Fit San Diego

Feldenkrais Learning Center New York
A center for functional improvement

Feldenkrais Movement Institute
Feldenkrais Method instruction and Feldenkrais certified training

Feldenkrais Resources
Feldenkrais Method professional training programs, advanced trainings, classes, workshops, and products. The exclusive publisher of Dr. Feldenkrais' audio and video-tape programs and of books and audio-tapes

Feldenkrais Training in Sarasota Florida
This web site contains articles and background on this therapy, as well as a schedule of events

Female Fat Loss Oakland

Femme Fitness Gastonia, North Carolina

Fernwood Female Fitness Centres
Club information and news

Figure It Out Vancouver, Canada

F Matthias Alexander
Comprehensive biography of the founder of the Alexander Technique

Final Results Fitness Pottstown and Boyertown, Pennsylvania

Find On Net
News from all over the world including technology, sports, health

Find Yoga Sydney Sydney Australia

Fine Balance Pty Ltd Equipment sales, Australia

Finer Details (973) 477-8990 West Orange, New Jersey

Finger Lakes School of Massage New York

A weblog by a licensed therapist covering massage therapy, health and wellness

Fiona Eakin 011 612 6251 5161
Vital Action Pilates 10/25 Lathlain St. Belconnen 2617 Canberra, Australia

Firm Butt

First Path

Fit and Well -
Body, Mind, Family, and Soul
Health, fitness, diet, and well being information

Fit First Pilates,
Stacey Allegro Mill Valley, CA

Fit For Life Womens Health Center Tennessee

Fit For Life Greenville, North Carolina

Fit for success UK

Fit for You
by Barbara South Florida

Fit Map, The England
Find a health club or personal trainer Anywhere in the U.K

Fit Moves
For professionals articles, choreography exchanges, videos, spinning database, personal training tips

Fit' N Fun Unlimited, Inc. Newtown Square and Narberth, PA

Fit N Well

Fit Physique Wichita, Kansas

Fit Tone Studio Camp Hill, PA

Fit Too Travel Australia

Fit Watch
Searchable and personalized food and exercise databases, complete with calculators and other tools

Fit2Be London, UK

Fitenifitness UK
Chat room

Fitness 2 Live Australia

Fitness 2000 Fort Worth, Texas

Fitness and Body Image

Fitness and Wellness Insurance Agency 866-557-2842

Fitness Arts,
Mia Scheid (847) 397-2787 Palatine, IL

Fitness Breakthrough England

Fitness By Day Personal Training Massachusetts

Fitness by Nella Massachusetts

Fitness Center
Nicanor Garcia Street Bel Air Village 2 Metro Manila, Philippines

Fitness Clinic of Los Gatos Los Gatos

Fitness Connection Parksville, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Fitness Crossroad St Anthony, Minnesota

Fitness Edge

Fitness Evolution Lakewood, Colorado

Fitness Exchange Houston, Texas

Fitness Express

Fitness First England

Fitness First Australia Australia

Fitness First Health Clubs
Fitness centers in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and South Florida

Fitness First Health Clubs Deerfield Beach, Florida

Fitness First Health Clubs Maryland

Fitness Force Australia Australia

Fitness Forum

Fitness Group
3507 W. 4th Street (604) 654-1725 Vancouver, BC

Fitness Habit Stretching

Fitness in a Flash O'Fallon, Missouri

Fitness in Harmony Atlanta, Georgia

Fitness Incentive Babylon, NY

Fitness injury education materials 1.800.333.3032

Fitness Institute
5472 Transit Road (716) 639-0200 Williamsville, NY

Fitness Ireland

Fitness Jim Edinburgh, UK

Fitness on 5th
Services include squash, racquetball, saltwater pool, gymnasium, and personal trainers

Fitness on the Move

Fitness On The Move Fort Myers, Florida

Fitness On The Run Jon and Cari Ham Los Angeles, California

Fitness Physique Camp Venice, California

Fitness Prescriptions Kansas

Fitness products & catalog 1.800.55medco,

Fitness Pros Plus Washington

Fitness Quest Gym

Fitness Quest Gym Mainland, BC, Canada

Fitness Quest Pembroke Pines, Florida


Fitness Reports from Dr. Gabe Mirkin
scientific reports on various topics written by a sports medicine doctor

Fitness Results San Dimas

Fitness Rx Yoga and Pilates Farmington Hills, MI

Fitness Rx

Fitness Sergeant Pennsylvania

Fitness Solutions (602) 631-9698 Phoenix, AZ

Fitness Strategies

Fitness Together Champions Houston, Texas

Fitness Together

Fitness Together Dedham, Massachusetts

Fitness Unlimited Kingston, NY

Fitness Unlimited E. Milton and Brookline, Massachusetts

Fitness USA Supercenters
Provides personal trainers, nutritional guidance, aerobic classes, resistance exercise, toning, and conditioning

Fitness USA Supercenters West Bloomfield, MI

Fitness Works Athletic Club Mesa and Tempe, AZ

Fitness Works by Gian Young

Fitness Works UK

Fitness Works Victoria, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island Canada

Fitness World Austrtalia

Fitness World Vancouver, BC, Canada

Fitness Zone International

Fitness4London UK

Fitness and figure news, reports, and photos

Fitnessman Studios, LLC Richmond, Virginia

Fitnessology Green Bay, Wisconsin

Fitness-Plus Singapore
Facilities include gym, outdoor pool, sauna, aerobics studio

FitnessRXonline Michigan

FitnessWorks Westport, Connecticut

Fit-One Personal Training Annandale and Fairfax, Virginia

Information and services related to health and fitness, diet, exercise and nutrition

Fitstreet Surrey, Berkshire and Greater London, UK

Fit-Works Milford, Marrimack and Goffstown, New Hampshire

Flagship Athletic Club Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Flame Fitness Atlanta, Georgia

Flex Gym LaSalle, Canada

Flex Gym Ottawa, Illinois

Flora Lombardi 39 055 241 943
Via Udine, 33 Pistoia, Italy

Florida Fitness Concepts Orlando, FL

Florida School of Massage

FLOW Pilates Studio 818.439.7751 La Canada, Pasadena, CA

Flow Yoga Canada

Focal Point Yoga

Focus Chiropractic
Coaching for chiropractors. Provides a written evaluation and list of suggestions for improving a practice

Focus Fitness Centre Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Focus On - Health News
A consumer information site dedicated to important medical-legal issues and rare medical conditions

Foolproof Living Wollongong, Australia
Life coaching

FootHills College of Massage Therapy Alberta, Canada

Foot-Knee-Back Clinic Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

Footsteps School of Reflexology Toronto, Canada
Contains information on courses, dates, testimonials, and links

Forest Grove Athletic Club Palatine, Illinois

Forever Fit TX

Forever Fit Newton, Massachusetts

Forever Young Health Club, Inc. Green Island, NY

Forever Young Private Fitness Studio Northridge, California

Forged Fitness San Francisco

Form Fitness Coaching Raleigh, North Carolina

Forrest Yoga Circle, Santa Monica

Fort Lauderdale Personal Training Florida

Forward and Up

A pupil's weblog

Forward Steps
Offering international telephone consultations and free material to download

Forza Fitness

Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research
Independent body with chiropractic membership which funds education and research

Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Education
Newsletter and a discussion forum

Foundation Performance Rhode Island

Fountain of Youth Fitness Hollywood, Florida

Fountain of Youth Fitness Orange County, California

Four Lakes Athletic Club Elkhorn, Wisconsin

FourWinds Acedmy for the Healing Arts and Sciences

Fox Valley School of Massage Appleton, WI

Fran Robinson Alexander Technique Dorset, England

Francine Williams
(305) 669-0768 Miami, FL

Franco's Individualized Training (F.I.T.)

Franklin Health and Fitness Center Elizabethton, Tennessee

Fransisca Molina 011 562 228 7133 Santiago, Chile

Frederico C. Nogueira (561) 637-3912 Delray Beach, FL

Free Training
Offers free safety training that is OSHA compliant and documentable

Free Weight Training Workout Routines

Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center Manassas, Virginia

Freedom in Action Canberra, Australia


Fremantle Yoga Centre

Fuel Fitness Mississauga, ON, Canada

Fuel Fitness Tenafly, Cresskill, Englewood, Closter, Demarest, New Jersey

Full Circle Fitness TN

Full Circle Pilates Studio LTD Sandy McKeown (847) 304-0303 Barrington, IL

Full Force Fitness

Full Spectrum Healing Arts School Pennsylvania
Extended training and workshops on energy healing, the mind-body connection and self-transformation

Fun & Healthy Lifestyles

Functional Fitness Calgary, AB, Canada

Functional Revolution Fitness, Inc. Washington, D.C

Funky Door Yoga, Berkeley and San Francisco

Company that uses humor to help individuals and organizations balance serious issues with a light touch

FunTastic Lifestyle Consulting

Future Investment Training Limited Surrey, UK

Future Perfect UK

FysioFit San Marcos

GREAT advanced Pilates sessions for professional Pilates instructors

Gabriel Albemark West Hollywood-Los Angeles, Ca

Gabriella Cimino 43-1-526-58-10, 43-0-6764956464 Kandlgasse 6A-Wien 1070 AUSTRIA

Gabrielle Savarese (773) 818-2732 Chicago, IL

Gail Crofton-Kerr Canada

Gail Diehl (319) 332.8625 Bettendorf, Iowa

Gail Farrugia,
NYPilates 011 612 9918 4441 Avalon 27 Old Barrenjoey Rd Sydney, Australia

Galen Institute Wethersfield, Connecticut

Galina Rohleder 011 49 30 823
Das Pilates Korper Training, 1124 Schluterstrasse 1310625 Berlin, Germany

Galway Yoga and Meditation Centre Ireland

Garden Fitness
Learn to get into shape while tending to your lawn and garden at home

Garden of Deep Awareness, Culver City CA

Garden Pilates with Sharon Zeqiri Wimbledon and New Malden, UK

Garry Rogers Center Fitness 602 843 4879
PO Box 16952 Phoenix, AZ 85011

Gary Green -
Peak Performance Coaching Sydney, Australia

Gary Haseldine
Personal success coach. Achieve full potential, increase sales and profits, goal setting, eliminate stress and tension, achieve greater career and personal success. Newsletter, seminars, and products

Gary Lindahl Fremont, California

Gateways Center for Life Enrichment
Spiritual and holistic educational organization providing an eclectic variety of avenues with which to explore the "body-mind-spirit"

Gayla Zukevich Stulce 011 441 637881972 Cornwall UK, England

Gay Marcontell 206.262.0708 Seattle, Washington

Gemini Training Services
ACLS, CPR, AED, first aid and safety training onsite for industry and the medical community in Texas

Gena Raffino 818-903-9460 LA,CA

General Chiropractic Council
statutory body for chiropractors in the UK
Keeps a register, sets standards and deals with complaints

Genesys Athletic Club Flint and Genesee County, MI

Genevieve Duraire (310) 203-1583 Los Angeles, CA

Genevieve Nedder,
Body Fundamental (520) 299-6541 Tucson, AZ

Gennaro Ferra NYC, NY

Geoffrey Rhue (213) 254 8490 Los Angeles, CA

George I. Lister and Sally Porter Munro Palo Alto, California
Offering a three-year program. Includes background information and course details

Georgia (8)Xtreme Personal Training Center Davie, Florida

Geraldine Gleeson Alexander Technique London, England

Get A Trainer
Find a trainer in one click. Read trainer profiles and visit their websites

Get Fit!

Get Fitter Bristol, UK

Get Ready for Pilates

Get Up Move

Get Well Fit London, UK


free newsletter

Ghost Gym

GI Joe's - Yoga / Pilates

Giammalva Racquet Club Houston, Texas

Giants Gym Portland, Oregon

Gilann Olsen (530) 559-2189 Nevada City, CA

Gillan Burns
Circut Pilates and Pilates Plus Los Angeles, California, USA
Reformer Class Instructor

Gin Gavran (310) 985-3552 Los Angeles, CA

Gina Randall (478) 327-2869 Warner Robins, GA

Gina Richter, 011 612 9818 6234
PO Box 179 Rozelle NSW 2137 Australia

Ginger Hedrick (314) 650-7078
136 Bright Gem Drive St. Charles, Missouri

Girls Just Wanna Be Fit Kennesaw, GA

Girya Kettlebell Training Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Menlo Park

Glaucia Regina Adam 55 11 3081 1157 The Pilates Studio Brasil Sao Paulo, Brazil

Glebe Chiropractic Clinic - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Glen and Julie Peavey's Real Exercise Gurnee and Waukegan, Illinois

Glenda McGillicuddy (602) 952-9865 Phoenix, AZ

Glenn Swift, certified teacher, Alexander Technique Perth, Australia

Global Health and Fitness

Global Health Reporting.
Provides news and information on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria

Global Kinesiology Directory
Extensive directory of practitioners, instructors, courses and associations worldwide. Includes history of kinesiology, a newsletter and education material

Go Heavy Or Go Home

GoFigure Philadelphia, PA

Gold's Gym
Provides weekly health and fitness newsletter, training tips, menus, fitness and nutrition programs, and a listing of gyms worldwide

Golds Gym Fitness Centers Connecticut

Gold's Gym Prince George Canada

Gold's Gym West Springfield, Massachusetts

Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
A chiropractic technique based on the work of Dr Gonstead D.O.

Good Bodies
4353 Tuller Road Suite F (614) 889-2282 Dublin, OH

Good Medicine Society Norfork, AR
Health of body, mind, and spirit. Correspondence courses in Native American philosophy and Natural Healing. Free newsletter and brochure

GoodLife Fitness Canada Canada

GoodLife Fitness Clubs Canada

Goodson Parker Wellness Center New York City

Gorilla Sports
38 East Grand Avenue (312) 828-9777 Chicago, IL

Gorilla Sports
2727 North Lincoln Avenue (773) 477-8400 Chicago, IL

Gorilla Sports
2324 Chestnut Street (415) 292-8470 San Francisco, CA

Got Muscles

Grace Wang
11855 Magnolia Blvd. #21, N. Hollywood, CA 91607

Grand Junction Athletic Club and Day Spa Grand Junction, Colorado

Grand Summit Resort Hotel Spa Mount Snow, Vermont

Grass Hopper 818.439.7751 La Canada, CA
Pilates classes, 1on1, and private teacher training-certification

Gravlee Fitness Online Birmingham, Alabama

Gray's Fitness Glasgow, UK

Great Neck Pilates

Greco Martial Arts and Fitness Nepean, Ontario, Canada

Green Light Lifestyles London, UK

Green Mountain Institute for Integrative Therapy Portugal

Greenpath Yoga, San Francisco

Greens Health and Fitness England

Greentree SportsPlex Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Greenwood Athletic Club Denver, Colorado

Greenwood Yoga Centre

Greg Norris (760) 613 8572 Encinitas, CA

Gretchen Johnson (615) 517-0402 Nashville, Tennessee

Grete Gryzwana Teague (615) 321.5100 Nashville, Tennessee

Griffith University Australia
Postgraduate Studies Centres: Master of Public Health, Master with Honours of International Health, Master of Environmental and Community Health

Grinberg Method
Programs for corporations and alternative health professionals. Improving wellbeing through prevention and ed

Grindstaff Fitness Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee

Guardian Unlimited Special Report,11381,618095,00.html
News including diseases and conditions, preventative medicine, the NHS and drug companies (Dear Doctor)

Guru Fitness

Gusler Body Sculpting Fitness Center Denver, Colorado

Gustavo Rath Autonomo 55 51 3342 2579 Brazil

Gym Fit Birmingham, UK

Gym Journal

Gymnasium Greece

Gym-n-Tonic 310.459.9845 Pacific Palisades, Ca.
Health club and gym directory. Also offers health and sports news, stress management, leisure jobs, and office ergonomics advice

Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine Jerusalem
Israel's only school of public health, offering a Master of Public Health International Program

Hailie Lortens 323.654.6463 Beverly Hills-West Hollywood-Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instuctor

Half Moon Pilates NYC and Westchester, NY

Halifax Chiropractic Clinic Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hall of Fame Fitness Center Canton, Ohio

Hallmark School
Oklahoma-based school offering correspondence courses in various fields of natural medicine

Halsa Fitness Woodbury, Minnesota

Hands-On Therapy Massage School Texas

Hannah Gallagher
4515 N. 16th Street, #111 Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 790 0319

Hanne Koren Bignell Pilates Studio 47 22 43 70 00, 47 41 02 66 69
Niles Juels Gate 25-0257 Oslo, Norway

Happyexercising Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire UK

Harbour Island Athletic Club and Spa Tampa, Florida

Hardcore Bodybuilding On The Web

Hardcore Bodybuilding

Hardgainer Online

Hardgainer's Home Gym

Harmony Mind-Body Fitness, Inc Laura Dixon (773) 296-0263 Chicago, IL

Harry Zabrocki 602 538 3046 Scottsdale, AZ

Harvard School of Public Health Massachusetts
Advance the public's health through learning, discovery, and communication

Harvard School of Public Health - World Health News
News digest covers critical public health issues from around the world

Harvy and Jean Goodliffe Alexander Technique London, England

Hatha Yoga United Kingdom

Hatha Yoga: Thailand Thailand

Hawaii (1)Honolulu Club Hawaii

Hawaiian Island School of Body Therapies

HAWC Fitness Watertown, Wisconsin

Hazel Davis London, UK

Headline Spot - Health News
Health news, medical journals, magazines

Headline - Health News
Health news, medical journals, magazines

Healdsburg Yoga studio

Healing Arts Institute Fort Collins, Colorado

Healing Arts Institute Dr. James Mally Roseville, California

Healing Bodywork Centre Vancouver, British Columbia


Health & Fitness Business Expo and Conference
Annual show focuses on new fitness products and industry trends

Health 24 - Experts, Pilates instructor

Health and Fitness Professionals Association (273) 1767-2745 South Africa

Health Choices Holistic Massage School Hillsborough, NJ

Health Club 02 9232 1500
Level 4, 1 Martin Place Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Health Clubs: Military Discount www.veteransadvantage
Vets and military, free trial offer: get up to 60% off one of the leading health

Health Ed 1800-299-3366x295

Health Enrichment Center Lapeer, Michigan

Health First
Articles on self care, sexuality, prevention, nutrition, homecare, fitness, stress

Health Fitness
Resources, articles on training, nutrition, muscles and fitness. Chat, discussion boards, and calculators

Health Issues - Idea House
Conservative, pro-free market analysis of health-care issues from national center for policy analysis

Health Kinesiology Hastings, Ontario
Health Kinesiology, BioEnergetic Kinesiology which uses the acupuncture meridian model of energy flow

Health Kinesiology UK

Information for clients, students and practitioners, self-help for stopping an allergic reaction
Health Matters

Health Monitor Network
A series of newsletters designed to keep you up to date on numerous medical conditions

Health News -
Daily updated news of health-related topics

Health News UK
Breaking news supplied by the leading UK health journals

Health Online
News and health information

Health Options Institute Pennsylvania

Health Psychology Research On-Line
University of Alabama studies for the general public and special populations related to health and illness behavior

Health Related Psychological Research on the Internet
University of Kentucky project to gather data for health related behavioral research projects, including breast cancer

Health Research Group News
Information and news for consumer oriented reforms in health care system

Health Sciences Institute
Daily E-Alerts featuring all-natural cures, and life-extending discoveries for everything from arthritis, to heart disease, to cancer

Health Telegraph
Health news, features and advice from the Telegraph newspaper (Includes a searchable archive of health stories)

Health Training
Inventory of Postgraduate Training Programs in International Health

Health Works Institute

Healthcare Trends and Insights
Marketing research information for the healthcare industry
Topics include focus groups, patient satisfaction surveys and community assessments
Directory of fitness, sports, and leisure clubs and gyms across the U.K

The HealthEmotions Research Institute seeks to use state-of-the-art scientific methods developed for the study of illness to study the relationship between positive emotions and health

HealthFit Palo Alto, California

Healthflex School of Reflexology Knoxville, Tennessee
Offers a 200 hour certification. Contains registration information, course description, and mission statement

Healthplex Sports Club and Medical Pavillion Indianapolis, Indiana

HealthQuest Of Hunterdon New Jersey

Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness North Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Healthwise Fitness Jacksonville, Florida

Healthy Solutions With Mariette Hartley
Includes medical news and information, airdates, and downloads

Healthy Bodies Training Northwich, Cheshire, UK
Defending health care from misleading and harmful marketing

Heart Core Group Fitness & Pilates 191 Commercial St, Provincetown, Mass 508.314.8290

Heart Works Indiana

Heart Yoga: Petersfield, United Kingdom

Hearts & Bones Wellington, New Zealand

Heather Cole Los Angeles, CA

Heather James (714) 612-1245 Costa Mesa, CA

Heather Leon (310) 453-1221 Santa Monica, CA

Heather McCllough 213.840.8124 Los Angeles, Ca

Heather R. Bartley (412) 894-8231 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Heather Riggs (415) 554 0291 Northern California

Heather Simmons Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, CA

Heather Skogerson
10148 Council Oak Drive Traverse City, Michigan

Heather Swymeter 323.646.1371 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Heather Tole (954) 325-1351 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Heavenly Bodies Galveston, Texas

Hedy Weisbart (201) 541-1677 Tenafly, New Jersey

Heidi Sharkey (610) 688-0483 Wayne, Pennsylvania

Helen Lund Alexander Technique England

Helen Raymond
The Pilates Studio 0044 1470 521 Portree, Isle of Skye Scotland

Hellie Mulvaney Alexander Technique Bath, England

Helma Institute New Jersey

HEMME Approach Publications Bonifay, FL

Heritage College and Heritage Institute Florida, Colorado, and Oklahoma

Heron Creek Personal Training Hamilton, Ontario

HFC Athletic Club Cleveland, Ohio

Hilary King Alexander Technique London, England

Hilary Latham Rogers (847) 224-2039 Buffalo Grove, IL International
Locates personal fitness trainers from anywhere in the world

His and Her Health
Sexual and medical breaking news for men and women

Hoffacker Fitness Indianapolis, Indiana

Holistic And Healing Centre - Greece
The Spirit of Life Centre in beautiful Greece offers courses in Holistic Living and Health, Personal Development, Dream Healing Pilgrimages, Energy Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Art and Zen, Walking

Holistic Coaching Institute
A non-profit organization dedicated to serving anyone seeking to learn, coach, practice and live a self-empowered life from balancing the energy of mind, body, and spirit. On-line articles and tips

Holistic Coaching Institute, Inc.
HCI aims to create a local, regional and national organization that provides personal development and empowerment training to poplutaions that otherwise would not likley encounter or be able to afford to invest in personal growth and development

Holistic Fitness Club London and Surrey, England

Holistic Healers Academy Morristown, New Jersey
Offering correspondence courses in holistic and natural modalities leading to Holistic Health Practitioner certification (HHP) with a focus on energy healing

Holistic Health Institute Brampton, Ontario, Canada
A Government accredited education institution providing diploma courses in health and holistic health studies

Holistic Pilates Certification London, UK

Holistic Studies, Healing and Research
Infinity Foundation offers innovative programming in personal, professional and spiritual growth. The Infinity Foundation Practitioners' Network Association offers a free holisitc health referral service

Holisticonline: Yoga Infocenter

Hollin Pulley
Circut Pilates and Pilates Plus Los Angeles, California, USA
Reformer Class Instructor

Holly Bozzelli Holly's Pure Pilates (609) 383-8822 119 Marin Drive Absecon, New Jersey

Holly Gerlinger (505) 275-1009 8401 Osuna Road NE, Suite E Albuquerque, New Mexico

Holly Murray Pi Studios 0207 585 1114
Unit 6 Cotswold Mews Battersea SW11 3RA London, England

Holly Rosenfield Los Angeles, Ca

Holmes Place Health Clubs

Holodynamic Kinesiology Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Site provides an overview of kinesiology

Home Chiropractic
Dr. Holmquist D.O. chiropractic Handbook and Video showing the family how to apply do-it-yourself chiropractic care at home

Home Fitness, Inc. Raleigh/Cary, NC

Home Health Fitness London, UK.

Home Stretch Middlesex, Massachusetts

Honolulu Health Club 808.543.3900 Oahu, HI

Hope Allen 323.654.9649/ 323.972.4673 Beverly Hills, Ca

Hope E. DeBorse (415) 389-8730 Mill Valley, CA

House of Pilates (949) 857-0025 Irvine, CA

Houston Gym

Howell Area Aquatic Center Howell, MI

Howland Place Fitness Center New Bedford, Massachusetts

Hudson Athletic Club Hoboken, New Jersey

Hunter College of the City University of New York
Master's of Public Health Degree

Huntington Beach Hot Yoga

Ivon Dahl Ph.D., M.Ed., M.H&N., C.P.T. L.M.T, IPC PILATES MASTER 323-656-6373 1130 North Ogden Drive, La, CA, 90046

i Q NewsNet
Europe's largest science and technology organisation

ICT International Complementary Therapy Schools Nova Scotia, Toronto, ON

Tools including an illustrated exercise database, accounting facility, interactive calendar

Idaho Athletic Club Meridian and Caldwell, Idaho

Idaho School of Massage

Supports fitness professionals with credible information, education, career development and leadership

Ignite Health Australia
Boutique gym with personal training and nutritional information

International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association

Ilyse Brawer (562) 433-1423 Long Beach, CA

Image Pilates Conditioning and Therapy Studio 310-378-0330 Torrance CA

In ABSentia Productions, LLC

In Form Pilates
Jana Cerny 415.431.3676 Jill Harris 650 Laguna Street, San Francisco CA

In Home Yoga Canada

In Symmetry
Clinic in California offers facial massage and TMJ release. Includes contact details and information on services

Interhealth Studio,
Pratibaha Noggle 307.734.8940 P.O. Box 10609, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

In The Zone:
Making Winning Moments Your Way of Life

Featuring the four essential skills of winning athletes and effective leaders
In Touch Neswletters

Independent Safety Consultants, Inc.

Indian Institute of Health Management Research Jaipur
A Master of Public Health program career professionals in health and population for leadership roles in the field

Indiana University at Bloomington
Department of Applied Health Science, Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)in Community Health Education

Indiana University at Indianapolis Department of Public Health
The MPH Program is a part-time, three-year degree program.
Through case studies, group and individual projects, and internships, students will explore public health problems and issues learn how to think critically and work in teams

Indigo Yoga Canada

Inelia Matroni 011 551 13284 8905
19 Sao Paulo, Vila des Palmerias Guarulhos CEP 07024-070 BRAZIL

Info News Kiosk
Headlines related to the left, ecology, animal rights, peace activists

Inform Fitness Center Mission, BC, Canada

News articles and features about science-related events and research progress in Russia

Ingrid Beeman (305) 661-5137 Miami, FL

Ingrid Serenne (415) 492-1783 Mill Valley, CA

Injury Prevention and Education 1.800.333.3032
injury education materials

Innate Intelligence, Inc
Produce, administer, promote to and market educational programs and materials relative to healing, wholeness, Network Spinal Analysis, Somato Respiratory Integration and complementary systems

Inner Heat Yoga, Berkeley

Inner Place Training



Innovative Sports Training
3D motion system designed for use in medical research, clinical applications, and sports medicine labs

Input Fitness Australia
Offers a fully equipped gym, pool, spa, and qualified instructors

Inside Body Workout (52) Monterrey, Mexico

Inside Out Fitness Concepts Roxbur,y Boston, Massachusetts

Inside World
World news with personalization features

Insight Yoga, Pasadena

Inspiration Center
Maureen Hall's site with information for the chiropractic student, researcher, and practitioner.
Includes class notes and practice tests from the Logan College of Chiropractic

Inspiritive Life Coaching Australia
Australia's Leading Life Coaching company. Encouraging individuals and businesses to achieve success by living as big as they dream

Instinct Training Ltd

Institute For Chiropractic Ethics
Organization to promote ethical conduct in the chiropractic profession

Institute for Spinal Ultrasound Imaging
Articles relating to chiropractic practice using ultrasound scan technology

Institute for the Pilates Method 800-505-1990

Institute for the Study of Somatic Education
Providing practitioner and teacher certification workshops in the USA and Europe

Institute for Therapeutic Massage, Inc. New Jersey

Institute for Traditional Medicine
Provides education and therapeutic programs with a focus on natural healing techniques

Institute for Wholistic Education
Non-profit ed-religious org, focused on alternative health and practical applications of spirituality into daily life

Institute of Health Administration at Georgia State University
Information on graduate programs for education, research, and career development in healthcare administration and management

Institute of Professional Practical Therapy Los Angeles, Ca

Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing Los Angeles, CA

Institute of Public Health - University of Copenhagen
The institute includes programs for most of the disciplines contributing to the field of public health

Institute of Public Health Management
Information about this Philippines based facility, services and associates. Their goal is a multi-disciplinary approach to the design and management of public health programs for Asian populations

Integral Yoga Academy of Australasia Australia

Integral Yoga Centre Spain

Integral Yoga Institute, San Francisco

Integrated Fitness (609) 252-9229 4595
Route 27, POB 44 Kingston, New Jersey

Integrated Motion Studio Hadley, Massachusetts

Integrated Motivational Fitness

Integrated Teacher Training

Integrative Yoga Therapy

InteliHealth: Health News
Medical commentaries from Harvard Medical School faculty

Intellect Breathing Novosibirsk, Russia
Promotes endogenous breathing for preventive maintenance and treatment of many illnesses

Intelligent Fitness Hazlet, New Jersey

Intense Workout

International Academy of Advanced Reflexology
Licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private licensed schools.
A complementary, integrative health science, encouraging improved instruction to all systems, thus persuading the body to biologically correct, strengthen, and reinforce itself

International Academy of Olympic Chiropractic Officers
An international, non-profit honorary society for those Doctors of Chiropractic around the globe, who have served the Olympic Movement as Official Team Doctors

International Alliance of Healthcare Educators (IAHE)
HealthcarecCoalition united to advance innovative therapies through high-quality continuing-education programs

International Association of Healthcare Practitioners Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
A league of healthcare professionals dedicated to the use and exploration of innovative therapies

International Breathwork Foundation
The IBF is a global network of breathwork schools and practitioners which organizes the annual Global Inspiration Conference

International Centre for Yogic Arts and Sciences: Toronto, Canada

International Childbirth Education Association (952) 854-8660

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
An organization dedicated to training, education and research in chiropractic peditrics

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association - ICPA
Directory of Chiropractors who treat or specialize in treating children

International Chiropractors Association
It is the oldest national chiropractic organization in the world, established in 1926 by B.J. Palmer. Information about the organization, member services, legislative affairs and chiropractic quick facts

International College of Applied Kinesiology

International College of Herbal Medicine
Post-graduate, clinically oriented education center for medical herbalists and health professionals

International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice New Zealand
Information on offered workshops, definition of kinesiology, accredited colleges, contact and directory resources

International College of Vibrational Medicine
Offering correspondence courses in a variety of alternative disciplines. All courses supervised by highly qualified tutors with Doctoral Degree

International Council of Energetic Integration Trainers
Organization for practitioners of this bodywork technique

International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF)
Coordinating body for Feldenkrais organizations worldwide. Provides contact information for member organizations, introductory information on the Feldenkrais Method, bibliographical and research information, and Standards of Practice

International Fitness Professionals Association (800) 785-1924

International Health News
Useful, authoritative and timely summaries of the latest research in health, nutrition and medicine

International Herald Tribune Health and Science
Provides international health and science news and articles

International Institute of Reflexology (UK)
The International Institute of Reflexology is the oldest training school

International Institute of Reflexology Florida
Old established school with international connections

International Kinesiology Institute Poland
Goal is to develop and promote the knowledge about Educational Kinesiology, Touch for Health, and programs on Movement Development

International Neurokinesiology Institute

International Occupational Safety and Health Information

International Orange Spa Yoga Lounge, San Francisco

International Pilates Certification

International Professional School of Bodywork San Diego, CA

International School for Somatic Cranio Sacral Therapy

International School of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy
School in South Africa, with emphasis on meridians and vacuflex

International School of Shiatsu ISS-Kiental

International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy (ISMETA)
Maintains a professional registry of practitioners and supports organizations that provide training in varied somatic movement disciplines

International Sports Sciences Association (800) 892-4772

International Weightlifting Association (800) 934-4487

International Weightlifting Association

International Yoga Dictionary

International Yoga Institute

International Yoga Teachers' Association Inc

International Yoga Teaching Organisation United Kingdom

Internet Yoga
Learn the latest about fitness, exercise and equipment from leading experts

Into Yoga Canada

Introduction to Yoga

Introduction to Yoga

Inuksuk Health & Fitness Ltd. Northampton, UK

Irena Brodski 800.886.2635 x 1230, 213.422.4457, 310.453.1027 Los Angeles, Ca

Irina Skobeleva Moscow, Russia

Irish Academy of Training

Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers Ireland
Health and medical information (free registration to access information)

Iron Addicts Training

Iron Smith Gym Columbus, Ohio

Ironworkz Ltd New Zealand

Isabelle Apel 661-977-3301 Southern California
Certified Pilates Instructor: MOSCOW, Russia

It Figures

It Figures for Her and Pace for Men Forest Lake, Minnesota

It's Yoga, San Francisco

Ivon Dahl Ph.D., M.Ed., M.H&N., C.P.T. L.M.T...............................................PILATES MASTER

1130 North Ogden Drive, La, CA, 90046

Iyengar Yoga Center, La Canada Flintridge

Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco

Iyengar yoga on the Mornington Peninsula

Iyengar Yoga: Utrecht Netherlands

J A Fitness Kent, UK

J. J. Keller and Associates, Inc.
Software, on subjects including OSHA and workplace safety

Jabb Boxing Gym Chicago Chicago, Illinois

Jack Latson College of Massage Therapy Bell Gardens, CA

Jackie Coote Alexander Technique England

Jackie Mau (925) 787-8385 Concord, CA

Jacki's Aerobic Programs

Jacqueline Travers 732-740-3033 LA, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Jacqueline Jinks 441 293 0127 BERMUDA

Jacqueline Nolte (916) 663-1548 Newcastle, CA

Jacqui Landrum (323) 469 2012 Hollywood, CA

Jada Kudlas 6311 Atlanta Highway Montgomery, AL 334 312 5813

Jaime K. Ullman (310) 827-1481 Culver City , CA

James Cook University - School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Australia
Offering several degree programs in public health and tropical medicine with a special focus on Northern Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and Australia's near neighbors

James Harren PilatesHouston, Inc. (713) 528-2525
3930 Kirby, # 102 Houston, Texas

Jennifer Holmes Park Cities Pilates Center (214) 378-5528
6131 Luther Lane, Suite 222 Dallas, Texas

James Joyce 310.276.5745 Los Angeles, Ca

Fitness and Dance teacher

James L. Raye (978) 741-1540 Salem, MA

James Robbins United Kingdom

James Your Personal Trainer New Jersey

Jamie Lindsay Yoga, San Francisco

Jan Dunn (303) 818-3632 Los Angeles , CA


Jane Christie Bermuda Bodyworks, Ltd 441 232 5161
35 Berry Hill Road Paget DV03 Bermuda

Jane Poerwoatmodjo 31 070 3508684 The Netherlands

Jane Staggs Alexander Technique Cambridge, England

Jane Thomsen Terp (773) 562-2977 Chicago, IL

Jane Underhill (514) 486 9949 Montreal, Quebec

Janet Fitzgerald Los Angeles, Ca

Janet Pinder-Emery Alexander Technique England

Janet Summers (520) 529-1565 Tucson, AZ

Janet Tech The Pilates Tech-nique Marlton, New Jersey (856) 979-8606

Janice Broda (772) 589-0319 Vero Beach, FL

Janice Cronkhite 818.766.5679 Studio City, CA

Pilates and JAZZ-Fosse Master Dance Workshops

Certified Pilates Instructor and Master Jazz Dance Teacher

Janice Wessman (480) 675 8501
7100 E. Lincoln Dr Scottsdale, AZ

Japan Solidarity of Teachers of the Alexander Technique Japan

Listing of several Alexander Technique teachers in Japan

Jason McIntyre 310.967.4051 / 310.614.0704 Los Angeles, Ca

Jason Keigher New York City, NY

Jason Robert Litten (520) 272-2565 Tucson, AZ

Javier Perez Pont y Esperanza 011 349 341 84212
Estudio El Arte Castanyer 23 Barcelona, 08022 SPAIN

Jayme Newhouse (808) 261 9519 Kallua, HI

Jayne McAllister (321) 615-7930 Melbourne Beach, FL

Jazzercise with Lisa Annapolis, Maryland

JDS Sport Coaching for Athletes

Jeanie Lee (201) 568-0425 Englewood, New Jersey

Jean Gibson-Gorrindo (805) 528-4572 Los Osos, CA

Jean Leavenworth (503) 292 4409 Portland, OR; Vancouver, WA

Jeanne Zimmerman Pilates Place (480) 236-9684 Scottsdale, AZ

Jedda Roskilly 323.962.8312 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Jeff Orlando, Florida

Jeff Tessler T'ai Chi classes

Jelveus, Lena 818.730.5200 Santa Monica, CA & Finland
Certified Pilates Instructor and Master Massage Therapist

Jenna & Steve Sisk (616) 285-5575
, 5747 28th Street S E Grand Rapids, Michigan

Jenna Wilayto (773) 991-1292 Chicago, IL

Jennie Sheridan Schindler Pacific Palisades, Ca

Jennifer Schaecher 402.738.8308 Omaha, NB & AZ

Jennifer Adame (559) 325-1903 Fresno, CA

Jennifer Balboni (831) 685-1779 Aptos, CA

Jennifer Davis Ford 202.965.5026 Washington DC

Jennifer Dunbar Pilates on Highland (205) 410-8818 Birmingham, AL

Jennifer Ellsworth Goucher College Pilates (410) 337-6531 Towson, Maryland

Jennifer Ferguson 206.669.5357 Suite 301, 321 3rd Avenue South, Seattle, Washington

Jennifer Saltzman 206.726.1903 Seattle, Washington

Julie Clime The Pilates Center (410) 992-5155
5146 Dorsey Hall Drive Ellicott City, Maryland

Jennifer Goldbeck 262.375.2195
W61N544 Hanover Avenue Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Jennifer Goldbeck
1556 N. Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Jennifer Heitz (310) 991-1060 Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer Kemp Lupp ( 918) 367-5260 Bristow, Oklahoma

Jennifer Liotti (317) 915-8354 Fishers, IN

Jennifer Matthews 213) 254-4444 Eagle Rock Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer Rimer Los Angeles, Ca

Jennifer Schwindt (941) 362-7696 Sarasota, FL

Jennifer Stace (415) 392-9662 Half Moon Bay, CA

Jennifer Tillet 310.477.8855 Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Ca.

Jennine Whitebloom 310.459.9845 Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Ca

Jenny Wulfekuhle (563) 564-6425 Peosta, IA

Jennyre Hughes (949) 733-9085 Irvine, CA

Jeri Jesson 813.281.0935
4904 Lyford Way, Tampa, Fl, 33629

Jessica Barth 818-749-0096 Studio City, CA

Jessica Gowen (404) 783-1195 Atlanta, GA

Jessica Guercio (614) 336 9502 Columbus, OH

Jessica Paffrath 307.732.0222

Jessica Swoyer (773) 386-1326 Chicago, IL

Jessica Talisman (503) 232-3560
828 SE 34th Avenue Portland, Oregon

Jessica Wade-Abston (850) 377-5363 Gulf Breeze, FL

Jessie Chapman

Jill Freeman
Alexander Technique England

Jill Kerry (714) 536-0152 Huntington Beach, CA

Jill Kiblinger 323.954.9058 La, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Jill Staron 661.722.3839 Palmdale, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Jill Vinci Quinn (904) 537-2456 Jacksonville, FL

Jill Winegar (651) 646 8418 St. Paul, MN

Jill Wolf (208) 867-6599 Boise, ID

Jill Young (623) 476-8244 Glendale, AZ

Jillian Hessel (323) 656-1968 Beverly Hills, CA

Jim Woolard's World Gym(s) Florida

Jimi Lanham Personal Training Atlanta, Georgia

Jimmy-Fitness Fox Valley, Wisconsin

JM Training Syracuse, NY

JnR BodySculpting Sunnyvale, Cupertino, San Jose

Joan Arnold -
Refining Your Posture, Alexander Technique Brooklyn, New York

Joan Driscoll La, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Joan Fitzsimons (617) 256-5590 Naples, FL

Joan Mullen Smith Uncle Joe's Studio (504) 895.5008 New Orleans, Louisiana

Joanie Black (310) 476-1688 Los Angeles, CA

Joanna Eidelman (305) 332-5585 Aventura, FL

Joanna Canada

Jo-Anne Bunbury (403) 244 3393 Calgary, Alberta

Jodi Solie (306) 789 0245 Regina, Saskatchewan

Jodie Price (323) 595-0073 Huntington Beach, CA

Jodi Stolz 206.405.3560
413 Fairview Ave. North Seattle, Washington

Joe DiGiandomenico (323) 202-5112 LA, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Joe Donovan's Personal Training Long Island, New York

Joe Ladnier Mississippi

Joe Pilates Studios 703.787.3767 Reston, Virginia

Joe Porcaro (978) 283-4531 Gloucester, MA

JoeFitness|JaneFitness Connecticut

Joellyn Musser (310) 530-7881 Lomita, CA

Joe's Place - True Pilates PO Box 752, or 305 Hokum Rock Rd. East Dennis (Cape Cod), MA 02641

John Baron Sausalito, California

John Butler Devon, UK

John D. Moore's Weightlifting Site

John Garey Pilates Studio 562 598 8585 Long Beach, California

John Howard Omaha, Nebraska

John Paesenelli
P.O. Box 691634, Los Angeles, CA

John Polston Personal Trainer Berkshire, London, UK

John Vosler (310) 390-4462 Los Angeles, CA

John White Canyon Ranch 520 319 8242
2025 N. Nancy Rose Blvd Tuscon, AZ

John's Fitness TX

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Details of the Master of Public Health program, with information about scholarships and research projects

Johns Hopkins Medical Letter : Health After 50
Comprehensive health and medical information for people over 50, from experts at the Johns Hopkins medical institutions

Joint Effort Wellness Center Ulysses, Kansas

Jon Gestl Illinois

Jordi Mas 949.683.3835 Laguna, CA and Barcelona, Spain
Certified Pilates Instructor

Jose Valencia (818) 633-8171 Mission Hills, CA

Joseph L. Mailman School of Public Health New York
Columbia University, New York. General information, admissions, Public Health Magazine, divisions and affiliated centers

Joseph Pilates – Wikipedia

Josette von Cleve 310.248.3644 / 310.592.5149 LA. CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Jose Gaspar 323.377.4105 LA. CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Joshua Lyons Alexander Technique Toronto, Canada

Joy Yoga Studio, Leucadia

Joyce Gauss
2626 Cabrillo Ave, Torrance, CA 90501

JP Fitness Little Rock, Arkansas

Juan Pablo Ruiz Covar 55 56 2 812 2661 Santiago, CHILE

Judell De Guzman 632 890 1286,
227 Nicanor Garcia St Bel Air Village 2 Metro Manila, 1209, Philippines

Judi Van Dahlen (949) 481-6756 Laguna Niguel, CA

Judith Way (951) 659-6042 Idyllwild, CA

Judy Harris (317) 915-9743 Carmel, IN

Judy Stern (602) 620-1577 Phoenix, AZ

Juice Personal Training UK

Julee Jones (615) 353-7805 Nashville, Tennessee

Juli Kagan (561) 305-5854 Boca Raton, FL

Juli Willeman Studio 700, (314) 283-2439
700 Castle Ridge Dr. Ballwin, Missouri

Julia Hilleary (281) 257-0001 Houston, Texas

Julia Kraft Springs Studio (615) 292-1930
2021 21st Avenue South Nashville, Tennessee

Julia Kreis The Pilates Connection (520) 207-6121 Tucson, AZ

Julie Arnold Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Julie Clime (2nd generation) 011 44 7751 304024 Leeds, England

Julie Jeffers 310.275.3007 Los Angeles, Ca

Julie LoRusso (845) 497-2263 Haledon, New Jersey

Julie Mitchell (602) 617-9810 Phoenix, AZ

Julie Stojanowski (310) 841-2007 Culver City, CA

Julie Thurston (IPC Workshop Technician) 818.439.7751 La Canada, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor and Womens' Sports Coach

Juliet Telander 310.396.1457 Los Angeles, Ca

Juliette Kando Courses

Juliyn Tayler 213.769.5445 Los Angeles, Ca

Jumping Tiger Pilates Mobile, London, UK

Jumpy Bumpy

Junction Fitness Essex Junction, Vermont

June Hines Rydal, 215-576-8261 PA

June Hutchinson, (765) 288.5116
2700 N. Wheeling Avenue Muncie, Indiana

June Kahn's Bodyworks Missouri

Just Aerobics and Fitness Center Schuylkill County, PA

Just for Your Health San Jose, CA

Justin Gelband 310-863-6705 Los Angeles, Ca and New York, New York
Certified Pilates Instructor Fashion Model Fitness Teacher

Justine Francis New York City

JustWorkout New Zealand

Kadmon Academy of Human Potential
Distance learning and UK-based trainings in complementary medicine, psychological therapies and stress management, plus professional development courses for therapists

Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute

Kaizen Health and Rehab Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A multidisciplinary clinic offering chiropractic care, massage therapy, personal weight loss programs, strength training, physical rehabilitation and individual nutritional counseling

Kali Institute

Kane School New York City

Kansas City Marriot Missouri

Karate and Fitness Center Warren, Michigan

Karen Attix (530) 575-1452 Nevada City, CA

Karen Boettcher (847) 433-8646 Highland Park, IL

Karen Frischmann 310.659.3486 Los Angeles, Ca

Karen Kachele 206.783.6440 Seattle, Washington

Karen Leto Island Pilates Studio (949) 675-8400 Balboa Island, CA

Karen Nicoll

Karen Shanley 303 349-1529 328
Jasper Peak Ct., Lafayette, CO 80026

Karen Tockman (513) 348-4000 Cincinnati, Ohio

Karen Washburn Ness (310) 863-0296 Long Beach, CA

Karena Lineback Pilates Teck (661) 755-1021 Newhall, CA

Karin Cid Contrology 39 045
Via Adua, 3 37121 Verona, Italy

Karin Schoenberg (973) 746-2577
33 Watchung Plaza - Montclair, New Jersey

Karin DeBenedetti (208) 331-2098

Karina Mirkin 310-600-0889 Pacific Palisades, California
Certified Pilates Instructor

Karma Llama Yoga

Offers online courses and information on meditation, Zen, metaphysics, martial arts, Reiki, Japanese culture, and Feng Shui (Home of the 3-minute online Meditation Rooms)

Karyl F. Maheras Stoneham, MA

Karyn Wong (818) 981-6471 Encino, CA

Kat Folger (760) 728-1026 Fallbrook, CA

Katarzyna Piwowar (773) 251-8318 Schaumburg, IL

Kate Waddle (808) 557-4964 Kailua Kona, HI

Katelyn Cox (310) 308-7827 Manhattan Beach, CA

Katelyn Johnson Lifestyle Rx (925) 454-6349 Livermore, CA

Katherine Rochen Fyne Line Pilates (949) 874-8619 Anaheim Hills, CA

Katherine-Scott Gillian Charlottesville, Virginia

Kathi Ross-Nash Pilates (201) 934-9474 Allendale, New Jersey

Kathleen Boisvert (239) 772-9763 Cape Coral, FL

Kathleen Bresslin (805) 681-7169 Goleta, CA

Kathleen Loeks (505) 984-2909 Santa Fe, New Mexico

Kathleen Snyder (201) 803-2489 Traditional Endings Green Village, New Jersey

Kathleen Zachary (847) 259-7027 Arlington Heights, IL

Kathryn Brannan (732) 345-1515
Center for Pilates at the Galleria Red Bank, New Jersey

Kathryn Herring (305) 253-3609 Miami, FL

Kathryn Lemmon (847) 424-0046 Evanston, IL

Kathy L Vitsur (561) 625-0026 Juno Beach, FL

Kathy Longmore (713) 927-5200 Boca Raton, FL

Kathy McGushin Certified Pilates, 11830 N. Pheasant Court Mequon, Wisconsin

Kathryn McLaughlin (323) 939-0450 Los Angeles, CA

Kathy Nash Canada

Kathy Orso
(314) 378-8443 Pilates Re:Core Studio 24 The Boulevard, # 212 Saint Louis, Missouri

Kathy Williams La, Ca

Katia Montagner
The Pilates Studio Brasil 55 11 5181 2000 SH Morumbi, Brazil

Katie Enis (954) 675-1593 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Katie Kolakowski (702) 898-8090
8090 S Durango Drive, Suite 111 Las Vegas, Nevada

Katie R. Rucker 206.405.3560 Sealttle, Washington

Katie Santos Absolute Center (925) 299-9642 Lafayette, CA

Katrina Charmatz 707-694-8813/ 415-235-5551
One Alta Drive Petaluma, 94954, CA

Katrina Foe Personalized Pilates (602) 750-5799 Scottsdale, AZ

Kawartha Family Chiropractic Clinic Peterborough, ON, Canada

Kay Raso (312) 654-0582 Chicago, IL

KC Personal Trainer Kansas

KC Trainer Missouri

Keith Briggman 323.661.1460
3324 Rowena Ave #D, LA, CA

Kelli Altounian
818-231-0226 818-788-8112 studio 888-213-6393, 16430 Ventura Blvd #200, Encino, CA 91436

Kellina Stewart 011 44 07941 651 695 London, England

Kelly Abdellatif (214) 378-5528
Park Cities Pilates Center 6131 Luther Lane Dallas, Texas

Kelly Barone (305) 672-2151 Miami Beach, FL

Kelly Bruce
3240 Rowena, Los Angeles, Ca

Kelly Etter (626) 390-0549 Mill Valley, CA

Kelly Lynden
7985 Santa Monica Blvd. #90, West Hollywood, CA

Kelly Recktenwald (971) 285-0528
Top Hat Pilates Hillsboro/Beaverton, Oregon

Ken Lindsay's Guide to Coaching Sports

Ken Thompson England

Kenchi's Senior Fitness and Bodybuilding

Kendra Jordan (480) 212-2383 Mesa, AZ

Kent St. Family Chiropractic Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

Kerala Yoga Centre

Kerri Palmer Gonen 703.779.3511 Leesburg, Virginia

Kerry DeVivo 202.269.3020 3407 8th Street, NE, Washington DC

Kerry Woodward Alexander Technique England

Kevin Trains Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida

Keys: London, United Kingdom

Kickstart Personal Training Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, UK

Kidsports and Kinetics Adult Fitness Hadley, Massachusetts

Kim Carruthers (213) 840-0868 Los Angeles , CA

Kim Hlavac Integrated Pilates (916) 997-2239 Granite Bay, CA

Kim Krashaur (902) 469 2700 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Kim Lauda Reform Studio The Galleria (732) 212.0700 Red Bank, New Jersey

Kim Rubinson 310.652.3253 / 310.283.9080 Beverly Hills, Ca

Kim Stanley (818) 439-7151 Burbank, CA

Kim Wexler 818.606.6963 Los Angeles, Ca

Kimber McQueen (804) 340 1203 Richmond, VA

Kimber Sissons 310.995.3408 Los Angeles, Ca

Kimberly A. Beck (740) 592-6090 Athens, Ohio

Kimberly Beck Gallaher (321) 632-1774 Viera, FL

Kimberly Parker (323) 702-9486 Los Angeles, CA

Kinesiologists United Coon Rapids, Michigan
Professional organization of kinesiologists. Free database listings for practitioners of all forms of muscle testing. Information on the various types of muscle testing used in health care

Kinesiology College of Ireland Midleton, Cork, Ireland

Kinesiology For Life Auckland, New Zealand
Provides treatments, courses and information on specialised methods

Kinesis - Pilates & Movement Therapy Lauren Scott (208) 939-9895 Eagle, ID

King Club Health & Fitness Australia

King West Chiropractic Health Centre Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kingsbury Club Kingston, Massachusetts

Kingston West Family Chiropractic Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Kingwood Athletic Club Kingwood, Texas

Get health news and discuss the principles and methods of fitness (Stories, reader submissions)

Features resources related to Chiropractic healthcare, and offers a listing of professional links. This is a non-commercial directory

Kirsten Etherton (703) 587-4747 Carmel, CA

Know No Limits Fitness and Wellness Centers Chicago, Illinois

Knowledge and Power Personal Training Princeton, NJ

Koko Pilates:
Center for Core Integration (972) 225-2623 Frisco, TX

Kore Pilates Certification La Jolla, California

Kris Kumfer
(740) 594-2332 Pilates of Athens 542 West Union Street, Suite C Athens, Ohio

Kris Ngo (949) 760-9335 Shape Up Fitness Corona Del Mar , CA

Kris Rostan (630) 969-5612 Downers Grove, IL

Krisna Lee Hanks (510) 450 0878
East Bay Pilates 4053 Harlan Street, #113 Emeryville, CA

Kristen K. Sidler 206.405.3560 Seattle, Washington

Kristi Cooper White (805) 705-9273 Carpinteria, CA

Kristi Milner Quinn (206) 633 4800 Seattle, WA

Kristi V Long (928) 774-7397 Flagstaff, AZ

Kristien Van Reusel Netherlands

Kristina Winge (773) 383-5753 Chicago, IL

Kristin Floyd Hurtado 818.601.3305 Los Angeles - Studio City - Taluca Lake, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor Private Pilates Instruction

KRMC's Del Webb Wellness Center

KX Fitness Centre Australia
Weight training, fitness testing facilities, and fitness classes

Kyra Strasberg,
Level 3 The Sportsclub L.A./Boston 1313 Washington Street, Suite 104 Boston, MA
(617) 375-8560 x8931

Kyria Sabin Body Works Studio (520) 323-7070 Tucson, AZ

Certified Pilates Instructor

LA Body Kinetics 310.253.9500
3865 Cardif Ave, Culver City, CA

LA Fitness

LA Fitness Sports Clubs Southern California

LA Fitness

Ladies Choice South East, SC

Ladies Total Fitness Bel Air and Parkville, Maryland

Lady Holly Hathaway (337) 304-5445
P.O. Box 6823 Lake Charles, Louisiana

Lady of America
Franchise of ladies only health and fitness clubs with international locations

Lady USA Fitness Centers Dallas Ft. Worth, Texas

Lake Lanier School of Massage Gainesville, Georgia

Lake Tahoe Massage School

Lakeshore Athletic Club
333 East Ontario Street (312) 944-4546 Chicago, IL

Lana Brown (305) 378-4001 Miami, FL

Landover Athletic Club Vancouver, Washington

Laney Abernethy,
(704) 372-4289 8th Street Studio, Pilates Body Shaping Charlotte, North Carolina
Certified Pilates Instructor

Lani Pelino (818 )506 1747
Mind to Body Pilates 5604 Rhodes Avenue, #304 Valley Village, CA
Pilates Instructor

Lani Rabin (310) 991-9052 Los Angeles, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

LAPF London, UK

Lara Fermin Estudio
Lara 011 349 159 43863 C/Magallanes 28 1 A Madrid, 28015 SPAIN
Certified Pilates Instructor

Larkin Barnett (561) 585-8485 West Palm Beach, FL
Pilates Instructor

Larry North Texas
Certified Pilates Instructor

Lasting Fitness Personal Training in San Francisco San Francisco, California

Laura Burgo 6224 Hollymont Drive, Los Angeles, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Laura Claire Fox (714) 322-2879 Lake Forest, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Laura Garrett 310.804.6570 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Laura J. Simoncini (954) 723-9607 Plantation, FL
Pilates Instructor

Laura Laureano (602) 942-4814 Glendale , AZ
Certified Pilates Instructor

Laura Sepulveda (858) 361-0662 La Jolla , CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Laura Todd (949) 735-3040 Costa Mesa , CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Laura Ward Moran Goucher 410) 337-6531 *5 Baltimore, Maryland
Pilates Instructor

Lauren Stephen 206.405.3560
413 Fairview Ave. North, Seattle, Washington
Pilates Instructor

Linda Rinier The Pilates Center (410) 992-5155
5146 Dorsey Hall Drive Ellicott City, Maryland
Pilates Instructor

Laura Wren
The Pilates Center of Oklahoma (405) 843-4400 6446 Avondale Drive Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Pilates Instructor

Lauran Penn Gallerstein (760) 738-0122 Escondido, CA
Pilates Instructor

Laure Felton Sheradsky (305) 661-2381 x126 Miami, FL
Pilates Trainer

Lauren Bell Rosenfeld 323.822.9071 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Lauren Rauth Pilates Manhattan (310) 376-0107 Manhattan Beach , CA
Pilates Instructor

Lauren Tomasulo Fitness Solutions (602) 631 9698
4515 N. 16th Street, #111 Phoenix, AZ
Pilates Instructor

Lauri Blouke Kain AmSAT Certified Alexander Technique Portland, Oregon

Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage Austin, Texas

Lawrence Smith Alexander Technique Montreal, Canada

Lawrence W. Gibas (504) 895-5008
5008 Prytania Street New Orleans, Louisiana
Pilates Instructor

Laya Yoga

Le Studio Pilates de Paris Paris, France Philippe Taupin
Pilates Instructor

Leah Jean Rutkowski (740) 589-6514 Athens, Ohio
Pilates Instructor

Leah Maidenbaum 34 667 534 355
c/Torrent del\’Olla Barcelona, 08012 Spain
Pilates Instructor

Lean Body Mass Los Angeles

Leandro Neves 55 41 324 8080
The Pilates Studio Curitiba (Atletic) Brasil
Pilates Instructor


Learning Pilates
Pilates Instructor

Lee Gonzales 213.840.2825 LA, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor Specializing in Celebrity Clients

Legal Incorporation 866.720.7405

Lehigh Valley Racquet and Fitness Centers PA

Lehua Prietto (714) 925 8349 Costa Mesa, CA
Pilates Instructor

Leigh Kelly 323.651.2040 West Hollywood, Ca
Pilates Instructor

Leigh Matthews 011 49 69 603 2156 Frankfurt, Germany
Pilates Instructor

Lena Jelveus 818.730.5200 CA & FINLAND
Certified Pilates Instructor

Lene Danielsen
Pilates Studio 47 22 43 70 00 Niles Juels Gate 25-0257 Oslo, Norway
Certified Pilates Instructor
Provides breaking health news selected from over 2000 leading web publications

Lesa McLaughlin 202.269.3020
3407 8th Street, NE, Washington DC
Pilates Instructor

Leslie Brangham (805) 385-0121 Camarillo, CA
Pilates Instructor

Leslie Lileen
836 N. Detroit St, Los Angeles, CA
Pilates Instructor

Leslie O'Tole (310) 923-1042 Los Angeles, CA
Pilates Instructor

Leslee Lewis 503.222.7011
Core Pilates 1500 NW 18th Avenue Portland, Oregon
Pilates Instructor

Leslie Vise-Clark 757.306.7007
Studio P, 4020 Bonney Road Virginia Beach, Virginia
Pilates Instructor

Less Stress Instructional Services
CPR, first aid, and other OSHA compliance inservices. Offering on-line CPR and EMS simulators

Lessons in the Alexander Technique Berkeley, California

LeStudioYoga, Hollywood

Lexington Athletic Club Lexington, Kentucky

Liability Insurance for Pilates Instructors 317-637-9200 American College of Sports Medicine

Liability Insurance for Pilates Instructors 800-596-0969 818-986-7105 C.M. Meiers co. Inc

Liability Insurance for Pilates Instructors 800-844-0536 Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation

Liability Insurance for Pilates Instructors 866-557-2842 Fitness and Wellness Insurance Agency

Liability Insurance for Pilates Instructors 800-765-6422 National Health Club Associates

Liberty Gym Albuquerque, New Mexico

Liesbeth Robison 206.525.9900 2688 NE 49th Street, Seattle, Washington
Pilates Instructor

Lisa Friede
206.328.4400 1120 21st Avenue East, Seattle, Washington
Pilates Instructor

Life Chiropractic College West
Information on Chiropractic Programs, continuing educational courses

Life Coaching Academy Australia, New Zealand, Asia
Train to be a Life Coach, Business Coach or Coach as Manager with the Life Coaching Academy

Life In Motion

Life Matters

Life Practice Personal Training
Online training via live chat

Life Style Fitness Dorset, UK

Life Time Fitness
Operates health clubs in the Mid West region

Life University School of Chiropractic

Life University

Life Wealth Creations
Empowering women through coaching, training, and seminars. Face to face or telephone life coaching

Lifeforce Fitness Center Pleasant Hills, PA

Lifeline Fitness and Rehab Centre Surrey and Kent, UK

Lifelong Fitness
Sue Carpenter (850) 212-3695 Tallahassee, FL

Lifelong Pilates with Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen is a Pilates Master and specializes in Phsyco Therapy-Pilates with clients and instructors

LifePlex Health Clubs Rockland and Bergen, NY

LifeStyle Dynamics Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Lifestyle Revolution Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada
Premier international Life Coaching, personal coaching and personal development company, life planning, goal setting, self confidence, relationships, self-esteem and careers coaching

LifeStyleRX Livermore

Lifetime Fitness Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Lift for Life Training Center Bensalem, Lower Bucks County, PA

Lift for Life Albany, NY

Lift for Life


Light on Yoga Association United Kingdom

LiisaS. T. Johannsson (354) 533 066
The Pilates Studio Iceland Sudurlandsbraut 12-108 Reykjavik, Iceland
Pilates Instructor

Lilian Matiko Nakajima 55 11 3081 1157
The Pilates Studio Brasil Sao Paulo, Brazil
Pilates Instructor

Li Ma-Scholz Boston, MA
Pilates Instructor

Linda Arrandt (312) 640-2020 Chicago, IL
Pilates Instructor

Linda Bicknase (206) 485-2519 Ft. Wayne, IN
Pilates Instructor

Linda DeLane Elsea (520) 797-2636 Tucson, AZ
Pilates Instructor

Linda Hertzberg (602) 840-6057 Paradise Valley, AZ
Pilates Instructor

Linda Silbert (773) 549-5264 Chicago, IL
Pilates Instructor

Linda Souza
Alexander Technique Laguna Beach, California

Lindsay Stryffeler (773) 620-9080 Chicago, IL

Lindsey Fella (317) 441-7364 Carmel, IN
Pilates Instructor

Lindsey Girardot 213.948.5511 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Linzi S. Arellano
Pure Pilates 63 2 374 39 82 Philippines
Pilates Instructor

Lion's Breath
Yoga Centre Canada

Lisa Balbach's
Stretching Exercises

Lisa Burnell
P.O. Box 2513, Blue Jay, CA
Pilates Instructor

Lisa Chadwick West Midlands, UK

Lisa Clayton (949) 887-5383 New Port Beach, CA
Pilates Instructor

Lisa Diffey 760.776.9904 Palm Springs, Ca
Pilates Instructor

Lisa Friedman (305) 538-6847 Miami Beach, FL

Lisa Garratt
1900 Vanderbilt Lane #H, Redondo Beach, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Lisa Gratale Energy,
(201) 836-0457 219 Degraw Ave Teaneck, New Jersey
Pilates Instructor

Lisa Marie Goodwin
@ Angel City Body Kinetics 4143 Glencoe Ave, 90292 Marina del Rey, CA 310-821-7200

Lisa Mathison Sydney, Australia

Lisamay Scott (949) 857 0025
House of Pilates (Affiliate) 915455 Jeffrey Road, #318 Irvine, CA
Pilates Instructor

Lisa J. Woodard 310-721-1399 Los Angeles, Ca and Missouri
Certified Pilates Instructor

List Integrated Systematic Training Marina Del Rey, California

Live Right San Antonio, Texas

Live Science

Living Earth School of Natural Therapies

Living Edge Life Coaching New Farm, Brisbane, Australia
Face to face or phone life and business coaching

Living Yoga Program

Living Well Australia Australia

Lisa Marie Goodwin Ph: 310) 235-2100 310) 235-2117
Authorized GYROTONIC® Master Trainer GYROKINESIS® Director of In-Spiraling Movement Arts / White Crane Movement Arts
The Gardens 2001 Barrington Ave. Suite #112 Los Angeles, CA 90025

Liza Travis (206) 931-0128 Chicago, IL

Liza Zogib: Lausanne

Lizbeth Garcia-Tillach (858) 454-7380
Tilcia Studios La Jolla, CA
Pilates Instructor

Lloyd Athletics Club Portland, Oregon

Locate a Trainer United States
For people looking within the United States

Lock Haven Fitness Unlimited PA

Logan College of Chiropractic

Lois Bailey (780) 464-1140
Sherwood Park, ALB T8A 1J5 Canada

Lolita San Miguel (561) 267-3966 Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Certified Pilates Instructor.........................................................................................................PILATES MASTER

Loma Linda University School of Public Health CA
Undergraduate/bachelor's degrees and Graduate/master's and doctoral degrees programs

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Britain's national school of public health and a leading postgraduate institution in Europe for public health and tropical medicine

London School of Reflexology Regents Park, London

AQA level 3 diploma in Reflexology

Londonfitness4u UK

Long Beach Dance Conditioning
Marie-José Blom-Lawrence Long Beach, California

LookSmart FindArticles - Medical Research Guide
Offers annotated resource guides and free access to articles from dozens of academic and professional journals, especially for health care researchers and medical school students

Loree Pinnavaia, (408) 813-7097 Los Gatos, CA
Pilates Instructor

Lori Barnes-Thomas
Reform Pilates (714) 717-0470 Huntington Beach, CA
Pilates Instructor

Lori Coleman Brown 206.405.3560
413 Fairview Ave. North, Seattle, Washington
Pilates Instructor

Lifestyle Pilates,
Suite 200 516 6th Street, Kirkland, Washington
Pilates Instructor

Teresa Niederhausern 425.889.9363
Certified Pilates Instructor

Lori E. Harber (404) 786-9881 Atlanta, GA
Pilates Instructor

Lori Hock (602) 795-7848 Scottsdale, AZ
Pilates Instructor

Lori Julian (847) 234-1161 Lake Forest, IL

Lori Rubenstein...................................... Physical La, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor'S Available in this beautiful Physical Therapy Studio in Santa Monic

Lorraine Edminster (520) 797-2670
Power House Pilates Tucson, AZ
Pilates Instructor

Los Angeles
Personal Trainer Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Times - Science & Medicine

Los Angeles Vocational Institute

Lotus Pilates
Corinna Quintana (812) 360-2003 Ellettsville, IN
Pilates Instructor

Lotus Yoga Centre New Zealand

Lotus Yoga Studio Canada

LouElla Jackson ...............................................................................
DiSC distributor (Carlson Learning) offering assessment tools that help develop emotional intelligence

Louise Forscher (818) 775-9548
Pilates Instructor

Louise Tomcheck 852 9235 1158 Hong Kong
Pilates Instructor

Love Yourself Fit San Diego, California

Lucia Murillo 323.653.3723, 310.244.2955 Beverly Hills-West Hollywood-Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Lucia C Goncalves Terreri 011 551 4153 5784 Sao Paulo Santana de Parnaiba Brazil
Pilates Instructor

Lucia Cauduro G. Autonoma 55 11 4153 3691 Brazil
Pilates Instructor

Lucilene Querino D. The Pilates Studio Brasil 55 11 3825 7485 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lydie Robsham 561-856-0131

Lynda Albert Simply Pilates (941) 575-0376 Punta Gorda, FL
Pilates Instructor

Lynn Ann Rescigno (201) 418.05 57 Hoboken, New Jersey
Pilates Instructor

Madeline Soglin (973) 594-9690 Clifton, New Jersey
Pilates Instructor

Lynn Deal (404) 281-5168 Atlanta, GA
Pilates Instructor

Lynn McLaren (623) 451-2654 Sun City, AZ
Pilates Instructor

Lynn Rescigno (412) 441-0774 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pilates Instructor

Lynn Wagner Marron (773) 269-0884 Chicago, IL
Pilates Instructor

Lynne Kershaw Pilates Metro (334) 396-3131 Montgomery, AL
Pilates Instructor

Lynne Smith 403 244 4448
Body Dynamics Pilates 924 17th Ave SW Alberta T2TOA2 Calgary, Canada
Pilates Instructor


Maat Institute

MAC Fitness Mount Arlington, New Jersey

Macquarie University Department of Chiropractic
Programs include Bachelor of Chiropractic Science, Master of Chiropractic, Master by Research and PhD.

Mad Dogg Athletics and Spinning

Madeleine Butcher
Qq Studio B 818 618 2593 Woodland Hills, CA

Madeleine Chappell Alexander Technique England

Madra Willey 011 612 9976 5431 Australia
Pilates Instructor

Maggie Tesch (801) 583-9025 Miami, FL
Pilates Instructor

Mahayog Academy

Main Floor Hollywood, CA

Main Street Gym Hellertown, PA

Main Street Gym Medford, Wisconsin

Maire Wichard 805 795 8022
5248 Lakeview Canyon Rd Westlake Village, CA 91362
Pilates Instructor

Make Your Life Crystal Clear
Specialized kinesiology combined with cranial sacral kinesiology as a means to diagnose or determine health problems.
Explanation of treatments for various diseases and conditions

Maki Okazaki Tokyo, Meguro-Ku, Japan
Makiko Oka 011 813 984 6546 Tokyo, Toshima-Ku, Japan

Malcolm King Paris, France

Opera and concert singing using Alexander Technique

Malindi Natural Healing and Teaching Centre
Courses, workshops, seminars and individual holistic treatments in a variety natural therapies

Manchester School of Massage United Kingdom

Mandee Labelle Canada

Mandi Hansen (208) 283-5293 Boise, ID
Pilates Instructor

Manna 2000 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Non-profit association for holistic healing and inner growth, rebirthing training, spiritual travel

Manon Laplante (323) 552-8992 Los Angeles, CA
Pilates Instructor

Manoyoga: Somanatha Kshetram

Marc Laverdure, B.Sc., C.S.C.S.` 647-341-6918

Marc Speyer Alexander Technique Vancouver, Canada

Marcela Ortiz de Zarate Broughton Smith 011562 292 7485 Penalolen Santiago, CHILE
Pilates Instructor

Marcella Washington 310.364.0130 La, Ca
Pilates Instructor

MARCOM Group Ltd
Produces safety and regulatory compliance products including interactive CD-ROM courses, videotape training

Maree Rice Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, UK.
Pilates Instructor

Margaret Lacy Scottsdale, AZ
Pilates Instructor

Margo Hutchison
Pilates Instructor

Margot B World News
Alternative breaking world news headlines

Margot Holt Remedial Pilates Hammersmith, London, UK
Pilates Instructor

Margy Verba (760) 920-2332 Lee Vining, CA
Pilates Instructor

Maria Bentini 323.936.0046 Los Angeles, Ca
Pilates Instructor

Maria dos Anjos Machado 011 351 14865652 Lisbon, Portugal
Pilates Instructor

Maria Ines Ipinza (714) 501-8238 Fountain Valley, CA
Pilates Instructor

Maria Leone Bodyline (310) 274-2716 Beverly Hills, CA
Pilates Instructor

Maria Margareth F. 55 31 3222 8748 The Pilates Studio Brasil Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Pilates Instructor

Maria Penager, (704) 37-.4289 Level 3 8th Street Studio, Pilates Body Shaping Charlotte, North Carolina 28204
Pilates Instructor

Maria Persenitis 011 411 870
468 Sydney, Greenacre NSW, Australia
Pilates Instructor

Maria Romano pilatesedge@bluenosegopher (321) 951-9625 Melbourne, Fl.
Pilates Instructor

Maria Strong Personal Training Staten Island, NY
Pilates Instructor

Maria Vorrias Studio Pilates 30 10 9333 515 Greece
Pilates Instructor

Maria Welch 323.222.2802 Los Angeles, Ca
Pilates Instructor

Marianne Adams (828.262.4991, North Carolina
Pilates Instructor

Marie Alonzo Snyder,
609.918.9365 Ed.D. MCAStudio, LLC Princeton Junction, New Jersey
Pilates Instructor

Marie Artman (912) 634-8291 St Simons Island, GA
Pilates Instructor

Marie Edwards 213.700.3747 LA, CA
Pilates Instructor

Marie-Jose Blom-Lawrence (562) 427-2203 Long Beach Dance Conditioning Long Beach, CA
Pilates Instructor

Mariel Schimpf Tampa , FL
Pilates Instructor

Marily Rome (650) 796-8375 Mountain , CA

Marilyn Mardini (305) 333-0211 Miami, FL
Pilates Instructor

Marina Valencia Rowland Heights, California
Pilates Instructor

Marina Walchli (740) 797-7000 11350 Jackson Drive The Plains, Ohio
Pilates Instructor

Marion De Paula Costa Curitiba (Atletic) 55 41 342 8080 Brazil
Pilates Instructor

Marion Sauer (480) 966-1530 Tempe, AZ
Pilates Instructor

Marisa Howard North Attleboro, MA
Pilates Instructor

Maritime Chiropractic Clinic

Marjon Van Grunsven 01131 13 5810551 Memento Bodywerks Enschotse Straat 224 5040 DL Tilburg, Netherlands
Pilates Instructor

Marjorie Oron BJ The Hague 011 31 703 508 684, Netherlands
Pilates Instructor

Mark Claireaux Alexander Technique Brighton, England

Mark Hall (800) 910 0001 x 332 Toronto, Ontario
Pilates Instructor

Mark Josefsberg New York

Mark Raynsford Personal Training Milford, Surrey, UK

Mark Spenard Enterprises
Pilates Equipment

Mark Wildsmith Alexander Technique

Marla Gentile ( 954) 426-4212 Deerfield Beach, FL

Marlene Wiscovitch (213) 625-2211 x3339
The Los Angeles Athletic Club Los Angeles, CA

Marne Herzer 310.379.5819 Colorado
Pilates Instructor

MarNel Studios Littleton, Colorado
Pilates Instructor

Marshall Eklund (619) 298 1177 San Diego, CA
Pilates Instructor

Martha Eccles (520) 323-7070 Tucson, AZ
Pilates Instructor

Martina Volpp (310) 500-8804 Los Angeles, CA
Pilates Instructor

Mary Andrulot (850) 585-3051 Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Pilates Instructor

Mary Beth Clark (512) 495-9879 Columbia City, IN
Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor

Mary Bridget Van Luven (323) 936-6276 Los Angeles, CA
Pilates Instructor

Mary Caravale Beverly Hills, Ca
Pilates Instructor

Mary Hatfield (831) 277-8414 In Motion Pilates Studio Monterey, CA
Pilates Instructor

Mary Mallis (334) 794-2395 Dothan, AL
Pilates Instructor

Mary Peacock (636) 332-2382 Pilates 2634 Bastean Road Wentzville, Missouri
Pilates Instructor

Marzena Lediard 310.377.7475 La, Ca
Pilates Instructor

Mas Pilates 949.683.3835 Laguna, CA
Pilates Instructor

Masayo Kawana 011 042 591 2935 Tokyo, Japan
Pilates Instructor

Mass Health Club Massachusetts

Massachusetts Institute of Therapeutic Massage Burlington, MA

Massage and Bodywork Resource Center
Offering information on practitioners, techniques, books and supplies, associations, and a message board

Massage Angels
Offers a searchable directory of therapists in the United States

Massage Arts and Sciences Center of Philadelphia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Massage Australia Australia
Paid membership, whose benefits include the Massage Australia Magazine

Massage Institute of Maryland, Inc. Catonsville, Maryland

Massage Listings
Nationwide (USA) classifieds. Search by state or type of massage

Massage Magazine
An internationally circulated publication covering the art and science of massage, bodywork and related healing arts

Massage Network
Find a therapist, list your business, read book and product reviews

Massage Register
Massage therapy resources including details about massage therapists, bodyworkers, massage therapy schools, associations, license and certification requirements, continuing education

Massage School of Santa Monica

Massage Schools of Queensland Queensland, Australia

Massage Solution
Information for massage therapists on business planning and marketing

Marco Rossato, Marina Crestani 39 045 596615 Verona, Italy
Pilates Instructor

Marie Edwards LA, CA
Pilates Instructor

Massage Therapy Association South Africa South Africa
Assists members to register with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) and provide support in all aspects of their profession

Massage Therapy College of Manitoba

Massage Therapy Education Consultants

Massage Therapy for Back Pain
Information on massage therapy and neuromuscular therapy as a treatment option for back pain

Massage Therapy Foundation
This organization advances the knowledge and practice of massage therapy by supporting scientific research, education and community service

Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado

Massage Therapy Institute South Africa

Massage Therapy Schools

Massage Today
Covers current news and techniques. Includes current issue and archives, directory of therapists, calendar
A members only service to find a partner for a free massage or bodywork exchange.
This site caters to both professionals and non-professionals

Massage in Motion
specializes on site chair massage for trade shows & special events Canada

Massive muscle

Master Yoga Foundation, La Jolla

Matrix Fitness Club Astoria, NY

Matrix Pilates and Yoga Studio Australia

Matwork Pilates Aberdeen, UK
Pilates Instructor

Matt Gee Los Angeles, Ca
Pilates Instructor

Matt Richardson 310.228.0211, 323.466.4682 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor, Post-rehab, Reformer Classes, Teacher Trainer for International Pilates College

Matt Roberts Personal Training London, UK

Matthew Comer 888 672 6616 Miami, FL

Matthew Seneca The Alexander Technique Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Matthew Zumann (773) 274-2673 Chicago, IL
Pilates Instructor

Maura Park (949) 689-5704 Irvine, CA

Maureen Bacon La, Ca
Pilates Instructor

Maureen Huckelberry (520) 888-4264 Tucson, AZ
Pilates Instructor

Maureen Kelly Los Angeles, Ca
Pilates Instructor

Mawson Centre Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Max Lifestyle's ABC-of-Fitness

Max Performance Training

Max Strom, Venice

Maya Abdominal Massage
Descriptions and history of the massage techniques practiced by Mayan Shamans to address health and problems of abdominal organs. A practitioner list and course information is given

Maya Rodriguez de Matthews 0172 7799924 -Korpertrenin Germany
Pilates Instructor

Maya Saffrin (323) 337-5376 Gardena, CA

Mayfair Racquet & Fitness Club

MB Pilates
Melanie Berios (813) 805-7275 Tampa, FL
Pilates Instructor

McCall Body Balance
A re-education process that allows tissue self-healing through elimination of damaging movements and postures

McEntire Workout Method

McKinnon Institute of Massage, Inc San Francisco Bay Area

McNally's Australia

MD Pilates
Mely Dinsdale 714-227-4807 7561 Center Avenue., Suite #44, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

MedBioWorld's Chiropractic Medicine Associations
Direct links to medical associations and chiropractic associations

Medco-Athletics 1.800.55medco

products & catalog

Media Release

Media/Materials Clearinghouse (M/MC)
Information about this international resource for health professionals. They provide samples of pamphlets, posters, videos, and many other media/materials designed to promote public health. From the Johns Hopkins Population Information Program

Medical News Daily
MDLinx provides daily medical news for a network of 33 specialty Web sites for physicians and other healthcare professionals

Medical News Today
Current medical news and health articles

Medical News, Inc.
Offers several local interest healthcare publications written for physicians and healthcare business executives

Medical Newswire
Provides daily medical news and information service coupling executive-level content with press from top associations and firms. Subjects include pharmaceutical, medical devices, medicine and health, biotechnology, and long-term care www.MedNews.Net/journals
Journal listing by medical specialties

Megan Bridge (215) 925-0244 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Megan Rosskopf (818) 642-3682 Encino, CA

Mehva Renaye Body Moves Pilates & Rosen Method Bodywork, San Francisco 94112 CA

Mel and Enid Zuckerman Arizona College of Public Health
Offering degree courses and research programs, with details of staff, facilities, and community service projects

Melanie Fitness Chicago, Dolton, Riverdale, Harvey, South Holland Illinois

Melanie J.Maguire Los Angeles, Ca

Melanie Petri (310) 779-4990 Manhattan Beach , CA

Melbourne Fitness Club (MFC) Melbourne, Australia

Melissa Connolly (760) 840-0997 Encinitas , CA

Melissa Pocock (312) 479-1884 Chicago , IL

Melissa Sandvig (562) 426-4112 Los Alamitos , CA

Melodie Chavoor
911 Rose St., Burbank, CA

Melody Roy (530) 888-0174 Auburn, CA

Mental Equipment

Meridian Spa Club 323.933.5875
5750 Wilshire Blvd., LA, CA


Merlino Fitness TX

Merrill Lochhead (613) 233 9226 Ottawa, Ontario

Merritt Athletic Clubs Maryland

Method Fitness Rhode Island

Method Putkisto UK

Metropolitan Pilates, 206.525.9900
University Village, Seattle, Washington

Mezei Health and Wellness Centre Oakville, Ontario, Canada

MG Fitness London, UK

Micha Rotstein Alexander Technique Melbourne, Australia

Michael Ayotte Canada

Michael Christensen 45 8635 2403 Arhus, Denmark

Michael D. K. Fitness New York

Michael Hanko New York

Michael Miller Pilates

Michael Miller Pilates

Michael Rooks 202.737.7776
1221 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC

Michaela Bimbi-Dresp 49 89 7497 5952 Munich, Germany

Michaela Sirbu S
ymmetria 519 642 2162 150 Kent Street London, Ontario N6A1L3 Canada

Michele Larsson
Core Dynamics Pilates (877) 988-5076 1807 Second Street Santa Fe, New Mexico

Michelle Clark 310.823.5127 Los Angeles, Ca

Michelle Cole London, England

Michelle Despax
Alex-Tech-horsemanship instructor Australia

Michelle Koton
ReCentre 011 02 9371 5116 Australia 163 Dover Rd Sydney NSW 2030 Dover Heights, Australia

Michelle Rogula (630) 803-8424 North Aurora, IL

Michelle Scott 612 9283 3891 Sydney, Australia

Michelle Wallace (917) 434-8135 Menlo Park, CA

Michelle Wong Circut Pilates and Pilates Plus Los Angeles, California, USA
Reformer Class Instructor

Michelle Youngquist (480) 326-4395 Cave Creek, AZ

Michigan School of Myomassology and A Therapeutic Touch Detroit, Michigan

Mick Glynn Personal Trainer UK

Mid Coast Pilates (207) 373-0872 Brunswick, Maine

Midge Firenzi (408) 395-2350 Los Gatos, CA

Midji Stephenson (520) 325-7693 Tucson, AZ

Midwest Institute of Massage Therapy

Mike and Meryl's Fitness Prescription

Mike D'Angelo Massachusetts

Mike Ryan Training Venice, California

Mike's Arm Gallery

Miki Dagan (305) 322-2259 Coral Gables, FL

Mind & Body Pilates Jennifer Uhlinger (561) 366-9113 West Palm Beach, FL

Mind Body On Line 877.755.4379 ...................................Pilates business software

Mind Body Plus 310.414.1445
317 Main St. El Segundo, CA, 90245

Mind Body Spirit Pilates Fulham and Chelsea area, London, UK

Mind Body Zone
Claudia Zuanich 510.813.4700 3270 Seldon Ct Unit 1, Fremont CA, 94539

Mind Games: Applied Sport Psychology For Every Athlete
A new, web-based system of individualized psychological training

Mind in Motion Santa Cruz, California
Provides individual sessions, public workshops, injury-prevention training, seminars for health professionals, professional training programs, and post-graduate courses

Mind Power Yoga | Body Mind Power Yoga Canada

Mind to Body Pilates Studio (818) 506-1747 Valley Village, CA

Mind Tools - Sports Psychology
Goal setting, imagery, concentration and other training tools

Mind-Body Connection
Angie Spector 510-420-0444 Oakland CA

Mind-Body Fitness Pilates & More San Fernando Valley, Westwood, Los Angeles CA

Mind-Body Integrative Therapy .
Mind-body integrative therapy courses and events

Mindful Movement Studio, LLC Indianapolis, IN
Miriam Resnick (317) 846-6463

Mindful Moves Pilates Center (914) 244-0199 Mount Kisco, NY

Minerva Educational and Treatment Center Honesdale, Pennsylvania
Providing courses, workshops and treatments in alternative and complementary medicine

Ming K Wong (951) 849-2914 Banning, CA

Minnetonka Tennis Club Minnesota

Minority Health - MCW HealthLink
Minority health news and information from the physicians and researchers of the Medical College of Wisconsin

Mint Condition Oakbrook, Illinois

Miriam McDonnell (818) 243-4944 Glendale, CA

Miss Fit Personal Training Oregon

Mission Fit Possible New York City, NY

Mississauga Chiro Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Misti McKee-Whaley (334) 948 6036
New Body 112 Windmill Ridge Rd Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Miyuki Yamaguchi 81 3 6419 3747 Tokyo, Japan

Moab Fitness Center Moab, Utah

Modern Healthcare Newsweekly
Updated health-care industry news and features

Moksana Yoga Canada

Mollie O’Neill (714) 222-0053 Irvine , CA

Molly Ashenfelter 206.522.6620 Seattle, Washington

Molly Bartaldo (415) 250-1962 Burlingame, CA

Molly Winship (707) 252-7967 Napa, CA

Momentum Fitness Club Mechanicsburg, PA

Momentum Fitness Vancouver BC, Canada.

Momentum Fitness Princeton, New Jersey

Momentum Studio Albuquerque New Mexico

Moms In Motion
Programs provide fitness training for women and raise money for local charities

Mon Key 818.439.7751 La Canada, CA

Mona Marriott (480) 429-0076
Synergy Body Movement Studio Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Mona Ryan Center for Pilates, 732.345.1515
At the Galleria Red Bank, New Jersey

Nadine Dominguez-Kern (973 940-0642
Synnergy Newton, New Jersey

Moncrief & Associates, Inc.
Corporate training and executive coaching, communication skills, building teams, public speaking

Money For Life Coaching
Money for Life Coaching - Financial coaching to understand and take control of your money

Monica Germani 011 91 71 0303 Marseille, France

Monica N. Wilson (504) 895-5008 5008 Prytania Street New Orleans, Louisiana

Monica Uriarte Arri (786) 260-3096 Miami , FL

Monique Harrington 210.687.8842 San Antonio, Texas

Monique Lavoie 204 942 5151 Winnipeg, Manitoba

MonQi Fitness NY

Monroe Athletic Club Monroe, Louisiana

Montgomery School of Bodywork & Massage

Mornum Time Press
A family-run press specializing in books on the Alexander Technique

Morrison Muscle Online Personal Training Canada

Mosaic Physical Therapy La, Ca Lori Rubenstein

Moscow School of Massage Moscow, Russia

Mother Wellness Canada

Motion Fitness Club Millburn, New Jersey

Motion on Mainstreet 303) 797-4828 Littleton , CO

Motivation Station

Motivational Coaching

Motive 8 London, UK

Mountain 's Edge Fitness Center Boulder, Colorado

Mountain Fitness Warren, New Jersey

Mountain Heart School of Bodywork
and Transformational Therapy Crested Butte, Colorado

Mountain State School of Massage Charleston, WV

Mountain Wind San Francisco, California
Exploring health, self-knowledge, consciousness and self-transformation through breathing, Taoism, Chi Kung, and the ideas and practices of G. I. Gurdjieff

Move Over Yoga: Try the Alexander Technique,,36dz,00.html
A short introduction with some self-exploration exercises

Movement Educators Apache Creek, New Mexico

MOVEO Studio for Yoga, Movement and Bodywork Germany

Movin with Marty

Moving Ideas - Health Policy
Summaries and links to packages of features about health policy issues from various organizations

Moving Mesa Portable Feldenkrais Table
The Moving Mesa is a handmade, light-weight, portable Feldenkrais table. It designed and built by practitioners for practitioners

Moving Strength New York City

Mr. Move it

Mt. Nittany Institute of Natural Health College, PA

Mucho Muscle

Mueller College of Holistic Studies

Multi Sport Health Center Houston, Texas

Multitrax Aquires Pilates Institute.

Muscle Addict

Muscle Energy Washington, D.C

Muscle Mechanic Houston, Texas

Muscle Monitoring
Describes the use of muscle monitoring in specialised kinesiology

Muscle Pal

Muscular Therapy Institute Cambridge, MA

Mv Health
Information for consumers and medical professionals

Latest anti-war headlines from alternative news sites

My Fitness Expert

My Health Coach

Mychele L Ohre (408) 221-6465 Scottsdale, AZ

Mylene Brock (520) 297-9641 Tucson, AZ

Mysore Mandala


N 2 Shape Vienna and McLean, Virginia

N. Brooke Lieb
Alexander Technique New York, Pennsylvania

N.E.I.W.H. Manchester, N.H.

Nadia Salete Trento C. 55 41 339 8389
The Pilates Studio Brasil Curitiba, Brazil

Namaste. Yoga Rockridge, Oakland

Nancee Wood (520) 749-0388 Tucson, AZ

Nancy Chin (408) 356-6677 Los Gatos, CA

Nancy Etnier (207) 772-8950 49 Dartmouth Street Portland, Maine

Nancy Hodari (248) 723 6500 Bloomfield, MI

Nancy Kaplan Acalanes (415) 706-5518
Training Studio Lafayette, CA

Nancy Nesbitt (770) 928-6464 Woodstock, GA

Nancy Seith (941) 371-6395 Sarasota, FL

Nancy Sutton's
House of Yoga and Wellness Center, Redding

Nancy Trock (708) 699-4663 Oak Park, IL

Nannette Sheets (520) 990-4199 Tucson, AZ

Naomi Glazer (520) 323-7070 Tucson, AZ

Naomi Rodriguez ........................818.908.8064 .............................Los Angeles, Ca
.........................A registered NURSE and Certified Pilatews Instructor

Naples Athletic Club Florida

Nashville Personal Training TN

North American Society for Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity

Natalia Lugliani 310.378.0669 Palos Verdes, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor and speacks fluent Italian

Natalie Handshoe Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Natalie Simons (480) 776-9671 Chandler, AZ

Natalie Walker (760) 271-4597
Enhanced Health And Fitness Encinitas, CA

Natasha Madel Johannesburg 011 271 14830768 South Africa

Natha: Helsinki, Finland

National Academy of Sports Medicine (866) 292-6276

National Association for Health and Fitness
A not-for-profit organization that promots physical fitness by supporting Councils for physical activity

National Association of Sports Nutrition (858) 694-0317

National Athletic Trainers Board of Certification (877) 262-3926

National Center on Physical Activity and Disability NCPAD
encourages persons with disabilities to participate exercise to promote health and prevent secondary conditions

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork McLean, Virginia
Provides national certification

National Committee for Health Education Credentialing (888) 624-3248

National Council of Strength and Fitness (800) 722-6273

National Federation of Professional Trainers (800) 729-6378

National Fitness Center Cookeville, Knoxville, Oak Ridge, and Morristown, Tennessee

National Fitness Professional Training Association (800) 237-6242

National Geographic

National Health Club Associates 800-765-6422 Liability Insurance for Pilates Instructors

National Institute for Fitness and Sport

National Organization of Credibility Assurance

National Register of Personal Trainers United Kingdom
Find qualified and insured personal trainers in the United Kingdom using the town and county search

National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

National Strength and Conditioning Association Certification Commission www.nsca-cc-org (888) 746-2378

National Strength and Conditioning Association
Non-profit association dedicated to the exchange of ideas in strength development in athletic performance

National Strength Professionals Association (800) 494-6772

National Technology Transfer: OSHA Training

National University of Health Sciences

National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association
Information, resources, and articles for patients and professionals

Nationwide Massage
Searchable listings of massage therapists across the nation

Nationwide Personal Trainer Directory USA
Locator to find a personal trainer in any city

Natural Healing Institute Encinitas, CA
Offering training and distant learning in natural healing and numerous alternative disciplines

Natural Health Consultants Institute
A wholistic therapy school, integrates personal awareness and growth with the latest techniques in mind-body

Natural Health Institute Tennessee

Natural Health Institutes Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Offering home study courses and diploma packages in complementary health, nutrition, herbalist, and counseling

Natural History Magazine
A magazine of science, nature, and culture that contains news of the current issue

Natural Physiques

Natural -Teacher Training Schools

Nature: News

Natures Way Herbal Health Institute
Certified Programs via Correspondence and Classroom settings in: Herbalism, Iridology, Reflexology, and Reiki

NCID: Training Programs
The goal of the Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) Laboratory Fellowship Program is to attract and prepare laboratory scientists for careers in public health. National Center for Infectious Diseases, CDC

Neide Fatima Bittencou 55 67 726 4195 Campo Grande, Brazil

Neils Home Studio Cincinnati, Ohio

Nelly Ben-Or Alexander Technique London, England


Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences
Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam. The MPH is a full-time one year program (two semester) program Encinitas, CA
Explanation of 'What is Net', information for patients and practitioners, seminars, and find a practitioner

Neuro Soma Training Courses Ashburn, VA

NeuroBehavioral Programs
Teaches how to instruct your body to turn off physical pain by using words instead of medication.
Designed to complement the medical management of chronic illness

Neuromuscular Reeducation
Dr. Peter J. Levy, DC offers seminars to chiropractors, osteopaths, massage and physical therapists

Nevada School of Massage Therapy Nevada

Nevin Taylor New Zealand
Personal coaching, personal development, counseling and therapy

New Beginnings Chiropractic Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

New Body's Cincinnati, Ohio

New Desicion Therapy
Directory of practitioners of applied and behavioral kinesiology

New Dimensions Fitness Northamptonshire, UK

New England Kinesiology Network
Describes many different specialized kinesiology methods along with a listing of practitioners

New Hampshire Straight Chiropractic Society
Membership directory

New Horizons Life Coaching
Coaching is freedom from the constraints that prevent us from being the person we dream of being. We create a whole new awareness of yourself and your true potential

New Life Institute of Massage Therapy Redding, California

New Living
An online monthly holistic health and fitness publication. Archives and past issues available for viewing

New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts Santa Fe, NM

New Mexico College of Natural Healing Silver City, New Mexico
Offering full courses in Natural Healing, including an 800 Hour Massage Program and a 500 hour Herbal Treatment Program

New Mexico Sports and Wellness Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Orleans Jewish Community Center Louisiana

New Scientist
Weekly science and technology news magazine, considered by some to be the world's best

New News
Science and technology news updated throughout the day from the weekly magazine

New Wave Fitness TX

New World Fitness St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

New York Center for the Alexander Technique New York, New York
Laurie Kline and Michael Ostrow are certified teachers in Manhattan. Includes FAQ and workshop details

New York Chiropractic College New York

New York College For Wholistic Health, Education, Research New York

New York Institute of Massage Williamsville, New York

New York Strength New York

New York University New York
MPH Program in Community Health Education

Newbury Park Athletic Club

Newport Athletic Club Middletown, Rhode Island

News a GO GO
News Cuts Breaking news stories from a variety of sources, providing business, sports, entertainments, newsbits, and politics

News Target Network
Offers editorial articles on nutrition and other health-related topics

News Zoom
Headlines categorized by source region and media type (Free news feeds for commercial and personal use)

Headlines links to stories from a wide range of sources, organised by category and regularly updated

Newswise - SciNews
Search, browse, and download articles and abstracts in comprehensive database from top research institutions

Nexstep Fitness Training Solutions London, UK

Next Generation Clubs England
Health clubs offering a range of sport, fitness, gym, tennis, squash facilities in locations throughout the U.K.

NHS on
Health care news and articles. Navigate to other NHS resources

Niccole Ziegelhofer Gray (813) 283-8700 Land O’ Lakes, FL

Nicholas Chapman
Alexander Technique London, England

Nichole Martinez (818) 903-4188 Newhall, CA

Nick Baldw
in LA Trainer Los Angeles, California

Nicola Stumpf 43 1 710 789 033 Austria

Nicole Cox 323.962.3224, 310.924.5802 La, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Nicole Ketcham Tucson, AZ

Niedra Gabriel (805) 494 0593 28 Wales Street Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Nigel Burnett Angmering, Sussex, UK

Niki Parker (949) 642-5608 Costa Mesa, CA

Nikki Cohen 818.993.6502 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Nikki Roy (310) 849-5854 Manhattan Beach, CA

Nikoy Koutsi 011 306932 063839
3rd Septembriou 50 10433 Athens, Greece

Nina Ausley (818) 324-9118 Calabasas, CA

Nira Pullin (313) 577-3508
Wayne State University, Theatre Dept 4841 Cass Ave Ste 3225 Detroit, Michigan

NLP Bodybuilding

Noah's Personal Training Huntington Beach

Noel Chase (573) 374-3513
In Line Studio/The Pilates Center of Columbia, Missouri

Noelle Dowma (913) 563-4775 Overland Park, KS

Noelle Stumpf (805) 565 7591
Simpatico Pilates 1235 Coast Village Road, #1 Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Nora Nausbaum Alexander Technique in Northern California California

Nordby Center Huron, South Dakota

Norma Baird Alexander Technique Fife, Scotland

Norm's Xtreme Fitness Center Prineville, Oregon

North American Vodder Association of Lymphatic Therapy (NAVALT)
A non-profit association of therapists certified in the Dr. Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage dedicated to education and research

North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness
Helping prepare the public health workforce respond to bio-terrorism and emerging health threats

North Cypress Fitness Studio Hammond, Louisiana

North Dodge Athletic Club Iowa

North Harbour Health and Fitness Club

North Island Chiropractic

North Norfolk Pilates Studio Holt, Norfolk, UK

North Scott Fitness Center Eldridge, Iowa

North Shore Athletic Club Beverly, Massachusetts

North Sydney Yoga

North York Pain and Chiropractic Clinic North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Northeast Holistic Center,

Northeast Pilates Certification Centers South Hamilton, Massachusetts

Northern Arizona Muscle Tissue Institute

Northern Lights School of Massage Therapy Minneapolis, MN

Northwest Athletic Club Minneapolis, Minnesota

Northwest Wisconsin School for Oriental Bodywork Therapy and Martial Arts

Northwestern College of Chiropractic

Nothing But Yoga

Nova Scotia Chiropractic Association
Objective of the association, listing of practitioners and an introduction to chiropractic

NOVA: Science in the News

Now and Zen Canada

Npo Warwickshire and Northamptonshire, UK

Nuffield Institute for Health UK
University of Leeds, a multidisciplinary centre for education and training, research and development in health and social care management

Nuno Crossley
Gusmao Travessa do Possolo 21 CV Esq 351 919376553, Portugal
Pilates Instructor

Nursing Schools Directory

Nutra Ingredients - Nutraceuticals, Supplements and Functional Foods
European gateway to health ingredients, supplements and functional foods providing news on nutritional supplements, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals for the health and organic industries

NutrActive's Fitness Center

Nutrition Calculators
Calculate ideal body weight, body mass index, calories needed, and calories burned during activity

Nutrition Oakland, California

Nutrition Reporter
Magazine and newsletter articles describing recent research on vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, with an emphasis on their therapeutic applications

Nuzee News Headlines and Blog Digest

NYC Fitness NY

NY Pilates Studio 311 West 43rd Street #405 New York, New York 10036

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review

Oakwood Athletic Club Lafayette

Obesity Meds and Research News
A newsletter with the latest on pharmacatherapy and research into obesity's causes and cures

Occupational and Environmental Health Laboratory
Offering part time and full time diploma courses in Occupational Health and Safety

Odyssey Fitness Center Wilkes-Barre, PA

Ohio Academy of Holistic Health, Inc. Xenia, Ohio
Information on training for Accredited Holistic therapists and distance learning diploma courses

Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy British Columbia

Oksana Cook 323.939.1205 West Hollywood, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor specializing in POST-REHB and SPIRITUAL HEALING

Old City Ironworks Gym Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Old Town Athletic Club Fort Collins, Colorado

Olympia Gym Florida

Olympus Athletic Club Chantilly, Virginia

Omni Fitness Club Muskegon, MI

On Center Conditioning
485 E. 17th St, Suite 650, Livi K. 949-642-6970 Costa Mesa CA

On Coming to Terms with the "P" Word
A physical therapist takes a look at posture from the point of view of the Alexander Technique

Designed to stimulate thought, discussion and growth of the upper cervical chiropractor

One - Inner City Brisbane

One Human Performance Center NJ

One Life Style UK

One Stop Yoga Limited

One To One Fitness Los Angeles, CA

One/Mind, Body, Being
Emma-Jane Jordan (773) 549-7144 Chicago, IL

Oneness Center for Pilates & Bodywork
Annette Bloom (305) 663-1990 South Miami, FL
Pilates Instructor

One-on-One Fitness Michael J. Sokol

Online Holistic Nursing and Wellness Counseling Certificate Program
Online holistic nursing and wellness counseling certificate programs

Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA)
A voluntary professional association that represents approximately 1,800 of Ontario's 2,200 chiropractors

Ontario College of Reflexology Ontario
Offers reflexology certification through correspondence courses. Contains practitioner directory, licensing information and products for purchase

Open College
Distance learning diplomas

Open International University for Alternative Medicines
Located in India. International academy for courses, conferences and research on holistic healing.
Offers diploma, degree and postgraduate courses in many different complementary modalities

Open International University for Complementary Medicines

Open Mind Open Body, San Francisco and Palo Alto

Optimal Breathing
Provides research material, programs and products designed to improve lung capacity and general well being

Optimal Fitness & Rehabilitation Edinburgh, UK

Optimal Health & Fitness Tampa, Florida

Optimal Training Sutton, UK

Optimom Fitness TX

Optimum Performance Specials

Origin Guildford, UK

Orion Fitness Gainesville and Fleming Island, Florida & Oxford, Mississippi

Orlando Sports Performance and Training

Orlov Yoga

Or-Yah Maor Bangkok, Thailand

OSHA Training On Site

OTB Strength Training

Outer Limits Health Club Brattleboro, Vermont

Outrageously Active Dorset, UK

Outrageously Fun Fitness Seattle, WA

Oxford School of Reflexology Oxford, UK
Contains information on courses, downloads, links and qualifications

P.A.E. Fitness Solutions North Wales, UK

A U.S. based Thai massage membership body

Paaige Bainbridge (615) 354-1955 Willow - Nashville, Tennessee

Pacific Cultural Center and Ashtanga Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz

Pacific Movement Center
Stephanie Spencer 831-459-6750 Santa Cruz CA, 95062

Pacific School of Massage & Healing Arts Gualala, CA

Paige West 310.550.5975 Santa Fe, New Mexico
Certified Pilates Instructor

Palm Springs Pilates
Susan Saulk, 619.320.9933 Palm Springs, CA
Pilates Instructor

Palmer College of Chiropractic West
College resources, academic programs and continuning education information, in San Jose, California

Palmer College of Chiropractic

Pam Medvecky Pure Fitness LLC (513) 271-7362 Cincinnati, Ohio

Pamela Cohn (415) 407-4844 Scottsdale, AZ

Pamela DeJohn
Body Movement Center (201) 652-5986 Waldwick, New Jersey

Pamela Khoury (415) 927-2288 Corte Madera, CA

Pamela K. England
The Pilates Fitness Studio 804.355.5010 Richmond, Virginia
Pilates Instructor

Pamela LaPierre (602) 817 4402
Mind Over Matter 5338 E. Calle Redonda Phoenix, AZ 85018

Pamela Moody (618) 656-3890 Edwardsville, IL
Pilates Instructor

Pamela More (602) 569 1612 Phoenix, AZ
Pilates Instructor

Pamela Turner (401) 821-5273 Warwick, Rhode Island
Pilates Instructor

Patricia Dooley
Pilates Fitness Studio, (401) 741-8653 2178 Broad Street Providence, Rhode Island
Pilates Instructor

Panos Prokos Orange

Paquita Margarita Laurent 310.230.0263, 310.804.8986 Montpelliere, France
Certified Pilates Instructor

Paradigm Sports Clubs Sacramento, CA

Paradise Pilates
Joyce Stahl (305) 294-2943 Key West , FL
Pilates Instructor

Paris Yoga Paris, France

Parker College of Chiropractic Dallas, Texas
A chiropractic college to teach the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic

Parker Seminars
Large seminars for chiropractors, held at various locations in the USA (Clinical lectures covered)

Parkland Pilates, Inc.
Fran Perel (954) 227-7878 Coral Springs, FL
Pilates Instructor

Partners In Fitness, L.L.C. New Jersey

Pasquini Pelliteri Pilates & Gyrotonic (480) 250-2025 Scottsdale Phoenix, AZ
Pilates Instructor

Pass Your Boards
Online health & Fitness aids. Offers sample tests, test and study tips, scoring formula and resources

Passport 2 wellness
coaching by phone

Pat Carroll New York City, New York

Patricia Ann “Patti” Curry (520) 323-9030 Tucson, AZ

Patricia Berger (305) 781-3366 Miami Beach, FL

Patricia Brackney (480) 782-9303 Chandler, AZ

Patricia Claudia Ribeiro 55 11 5181 2000
The Pilates Studio Brasil SH Morumbi BRAZIL
Pilates Instructor

Patricia Fajardo
Classic Pilates 39 3331280558 39 0668134587 Via Degli Espagnoli 53 Roma, Italy

Patricia Medros 39 339 7538609 Italy

Patricia O'Connell (805) 570-7794 Kihei, HI
Certified Pilates Instructor

Patricia Sorensen Fresno, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Patricia Stevenson (561) 317-2574 Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Patti Strauss (520) 878-9292 Tucson, AZ
Pilates Instructor

Paul Cook,
Alexander Technique Melbourne Melbourne, Australia

Paul Davis
Personal Trainers East Brisbane, Australia

Paul Shaun Edwards 508.737.8528, 508.413.9133 145 Commercial St, Provincetown, Mass
Certified Pilates Instructor TRX and Bodyblade

Paula Artley Fitness St Albans, UK

Paula McGrath Ireland

Paula Moseley London, UK

Paulette Blaszak 310.994.9001 Cleveland, OH and West Hollwood, CA, Intenational
Certified Pilates Instructor Ballet and Golf-Pilates Workshops

Pauline Middleton (520) 235-1769 Tucson, AZ

Pauline Sanchez Napa, CA

Paulo Roberto Muhoz 55 11 3284 8905 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Pilates Instructor

PBS: Science & Nature

Peak Body Systems 1-800-925-3674
Pilates Equipment

Peak Performance Fitness Systems

Peak Performance Fitness Manhattan, NY

Peak Performance Sports - Golf and All Sports
Mental Game Coaching for amateurs, teams, and professionals in all sports offering a free newsletter

Peak Pilates Equipment Sales

Peaks Fitness Fountain Hills, AZ ...

Pedro de Alcantara Paris, France
Certified Pilates Instructor
Providing lessons and seminars for musicians, with biography and workshop details

Peggy Levine Fitness Studio NY

Peggy Roache
Studio Body Logic 703.527.9626 Arlington, Virginia

Peggy S Brady (260) 483-5880 Ft wayne, IN

Peggy Z. Protz 206.533.0820 Shoreline, Washington

Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy

Penny Spawforth Alexander Technique England

Perfectly Fit Inc. East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Performance Enhancement International,

Performance Health Technologies

Performance Workouts

Personal Best Fitness UK

Personal Best Systems Australia
Coaching skills courses; sport, education, and work. People keep falling back to old ways.
The Lyndon Method explains why and offers personal control over change. Online courses

Personal Best Systems
Workplace coaching skills, personal control, safety, productivity (Online courses)

Personal Best Systems.
Accelerating adaptation to change

Personal Best Washington, D.C

Personal Excellence Coaching Services

Personal Fitness Institute of Marin San Rafael, CA

Personal Fitness Instructor London, UK

Personal Fitness Trainer and Health Coach Hertfordshire, UK

Personal fitness trainer Brighton Justine Shawe Brighton, UK

Personal Fitness Training Peterborough, Bedford, and Cambridge, UK

Personal Health Zone

Personal Martial Arts Instructor Woodford, UK

Personal Pilates
192 Middlebrook Road Marlee 2429, NSW Australia

Personal Power International
Life coaching to help dreams come true

Personal Safety Training South East, UK

Personal Trainer Ethics and Safety Endorsement Seal

Personal Trainers New York City

Personal Training by Kathy TX

Personal Training by Sean Greeley Orlando, Florida

Personal Training Institute Nassau and Suffolk, NY

Personal Training on the Net

Personal Training With Darren Tong San Gabriel Valley

Personal Training with Reenah Anthony Pacheco, California

Perth Yoga-Cise Australia

Peta Green Runcom, Australia

Pete DeQuincy (707) 822-3488 x387 Arcata, CA

Pete Fraser Fitness London, UK

Peter Fiasca 215.205.8004 Alexandria, Virginia
Pilates Instructor

Peter Nobes Alexander Technique London, England

PH7 Los Angeles, Ca

Pharmaceutical Diversion Education, Inc. Miamitown, Ohio
Services in the area of education on prescription drug abuse.
Awareness education for health professionals, law enforcement, and regulatory officials.
Talks include diversion in the health facility, rx abuse in the workplace, and prevention tips for health professionals who encounter the prescription drug seeker
News and updates on the pharmaceutical industry including research and development, and new drug approvals

PHI Pilates

Phillipe Taupin 011 331 427 29174
Le Studio Pilates de Paris 39 Rue du Temple 75004 Paris, France
Pilates Instructors

Philosovie 06 12 89 71 17 Paris, France

Phoenix Coaching Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Putney, UK

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Massachusetts

Phone Fitness Coach

Phyllis Douglass (215) 230-0787
Equilibrium Fitness (909) 539-1717 La Verne, CA

22 South Main Street, 2nd Floor Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Physical Culture Page

Physical Edge of Seattle Washington

Physical Therapy and the Alexander Technique
Articles, books and links exploring the relationship between these two fields

Physically Focused Washington

Physio Fitness San Diego, California

Physiofitness NYC, NY

Physique Engineering Technologies

Physique Personal Training Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK

801.319.0383 www, 1156 South State Street, Suite 206 Orem, Utah

PhysOrg: Science News
Breaking science news from around the world

PhyT Inc. Tyler, Texas

Piedmont Yoga Studio, Oakland

Pierpont Racquet Club Ventura, CA

Pieter Thoenes
and Jolien van der Mee Netherlands

Pieter Thailand

Pilates Bodyshop 323-522-6742
2894 Rowena ave, Silver Lake, LA, CA

Pilates Style Magazine

Pilate System Dallas, Texas


Pilates 4 Health Leeds, UK

Pilates and body alignment

Pilates and Fitness Lifestyles at Gaiam

Pilates and More Wayne, Pennsylvania

Pilates and Yoga Movement Studio London, UK

Pilates and yoga: stretching safely

Pilates at Connect Studio Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, UK

Pilates at Green Street (617) 491-2940 Boston, MA

Pilates Based Body Awareness London, UK

Pilates Baxter Place (207) 828-3737 Portland, Maine

Pilates Body Vero Beach, FL Suzanna F Dailey (772) 581-8088

Pilates Bodyworks Singapore

Pilates Bodyworks International

Pilates Bodyworks of Coral Springs
Miriam Richter (954) 757-6789 Coral Springs, FL

Pilates Brazil (55) 19.341369.55 Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Pilates by Alex (727) 945-9125 Holiday, FLA

Pilates by Joe Sue Olsen (770) 924-0281 Kennesaw, GA

Pilates by Miranda Bass Surrey and London, UK (holidays in Tobago)

Pilates by the Green Golders Green, London, UK

Pilates by the Sea
Cynthia Longfield 949-673-7350 504 S. Bayfront #102, Newport Beach CA

Pilates Center (508) 655-5910 Natick, MA

Pilates Center at Muhlenberg College (484) 664-3281 x2
2400 Chew Street Allentown, Pennsylvania

Pilates Center By Bernadette Bernadette Ceravolo (305) 365-8171 Key Biscayne, FL

Pilates Center of Austin, Texas

Pilates Center of Long Island (631) 421-1866 Huntington, NY

Pilates Center of Naples
Susan Mann (239) 659-5252 Naples , FL

Pilates Center of the Southwest (480) 948-1883
7000 East Shea Blvd Scottsdale, AZ

Pilates Center of the Southwest
7000 E. Shea Boulevard, #1970 Scottsdale, AZ

Pilates Central (757) 464-3000 Norfolk, VA

Pilates Central UK


Pilates Certification
The books used in this program are used by other Pilates teacher training programs (considered to be the definitive Pilates Resource materials)

Pilates Certification NC and VA

Pilates Connection (914) 747-4711
106 Washington Avenue Pleasantville, NY

Pilates Core and More, Ginger Aymond (630) 531-0713 Naperville , FL

Pilates Core Training (850) 857-7760 Pensacola, FL

Pilates Dictionary Pilates applied Terminology
Ballet, Yoga, Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Medical, Nutritional, Anatomical

Pilates E.D.G.E Leah Sine (321) 259-5505 Melbourne, FL

PilatesEducation 1- 877- 487-1575 561-795-219

Pilates Encyclopedia BIGGEST & BEST ‘P’ RESOURCE
1,673 Pilates Exercises 12,800 Photos & original Drwings East & West Coast Styles

Pilates Equipment Manufacturers 1-800-925-3674 Peak Body Systems

Pilates Equipment Manufacturers 718-361-7774 Grats

Pilates Equipment Manufacturers 800- 910-0001

Pilates Equipment Manufacturers 800-240-3539, 800-PILATES Balanced Body inc.

Pilates Equipment Manufacturers 800-541-4900 code #4000 Pilates Total Gym Reformer

Pilates Equipment Manufacturers 818-991-9405 Teaque

Pilates Equipment Manufacturers, Pilates Insight,

Pilates Equipment Manufacturers Pilates Resource
414 California Ave, Santa Monica, CA, 90403

Pilates Equipment Manufacturers Mark Spenard Enterprises

Pilates Equipment Manufacturers Stamina

Pilates Equipment Sale


Pilates Equipment Sales – used


Pilates equipment, videos, education and information
Offering Pilates equipment and accessories, videos and books

Pilates Exercise Videos

Pilates Exercise

Pilates Fitness Center 310.459.9845
15200 Sunset #208, Pacific Palisades, CA
Certified Pilates Instructors, Reformer classes, Post-Rehab

Pilates Fitness Journal

Pilates Fitness Journal:
The Premier Pilates Exercise Magazine

Pilates Fitness Leicester, UK

Pilates Fitness 310.459.9845
15200 Sunset #208, Pacific Palisades, CA

Pilates for Life Ltd. UK

Pilates for Your Back
Jamie Taylor 949-338-3304 Corona del Mar, CA, 92625

Pilates Foundation
Not for profit organization founded to create a governing body for Pilates

Pilates Foundation UK

Pilates Fusion Center (610) 444-7314 Kennett Square, PA

Pilates in Kent Orpington, Kent, UK

Pilates in Phoenix

Pilates in Port (516) 767-8109 Port Washington, NY

Pilates in Seaford East Sussex. , UK

Pilates in the Canyon
Cynthia & Kendel 714-744-8150 7526 E. Chapman Ave, Orange CA, 92869

Pilates in the Tetons
4030 W. Lake Creek Drive, Wilson, Wyoming

Pilates Indy Inc.
Katie Brown (317) 722-1899 Indianapolis, IN

Pilates Insight, Pilates Equipment
Insight features information on Pilates videos, books, equipment and a directory of Pilates studios

Pilates Institute of America Frankie Puglisi 561) 784-9613 Wellington, FL

Pilates Institute of Australasia
Allan Menezes

Pilates Institute of Ft Lauderdale
David Freeman 3342 NE 32nd St. Ft Lauderdale, FL
Pilates 954-537-2110

Pilates International Highgate, London, UK

Pilates Loft 407-898-4641 1611 Alden Road Orlando, FL 32803

Pilates Magazine

Pilates maintenance, repair, used equipment

Pilates Method Alliance

Pilates Method Studio (631) 725-7995 Sag Harbor, NY

Pilates Metro
3178 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles CA

Pilates Miami Miami , FL Kevin Bowen (305) 573-4430

Pilates Mind & Body 619 337 3700
8280 LaMesa Blvd, #5 LaMesa, CA 91941

Pilates Norfolk Norfolk, UK

Pilates North West Warrington, Cheshire, UK

Pilates Of Amelia Inc. Susan Arce Gagnier (904) 261-8200 Amelia Island , FL

Pilates of Berkshire Reading, Berkshire, UK

Pilates of Hawaii Kailua-Kona Hawaii

Pilates of Marin
Shelley Ballestrazze 415.927.7800 400 Tamal Plaza, Suite 402, Corte Madera CA

Pilates of New Paltz (845) 255-0559 New Paltz, NY

Pilates on Fifth Manhattan NYC, NY

Pilates P.L.U.S.,
Emilia M Cole (773) 871-3690 Chicago, IL

Pilates People Edinburgh, UK

Pilates Plus Studio 940.633.6213 Mission Viejo, CA

Pilates Plus 310.480.3170 Beverly Hills-West Hollywood-Los Angeles, Ca

Pilates Pregnancy

Pilates Premier Studios Theresa Dervaes (727) 822-4722 St. Petersburg, FL

Pilates Premier Studios (727) 822-4722
1920 Fourth Street North St Petersburg, FL

Pilates Resource
equipment 414 California Ave, Santa Monica, CA

Pilates RI, 401.273.2639
18 Maplewood Square Barrington, Rhode Island

Pilates Richmond 5600-D Patterson Avenue 804.282.3545 Richmond, Virginia

Pilates Sacramento El Dorado Hills, CA

Pilates shopping

Pilates South Beach
Mathew Comer MS (305) 672-6616 Miami Beach, FL

Pilates Sports Center
Andromeda Trumbull 818-970-1222 16430 Ventura Blvd #200, Encino CA

Pilates Studio ( 516) 822-4785 Plainview, NY

Pilates Studio 1
Maria-Angeles Llamas (561) 493-4966 West Palm Beach, FL

Pilates Studio City
Lora Anderson 818-509-0914, 888-213-6393 11650 Riverside Dr. #2 Studio City CA

Pilates Studio Inc.

Pilates Studio Locust Valley (516) 671-8631 Locust Valley, NY

Pilates Studio West,
3225 Parmenter Street Middleton, Wisconsin
Pilates 608.836.4664

Pilates Studio
Therese Stark 414.476.9300 231 E. Buffalo Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Pilates Studio Wein, Austria

Pilates Studios Kings Cross London, UK

Pilates Style Magazine

Pilates Teck
Karena Lineback 661-755-1021 Newhall CA

Pilates Total Gym Reformer,
attention code #4000 800-541-4900

Pilates Transformations
Kit Ann Fleischli-Booth (206) 870-1857 Kechi, KS

Pilates Tuition Aberdeen, UK

Pilates United
7556 Fay Ave, Suite I, Jake Holmes 858-459-4002 La Jolla CA

Pilates Unlimited Inc. Vancouver, BC Canada

Pilates Unlimited Dallas TX

Pilates Weekends Watford, Hertfordshire, Somerset and Wales, UK

Pilates Wellness and Energy (34) 91.454.7015 Madrid, Spain

Pilates Works Ontario, Canada

Pilates Workshop Technician 818.439.7751

pilates ????? Japan

Pilates, Etc.
Karyn Klein 213-924-4070 South Pasadena CA

Pilates, Joseph - Fitness and Exercise: The BodyMind Network
FREE Worldwide Email Discussion .............................................................................PILATES NEWS GROUPS

Pilates: A Core Conditioning Program

Is it safe for older adults?

PilatesExperience Tucson, AZ



Pillar Pilates (802) 775-1239 Rutland, VT

Pinnacle Athletic Club Michiana, Indiana

Pinnacle Fitness
2150 North Broadway (925) 933-9988 Walnut Creek, CA

Pinnacle Fitness One Post Street (415) 781-6400 San Francisco, CA

Pinnacle Health & Fitness

Pippa Wylde Pilates Cliddesden, Hampshire, UK

Pittsburgh Personal Trainers

PJ O’Clai (877) 921 1591 x10 Boston, MA

Planet Chiropractic
Provides features such as news, events, streaming multimedia, products

Planet Chiropractic
Delivering information to the chiropractic professional and students of chiropractic worldwide

Planet Fitness Singapore

Planet Fitness Dover, New Hampshire

Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College
Specializing in teaching wholistic nutrition by distance learning

Platinum Health and Fitness Club Harrisburg, PA

Platinum Pilates 757.486.8665
2232 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Suite 101 Virginia Beach, Virginia

Plus One Fitness
106 Crosby Street (212) 334-1116 New York, NY

PMA, Pilates Method Alliance

Pocket Stress
Psychologist and ergonomics consultant, explains his approach to resolving stress, trauma, and pain at work

Political News Today
National news headlines with a focus on politics

Polk Prud'homme 206.954.0744
# 228, 700 NW 42nd Street, Seattle, Washington

Polstar Education

Pomegranate Pilates
Solara Star 415.386.1439 3725 CaliforniaSt. #2, San Francisco CA

Popeye's Gym

Popeye's Gym Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Poppas Dungeon Bradford, Pennsylvania

Popular Science

Port Townsend School of Massage Port Townsend, WA

Positive Results Personal Training Massachusetts

Positive Steps Fitness Center North Hampton, New Hampshire

Possibilities Vocational School
Information on certificate courses, workshops, talks and calendar of upcoming events

Postural Restoration Institute
Mechanical, neurological, and physiological postural kinetic and kinematic movement dysfunction

Posture Inside
Buddhist and Taoist training programs for developing good posture

Potential Energy Athletic Club Saginaw, MI

POW Martial Arts Chicago, Illinois

Power House Pilates & Gyrotonics
Kimberly Stewart (208) 861-7949 Boise, ID

Power Pilates

Power Pilates (310) 587-2409
201 Santa Monica Boulevard Santa Monica, CA

Power Pilates at Equinox
201 Santa Monica BlvdSanta Monica, CA 90401

Power Pilates Central Office (212) 627-5852
49 23rd Street, 10th floor New York, NY

Power Pilates Rome (39) Rome, Italy

Power Pilates New York City, NY

Power Pilates 818.439.7751 La Canada, CA

PowerFlex Gym Ville St Laurent, PQ, Canada


Powergym Fitness Club Greece

Powerhouse Gym Baltimore, Maryland

Power House Gym Plus Groton, Connecticut

PowerTek Fitness Solutions

PPT, Inc. Arlington, Texas

PR Performance

Prana Holistic Healing Centre

Prana Yoga Center, La Jolla

Prana Yoga Centre Canada

Pranava Yoga Dhama

Pratibha Noggle 602 418 8969 Scottsdale, AZ

Praxis fur Physiotherapie 49-2133-215050
Bahnofstrasse #30, Dormange 41539 Germany

Prema Shanti

Prenatal Fitness & Beyond Florida

Prescriptive Fitness
22 Challenger Parade, City Beach W.6015 6189-385-8174 Australia

Preventive Medicine Society
Distance learning and clinical study programs in preventive medicine and counseling

Primal Pictures, Anatomy for Pilates, 3D 800-716-2475
education on CD-ROM, understanding the intrinsic core muscles visually

Prime Time Fitness

Princeton Athletic Club Vancouver, Washington

Principal Health News

Priority Chiropractic Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Prison Phoenix Trust United Kingdom
Directory of trainers and a health resource library

Pro Balance Physical Therapy & Pilates
450 Park Street, Suite 100-B, Alameda CA

Pro Form Pilates Lewisham, UK

Pro Health

ProActive Fitness Studio Austin, Texas

ProActive Health and Fitness Washingtonville, NY

ProBodies Gym Austin, Texas

Professional Fitness Institute Olathe, KA and Las Vegas, NV

Professor's Health and Fitness New Bedford, Massachusetts

Pro-fitness Health Club

Profluence New York City, NY

Program in Integrative Medicine

Progressive Kinesiology Courses
Courses cover all factors relating to the holistic balance of mind, body and spirit, accredited by the Association of Natural Medicine (ANM) and Kinesiology Federation (KF)

Progressive Muscle and Fitness Boston Massachusetts

Progressive Pilates & Rehabilitation
Trina C. Jensen 310-395-3111 1448 15th Street Suite201, Santa Monica CA, 90404

ProHealth Physical Therapy & Pilates Studio
Karyn Staples (770) 487-1931 Peachtree City, GA

Prolotherapy E-newsletter Archives
Various newsletters on Prolotherapy and its treatment of various chronic painful disorders

Pro-Robics Seattle, Washington

Protocols, Guidelines & Contraindications

Prototypes of Holistic Achievement

PS Pilates
Patti Salvagio (239) 643-9993 Naples, FL

Public Health Training Network - PHTN

Pulse 8
Offers a large gym with multi-screen entertainment, spa pool with sauna, and an air-conditioned dance studio

Pulse Pilates Studio of Boca Raton
Kimberly Byrnes (561) 883-8587 Boca Raton, FL

Pumphouse Fitness Club Australia

Punch Kettlebell Gym Providence, Rhode Island

Pure Fitness

Pure Joe Studios, Sarah, Rachel, 202.737.7776
1st Floor, 1221 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC

Pure Pilates Plus (856) 979-8606 Marlton, New Jersey

Pilates Center of Montclair (973) 783-3100
133-A Glenridge Avenue Montclair, New Jersey

Pilates Center 206.303.8211
# 10, 529 Queen Anne Ave North, Seattle, Washington

Pure Pilates Inc.
16573 Ventura Blvd. #12, Avery Brown 818-783-7556 Encino CA

Pure Pilates Plus (314) 961-2424
9426 Manchester Road St. Louis, Missouri

Pure Pilates Studio,
Kristin Olsen 262.617.0731 2950 N. Brookfield Road, Brookfield, Wyoming

Pure Yoga, Los Angeles

Purely Pilates
with Chermside, Carina Heights, Bulimba, and Victoria Point, Kylie Dean, , Australia

Purely Pilates
650-593-4365 Allison Gonzalez 963-D Industrial Road San Carlos CA

Purple Medical Blog
Medical news and information, links to current medical articles

Pyramid power circuit training UK

Qi Fitness East Hampshire, West Sussex, and Surrey, UK

Qi Wellness & Fitness Consultants Illinois

Quadra Chiropractic Victoria, B.C, Canada
Contains research summaries, FAQs, information on chiropractic training and health related links

Quantum Times
Latest quantum physics and nanotechnology news stories

Queen Margaret University College Scotland
Degree Programs for Postgraduate Certificate in Social Development and Health, MSc in International Health, and MSc in Population and Reproductive Health

Quest Fitness Abingdon, Maryland

Quiet Mind Yoga and Bodyworks, Oakland

Quincy Roberts' Elite Fitness Center Greensboro, North Carolina

Rael Isacowitz (866) 992-2742 Costa Mesa, CA
Pilates Instructor

Rain Star College Scottsdale, Arizona

Raja Yoga Institute Netherlands

Rajal Cohen

Raksana Yoga: Auckland New Zealand

RAmEx Ars Medica, Inc.
Medical news and information about drug approvals, plus FDA and NIH research

Rancho La Puerta 800.443.7565 Rancho La Puerta, CA
Health Spa with Certified Pilates Instructors

Randé Dorn
14910 Roxton Av. Gardenia, CA, 90249 310.941.4709 Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor specializing in GROUP REFORMER CLASSES

Randee DeRosa, specializing in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy for Physicians, Long Beach, Santa Clarita, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Randolph Athletic Club Randolph, Wells, Chicago, Illinois


Raw Story Q
Hourly updated news articles affecting the Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual community

Raya Leighton
Alexander Technique Jerusalem, Israel

Raymond Kurshals (505) 995-9700
839 Paseo de Peralta, Suite N Sante Fe, New Mexico
Pilates Instuctor

Reade College of Complementary Health

Reality Workouts

Rebeca Ramos (562) 925-4509 Lakewood, CA

Rebecca D’Amour Synergy Fitness (510) 527-9005 Albany, CA

Rebecca Gorrell (520) 577-7017 Tucson, AZ

Rebecca Howe Quin 828) 262-3028
Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina
Pilates Instuctor

Rebecca Leone 206.525.7769 5031 University Way NW Seattle, Washington

Rebecca Winters
Contrology 425.451.0551 Bellevue, Washington
Pilates Instuctor

Rick Morris 206.525.9900 Seattle, Washington
Certified Pilates Instructor

Roxane Richards Huang 503.227.1470 Vancouver, Washington
Pilates Instuctor

Rebound Aerobics, Low Impact Weight Loss

Recess HealthClub and Fitness Complex Illinois

Reconstructing Health Psychology Conference
An international conference on critical and qualitative approaches to health psychology

Re-Creation Health Clubs Melbourne, Australia

Recreation Max West Perth, Australia
Specializes in sports performance, fitness, and nutrition coaching, as well as scuba diving

Red Cross 1.213.739.5293 CPR and First Aid, Injury Prevention, LA, CA

Red Earth Centre France

Alexander Technique Austin and San Antonio, Texas

Redmond Pilates Center
1663 Redmond Way Redmond, WA (425) 558-5566

Reds Athletic Club Mooresville, North Carolina

Redz Real Bodies Wellington, New Zealand

Reflexology Certification Workshops
Workshop teaching basics and techniques of hand and ear reflexology. Four-theory approach to reflexology, structural alignment, zones, oriental meridians, and proprioceptors

Reformation Studio, Campbell

Reg Park/Amfpt Gauteng, South Africa

Regina A Christler (404) 296-4036 Decatur, GA

Regina Altman Pilates-Korpertrening Germany
Pilates Instuctor

Regina Fung (714) 310-2947 Huntington Beach, CA

Reid Strasma 757.306.7007 Virginia Beach, Virginia

Reiki Center of Venice Florida
Information on correspondence courses in Aromatherapy, Herbology, and many other alternative therapies. On-line support

Ren Messer 310.430.2364 La, Ca
Pilates Instuctor

Renata Duarte Silva 55 19 3255 8622 Campinas, Brazil

Renata Winkel Schneider
The Pilates Studio Brasil 55 11 3825 7485 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Pilates Instuctor

Renata Zacarias
The Pilates Studio Brasil 55 61 248 5930 Brasillia, Brazil
Pilates Instuctor

Renato Prado -Power Pilates +39 045 596615 Verona, Italy

Renaye Mehva Body Moves Pilates & Rosen Method Bodywork, San Francisco 94112 CA

Rene' Brackney Mesa, AZ

Rene' Endara Personal Training

Renee Masi Michigan

Renee Ricca’s Pilates Studio (305) 466-6611 Aventura, FL
Pilates Instuctor

Renee Scott Bondi 011 295 28733
58a Hall Street Beach Australia Oyster Bay NSW, 2026, Australia
Pilates Instuctor

Results Personal Trainer and Fitness Chichester, West Sussex, UK

Results, The Gym Capitol Hill and Dupont Circle, Washington, DC

Retrofit Fitness San Francisco

Reus Yoga School Spain

Reuters Health Information
Searchable archive of medical and health news for consumers and medical and health-industry professionals

Rhondi Marshall (619) 463-5228 La Mesa , CA

Rhythmical Massage Therapy Association of North America
Association for this specific type of massage

Ricardo Soliz La, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Richard Casebow Alexander Technique Edinburgh

Richard Freeman's The Yoga Workshop

Richard Morrison
Offers relationship counseling and coaching services

Rick Torres 561.301.1964 Miami, Florida & Los Angeles-Brentwood, California
Certified Pilates Instructor

Ricky Godinez Circut Pilates and Pilates Plus Los Angeles, California, USA
Reformer Class Instructor

Ridgefield Fitness Club Connecticut

Rieko Wada (847) 212-9580 Palatine, IL

Right Direction Studio 1110 Burlingame Avenue #105 (650) 344-2111 Burlingame, CA

Right Shape

Rini Starkey (323) 841-3615 Los Angeles, CA

Risa Sheppard (310) 470-2828 Los Angeles, CA

River Club, The

River Park South Chiropractic Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Chiropractic answers to frequently asked questions, learn about your spine, newsletters

Rivergate Fitness Center
East 34th Street, Manhattan, NY

Riverside Workshops UK
One-Day Complementary Health Workshops and 6 month vocational hypnotherapy training

Rizzieri Institute Massage Therapy School New Jersey

RJS Fitness Hermosa Beach, CA

Rob Goodwin's Fitness Concepts

Rob Moesta, Certified Personal Trainer Michigan

Rob Whalley, Birmingham UK

Robbynn Wilhelmi Dunn
Physical Therapy (919) 388-0111 Cary, North Carolina
Pilates Instuctor

Robert Brady (260) 483-5880 Ft Wayne, IN
Pilates Instuctor

Robert Durban 310.990.3341 West Hollywood-Los Angeles, Ca
Pilates Instuctor

Roberta Benkovic 323.851.9424 Beverly Hills-West Hollywood-Los Angeles, Ca
Pilates Instuctor

Roberta Williamson (415) 380-8787 Mill Valley, CA

Roberto Alves Cardona 55 11 3825 7485 Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Roberto Coto West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Silverlake, CA
Pilates Instuctor

Roberto De Souza E. 55 11 3825 7485 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Certified Pilates Instuctor

Robin Carrillo (312) 202-0086 Chicago, IL

Robin Reardon (818) 246-1338 Glendale, CA

Robin Solo (310) 617-6816 Marina Del Rey, CA
Certified Pilates Instuctor

Rochelle Paquette (646) 354-9724 Pensacola , FL

Rochester Athletic Club Rochester, NY

Rochester Athletic Club Rochester, NY

Rocky Mountain Institute of Healing Arts Dolores, Colorado

Rodman Centre Foxboro, Massachusetts

Rodney Yee, Oakland

Roger Gonzalez Hibner (323) 365-3644 Los Angeles, CA

Roger Hart Alexander Technique England

Rollins School of Public Health Georgia
Offering MPH, MSPH, PhD, distance learning and continuing education programs in 6 departments

Romana's Pilates New York City, NY
Master Pilates Instructor

Romanian Association of Massage and Reflexology
An apolitical nonprofit that promotes education and professional ethics.
Includes services and goals, membership categories and founder's statement

Ron Duran, Palm Spring California
Certified Pilates Instructor

Ron Zalko Sports Club

Rosana Martins Boiani 55 11 3284 8905 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Pilates Instuctor

Rose Mary Almeida S. 55 11 3081 1157 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Pilates Instuctor

Rosemary Moone
certified teacher Alexander Technique Cork, Ireland

Roskilly, Jedda 323.962.8312 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instuctor

Rough-Fit Outdoor Physical Fitness Boot Camp

Roxanna Cohen (530) 470-0652 Nevada City, CA
Pilates Instuctor

Roxanne Suffecool (520) 299-3420 Tucson, AZ
Pilates Instuctor

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Chiropractic Unit

RS Fitness Source Connecticut

Run2Far Virginia

Running and the Alexander Technique
Information about Running Tall workshops with Balcolm Balk, certified teacher

Rupert Rothmayr 011 49 8321 7889222
Balance Studio Jmmenstaedter Str, Sonthofen, #13a, 87527, Germany

Russian Chiropractic Association Moscow, Russian
The only recognized (by the WFC-World Federation of Chiropractic), National Association in the Russian Federation

Ruthie Lawrence (561) 687-1825 West Palm Beach, FL

S.W.A.T. Strength Wellness Athletic Training Tucson, Arizona

Sabina Formichella, Romana’s Pilates 06 32366665 Italia 00192 Roma, Italy

Sabrina Bell-Bonadeo (805) 898-1907 Lompoc, CA

Sachananda Yoga Shala

Sachiko Glass The Pilates & Physical Theraphy Center 206.405.3560
Seattle, Washington

Sacredsmile Yoga

Sacro Occipital Resource Society International
A method of chiropractic based on the identification and treatment of 3 bodily systems

Sadhana Yoga Studio Canada

Safari Athletic Club

Safety Connection, Inc.
Fall Protection training and equipment

Safety Watch, Inc.
First aid, CPR, AED, emergency oxygen, bloodborne pathogens and OSHA related training services

Sag Harbour Pilates (631) 725-5994 Sag Harbour, NY

Sahaja Yoga in Australia

Sahaja Yoga in Israel Israel

Sahaja Yoga in Mexico Mexico

Sahaja Yoga Switzerland

Saint Louis Center for the Alexander Technique Missouri

Saint Louis University School of Public Health
A program offering a Master of Health Administration degree, plus joint degrees in law and business and a PhD/MPH

Salem Pilates (503) 409-1570 Salem, OR

Sally Ahner
- Alexander Teacher Nashville, Tennessee

Sally Pawoll (858) 826-7502 Escondido, CA

Sally Rughani Alexander Technique Nottingham, England

Sally Shallenberg,
AmSAT-certified teacher Alexander Technique Oceanside, CA

Sally Tottle
Alexander Technique England

Sam Narvell 310.445.8714 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Sam Prouty (520) 760-3313 Tucson, AZ

Samadhi Yoga Center Romania

Samadhi Yoga Centre Canada

Samata Yoga

Samkhya Yoga

Sammamish Club Issaquah, Washington

San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health
Four Divisions in the Graduate School of Public Health, offering a total of ten different graduate degree programs

San Francisco School of Massage

San Jose State University California
Health Science Department, College of Applied Sciences and Arts, Division of Health Professions. MPH Program in Community Health Education

Sana Vita Studio
Marilyn Glielmi (312) 829-8482 Chicago, IL

Sandra Kirchner and Leo Peppas: Amsterdam Netherlands

Sandra Riddell
Alexander Technique England

Sandy Sarnoff Body Breath Pilates (310) 319-9205
Manhattan Beach, CA

Sandy Sonner
Resa, Rachel, Sarah 703.787.3767
11305 # B-1 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, Virginia

Sanjeev Kumar Bhanot

Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute California

Santa Barbara Yoga Center

Santa Monica Yoga

Sara Radici
L’Arte Del Controllo 011 39 0349 8763 139 via Roma 59 09100 Cagliari, Italy
Certified Pilates Instructor

Sara Solnick
Alexander Technique London, England

Sarah Jordon 310.710.2216 / 310.374.9236
324 N. Catalina Ave. #10, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Certified Pilates Instructor

Sarah Case, San Francisco

Sarah Malzone (703) 945-4835 Miami, FL

Sarah Massey (312) 399-5573 Chicago, IL

Sarah Sligh (310) 709-3817 Los Angeles, CA

Sarah Steele 310.871.5332, Calabasas, CA 94302
Certified Pilates Instructor

Sarah Tovey Alexander Technique Radyr, England

School of Massage Therapy

Saskia Schinkel 011 312 0615
2779 Woestduinstraat 52 H.S. The Netherlands

Satin Fitness Cape Cod, Mass

Satyam School of Yoga: Johannesburg South Africa

Satyananda Yoga Teachers' Association

Satyananda Yoga

Savannah School of Massage

Savvier, LP

Saw Mill Club Mt. Kisco, NY

School for F.M. Alexander Studies Melbourne, Australia
Three year teacher-training course, shorter courses and private lessons

School of Enlightened Healing Asheville, North Carolina
Training in Transgradient Counseling ‘How to Be Your Own Best Psychotherapist’ CEU's are available

School of Massage Therapy and Structural Bodywork

School of Public Health - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Degree programs in Public Health include bachelor of science, masters programs, doctor of public health (DrPH) and other academic areas

School of Public Health - University of South Carolina
Environmental health statistics, epidemiology, exercise science, health administration, and health promotion and education

School of Public Health and Community Medicine: University of New South Wales
Postgraduate department of the Faculty of Medicine, with events calendar, and details of courses and research projects

School of Public Health and Community Medicine: University of Washington

School of Public Health and Health Services: George Washington University
Admissions information, research institutes, degree programs and distance learning opportunities

School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine - Tulane University New Orleans, LA
Course of instructions by departments, admissions information, and programs of study

School of Public Health, University at Albany
Admissions, departments, research programs and centers, and continuing education

School of Public Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham WWW.UAB.EDU/PublicHealth
Links to and information about school research centers and projects, admissions, and public health careers

School of Public Health-University of Minnesota
The presence of public health in the university dates back to the 1860s. The School's mission is to preserve and enhance the health of the public through education, research, and service programs

School of Rural Public Health - Texas A&M University System
The school of public health is the first of its kind to concentrate on traditionally underserved rural areas. The School currently offers a Master's of Public Health degree

SciCentral: Health Sciences
Headline links to recently published articles, plus a searchable directory


Science a GoGo
Biweekly ezine offers the latest science news focusing on offbeat technologies, hot topics, bizarre research

Science Daily Magazine
Daily headlines and summaries of health and medical news stories searchable by disease, treatments, diagnosis

Science Magazine
International weekly science journal, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Science Medicine University
Offering doctor drugless Medicine,Integrated medicine education

Science News Daily
Daily general science and research news, physics and nanotechnology

Science News Online

Science News

Science Spectra
Quarterly magazine which aims to present and promote cross-disciplinary discussion in science

Science Week

ScienCentral News

Scientific American
Daily science and technology news


Scott Bryant London, UK

Scrambled Eggs @ Pilates 4 Men 323-656-6373 Los Angeles, Ca
Extreme Pilates Classes

Seal of Fitness Atlanta, Georgia

Seane Corn

Seashore Healing Arts Center Somers Point, New Jersey

Seaside Yoga and Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultancy

Seattle Fitness Seattle, Washington

Seattle Muscle Personal Training Studio Washington

Sebastien Legree 310.480.3170 La, Ca.
Certified Pilates Instructor

Sebastopol Massage Center Sebastopol, CA

Seeds of Transformation Northampton, Massachusetts
Susan Marie Iellamo, Integrative Therapist. Utilizing Transformational Breath, Somato-Respiratory Integration, energy and sound Healing

Seishindo: Mind-Body Integration Workshops
Workshops on body intelligence, somatic language, somatic coaching, holistic health, and personal development in the USA, Japan and Europe

Selene Vigil (323) 702-9037 Malibu, CA

Self Actualization Point Australia
James Angheli's life coaching and meditation program, for having what you want and being who you want to be

Seminar Innovations, Inc.
Offers seminar courses for continuing education credits

Semperviva Holistic Health and Yoga Centre Canada
Sensible Fitness Cincinnati, Ohio

Sensory DeveIopment Institute School Of Massage

Seminars and counseling in Reiki, Avatar, ReSurfacing, spirituality, rebirthing, Native American medicine

Serene Zloof 415.606.3163,
310.271.2506 La, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Sergei Bakalov Ohio

Shake-N-Bake Pilates Cake 323-656-6373 Los Angeles, California
Certified Pilates Instructor

Shall we Dance?
Ballroom Dancing and the Alexander Technique
How the technique can enhance the quality of ballroom dancing

Shamrock Illinois

Shana Miller, Physical Therapist, 310.625.0795 Pilates Instructor, Los Angels California
Certified Pilates Instructor

Shannon Jette (602) 703-8350 Phoenix, AZ

Shannon Lents (646) 456-5735 Boca Raton, FL

Shannon Mealey (949) 351-5694 Irvine, CA

Shannon Nicolette MPT, ATC, PMA-CPT
EnCore Pilates
352-377-3305 4140 NW 37th Place, Suite C Gainesville, 32606, FL

Shannon Oldberg 818.759.8330 Los Angeles, Ca

Shanti Bhavan

Shanti Yoga Studio Canada

Shanti Yoga

Shapes Express
Gym chain for women with locations in several Eastern U.S. states. Offers a specialized 30-minute circuit workout program

Shapes Total Fitness Dallas, PA

Shapes Women's Fitness Centres Canada

Shari Berkowitz Vertical Workshop (310) 271 4741 9012 W. Olympic Blvd, #20 Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Sharky's Athletic Club Sarnia, ON, Canada

Sharon Hartley (415) 383-8654 Mill Valley, CA

Sharon Henry Hoboken, New Jersey

Silvia Carcereri - Power Pilates +39 045 596615 Verona, Italy

Sharon Isikoff (520) 722-4291 Tucson, AZ

Sharon Phegley
627 California Ave. #A, Venice, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Shary Harrison Pilates
Palm Springs, Ca
Pilates Instructor

Shaun Edwards 508.737.8528, 508.413.9133 145 Commercial St, Provincetown, Mass
Certified Pilates Instructor TRX and Bodyblade

Shawn LeBrun Fitness

Shawna Cordell Fitness NYC, NY

Shayne Maratea (208) 721-1430 Hailey, ID

Shelbo San Francisco

Shelby Grayson New York City, NY

Shelley Ballestrazze
Pilates Of Marin (415) 927-7800 Corte Madera , CA

Shelley Wilcox 310.379.1771 Hermosa Beach, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Shelly Power (305) 666-0037 x103 Miami, FL

Sheraz Yousaf London, UK

Sheri Long (310) 529-4149 El Segundo, CA

Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic
Prepares students as fully qualified health care providers, who specialize in the area of vertebral subluxation

Sherri Judd Mirejovsky (949) 295-7246 Irvine, CA

Sherry L. Brady Studio Joe (480) 367 8501 Paradise Valley, AZ

Sherwood Yoga

Shirley Jenkins 206.324.3417
Seattle, Washington

Stephanie Duffield 206.322.5997
Seattle, Washington

Susanne Small 206.363.7727 Seattle, Washington

Shivjag New Zealand

Shona Leakos (403) 286-1404 Calgary
, ALB T3A0T9, Canada

Shunyata Yoga, Santa Barbara

Sibele Pires Ferreira 55 11 5181 2000 SH Morumbi, Brazil

Siddha Yoga Meditation

Sidekicks Gym and Basic Training Center Redmond, Washington

Sidney Albert Albany Jewish Community Center NY

Siesta Chiropractic`s Natural Healing Center
Sarasota, Florida
Providing natural alternatives that facillitates the body`s own innate healing ability

Sigal Bergman Alexander Technique

Sign On San Diego

Silver Fox Studio Walnut Creek, California

Silver Hammer Publishing Health Newsbrief
A free weekly newsletter summarizing news stories, medical journal articles, and government reports about health - with links to the original documents

Simcoe Natural Health Clinic and Educational Centre
Workshops, seminars, training and certification courses (Massage therapy and spa services)

Simha Joy Baron (954) 983-7772 Hollywood, FL

Simi D. Nary 703.527.4054 Arlington, Virginia

Simmons Center Duncan, Oklahoma

Simon Buchanan 310.287.2746 West -Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor and Weight Trainer

Simon Gore Alexander Technique England

Simon Ward North Leeds, UK

Simone Mendes Da Silva
The Pilates Studio Brasil 55 11 3825 7485 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Certified Pilates Instructor

Simpatico Pilates (805) 565-7591 Santa Barbara CA
, 93108

Simple not Easy

Simply Wonderful New Zealand and in Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Details of workshops and holidays offered by this teacher

Simply Yoga

Sirlene Mendonca 55 11 3081 1157 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sit and Be Fit
An exercise program for seniors and people with chronic medical conditions

Sivananda Ashram Vrindavan Yoga Farm, Grass Valley

Sivananda Ashram Canada

Sivananda Yoga Center:

Six Pack Now

Skelly's MCQs in Tropical Medicine
Prepare for the diploma in infectious diseases and tropical medicine and hygiene, DTM+H, and MRCP.

Skip Swope 323-804-7547 Los Angeles & Palm Springs, California
Certified Pilates Instructor Specializing in Reformer Group Classes

Have you ever wondered HOW a KICK-ASS Pilates reformer class could still be SAFE & FUN?..... TAKE THIS CLASS and see 4 ur self!!!!

Stefania Rodegher -
Power Pilates +39 045 596615
Verona, Italy

Sleek Physiques Dallas, Texas

Sleep and Health
Dedicated to advancing the public's knowledge of sleep disorders, alertness, mood, performance and other health related issues

Slender Lady of Calgary Calgary, AB, Canada

Sli na Bande Yoga Centre Ireland

Smart Body Movement 54a Harvard Street Brookline Village, MA 02446

Smedley's Elite Personal Training London, UK

Smitty's Iron Works Midland, MI

Sneakers Germantown, Wisconsin

Snohomish Center Washington

Snowlion Center School
School, located in Provence, offers training in various energy healing modalities

So Fun To Do Wilmette, Illinois

So Pilates Leeds, UK

So You Wanna Learn the Basics of Yoga

Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique England
A comprehensive site maintained by the largest and oldest certifying organization in the UK.
Includes a directory of teachers and information about how to train as a teacher

Soft Health and Healing Clinic Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dr. Troy McColman's office offers chiropractic, laser therapy, and soft tissue therapies. Provides information on various treatment techniques, diet recommendations, stretching exercises, and other health related advice

Softwords Quarterly Newsletter
Contains articles concerning the Ontario MOH OMA and healthcare related topics keeping you up to date on the latest technological breakthroughs

Solidago School of Massage and Holistic Health

Solutions In Fitness TN

Soma Institute of Massage Therapy Shawnee, OK

Soma Training Washington

Soma 310.289.9043
Thalia Thomas Pilates and Dance 630 N. LaCienaga Blvd, La, Ca, 90069

Somatics Institute School Canada

Somatics on the WWWeb
Internet guide to Hanna Somatic Education, a variation of chiropractic care, with an explanation of the therapy, guide to clinics, and a search feature for finding additional information

Somerset School of Massage Therapy Somerset, New Jersey

Sonia Maria Barros C. 55 11 3081 1157 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sonki Fitness Los Angeles, California

Comprehensive information site for students and doctors. Also includes histology, radiology, anatomy and other sites of interest

Sorel Carradine Circut Pilates and Pilates Plus Los Angeles, California, USA
Reformer Class Instructor

Sornam Joanna Sahadevan (510) 237-4599 El Cerrito, CA

Soul Arch Yoga, Palo Alto

Sound Mind and Body – (206) 547-3470 Fremont Club 437 N. 34th Street Seattle, WA

Sound Mind and Body Gyms Seattle, Washington

Source Life Yoga

South Bank Alexander Centre

South Bay Fitness South Bay area of southern

South Bay Massage College Manhattan Beach, CA

South Florida Fitness Florida

South West Academy

Southern California University of Health Sciences
Programs include Doctor of Chiropractic, Chiropractic Assistant Program, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and Distant learning courses

Southern Connecticut State University
Offering Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Master of Public Health Degrees

Southern Springs

Southland Chiropractic Centre Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Southview Athletic Club West Saint Paul, Minnesota

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Tempe, AZ

Spa Lady New Jersey

SPA Augusta, Maine

Space Coast Health Institute Florida

Space Coast Health Institute

Spanda Yoga

Spectrum Center Lake Stevens, WA

Spin City Gym & Fitness Centre Australia

Spinal Touch Treatment Seminars
Workshops on a soft tissue, non-force therapy designed to help correct of postural distortion and visceral positions

Spine Health: Pilates
A free monthly on-line newsletter from Dr. T.J. McKay and Dr. G.P. Sadiwnyk, Chiropractors, Canada.
Topics include nutrition, exercise, a children's section and how chiropractic helps

Spine-Health: Chiropractic
Review of chiropractic philosophy, diagnostics, treatments, training and education

Spiritual Work And Research Network

Sport and Health Clubs Washington, DC

Sport Psychology
Dedicated to the education and practice of sport psychology

Sport Psychology Consulting
Performance enhancement, sport injury rehabilitation, and assistance with the stress

Sport Psychology Ltd

Sport Psychology OverSite
A comprehensive list of links to sites that focus on mental training and performance enhancement

Sport Psychology

Sport Yoga Certification and Training

Sport Z Coach


Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation 800-844-0536

Sports Club/LA
Operates sports and fitness clubs with a variety of programs, services, and amenities

Sports Coach

Sports Fitness Advisor

Sports Performance Group Boston, Mass

Sports Psychotherapy Center

Sports Speed, Etc.

Spotlight: Yoga and Pilates on Philadelphia Citysearch

Sprague Sports Psychology - Mental Training for Peak Performance

Springs Fitness Austin, Texas

SRKC Martial Arts Kansas City and Independence, Missouri

St. James Club Health Club Toledo, Ohio

St. John Neuromuscular Therapy Seminars
St. John Seminars are offered to anybody interested in helping people in pain
This site offers searches to find NMT therapists, and shows when and where the next seminar will be

Stacey Clark (563) 508-0009 Davenport, IA

Stacey Ells (310) 796-4853 Hermosa Beach, CA

Stacie Marlette Fitness Professional Atlanta, Georgia

Stacy Barrows (310) 372-5424 Manhattan Beach, CA

Stacy Weitzner 011 852 2812 7948 Repulse Bay, HONG KONG

Stamina .......................................................Pilates Equipment Sales

Stanford Aerobics & Yoga, Palo Alto

Starfish Personal Training Berkshire and Reading, UK

Starfish Studio
Jennifer Loftin 262.240.2273
Mequon, Wisconsin Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Start a Pilates Class Franchise

Statistics for Coaches

Stay in the Zone Golf and Tennis Sport Psychology
Teaching people how to get in the zone and stay in the zone

Stayin Alive Florida

Stephan Holt Fitness

Stephanie Cross (310) 801-8172 Burbank, CA

Stephanie E. Weiner
Body Shape Center 41 52 2339564

Stephanie Eschrich Corona, CA
Pilates Instructor

Stephanie Evertt 818.366.7511 Studio City, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Stephanie Fedor-Joseph (205) 933-9191 Hoover, AL

Stephanie Hermann In & Up Pilates (323) 906-9908 Los Angeles, CA

Stephanie Mieko Jones (949) 370-6539 Laguna Niguel, CA

Stephanie Segers, Alexander Technique Boston, Massachusetts

Stephanie Smith Alexander Technique Essex, England

Stephanie Snyder 708-363-6679 Venice, Ca
Pilates Instructor

Stephanie Weiner Northeast Health & Fitness Inst. (704) 895-7048 Huntersville, North Carolina

Stephen Blackwell 310.236.1128 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Steuben Athletic Club Albany, NY

Steve Jones

Steve Martin South of England, UK

Steve Wood 310.339.6032 La, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor, Photograher

Steven Reichert Personal Training Washington, D.C

Steven Shohoudy

Steve's Gym

Stew Smith's Personal Training Club

Still, Silverlake

Stone Gate Studio (570) 251-9408 Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Stone Therapy School
Classes and information on this ancient healing art of massage with hot and cold stones

Stonebridge Associated Colleges

Stone's Gym and Fitness Center Houston, Texas

Stonewater Education

Storm Surge Communications
CPR, first aid, AED, forklift and other OSHA compliance training programs

Stott 800- 910-0001,
416-482-4050 Toronto Canada

Strength and Conditioning Information for Coaches

Strength & Clarity Pilates Studio 145 Commercial St, Provincetown, Mass
Certified Pilates Instructor TRX and Bodyblade
508.737.8528, 508.413.9133

Strength Training - HealthWorld Online

Strength Training for Women

Strength Training UK

StrengthCats Home Page


Stretching for Tai Chi Chuan and Wu Shu

Stride Walkfit
Brisk arm movement with the use of poles in conjunction with walking, also a series of stretching and toning

Student Canadian Chiropractic Association (SCCA) Toronto, Canada
The association acts as a liaison between the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) and Canadian chiropractic students studying in Canada, and all over the world

Student Fit

Studio 1880 –
Das Pilates Zentrum (49) Hamburg, Germany

Studio 4/Pilates On the Coast Half Moon Bay, CA

Studio Adrienne (503) 351-5628 621
S.W. Alder, Suite 303 Portland, Oregon

Studio B Pilates Jacob Lindley 818.508.0400 10137 Riverside Drive, #203, North Hollywood CA

Studio B Pilates
215 N. Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles CA

Studio Balance 011 555 1330 6346
Av. Encantado 410 Porto Alegre-RS 90470-420

Studio Body Logic (703) 739-7601 Alexandria, VA

Studio Body Logic 703.527.9626
3017 B Clarendon Blvd. Arlington, Virginia

Studio Body Logic, 703.739.7601 2417 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria (Del Ray), Virginia

Studio Evolving Healesville, Australia
Alexander Technique s well as horseback riding and accommodation

Studio for Pilates (609) 921-7990 392 Wall Street Princeton, New Jersey

Studio Italy 39 349 3420853 Verona, ITALY

Studio Lindberg London W1, UK

Studio Lotus Davidson Reid (404) 817-0900 Atlanta, GA

Studio Lotus (404) 817-0900
1145 Zonolite Road #13 Atlanta, GA

Studio M Pilates & Gyrotonics
Madeline Black 707-938-5593 Sonoma CA

Studio One Pilates

Studio Pilates 209 W Grand Ave El Segundo, CA 90245 310-997-0650 El Segundo, CA

Studio Pilates
4, rue Massena – 06000 Tel: Nice, France

Studio Pilates
39, avenue du Temple – 75004 Tel: Paris, France
Certified Pilates Instructor

Studio Pilates,
Lori Gosney
360.825.2690 1533 Cole Street, Enumclaw, Washington
Certified Pilates Instructor

Studio Praxis Montreal, Quebec

Studio Prime Pilates,
LLC Sara Marek
(770) 633-8135 Roswell, GA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Study Guide

Subodh Gupta

Success and You Coaching Systems
Powerful Resources to Transform Your Life. Become or Find a Coach.
Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Personal Development, Success Coaching, Australia and International

Sue Pepper
Alexander Technique London, England

Suite101: Yoga

Summer Marie Davies Laguna, New Port, Ca

Summit Athletic Club St. George, Utah

Sunfit Training Toronto, Canada

Sunset Athletic Club Portland, Duncan, Oregon


Surge Fitness New York City, NY

Susan B. Holewinski (317) 254-0766 Indianapolis, IN

Susan Burk
82 Main Street
802.877.3293 Vergennes, Vermont

Susan C Reynolds (770) 671-1377 Atlanta, GA

Susan Dixon Momentum Fitness Studio (831) 625-1360 Carmel, CA

Susan Elliott (954) 288-1067 Pompano Beach, FL

Susan F. Bronstein (314) 965-5672 Saint Louis, Missouri

Susan Fitzsimmons Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Susan Gates (207) 772-8950
Portland Pilates 49 Dartmouth Street Portland, Maine 04102

Susan Hamilton Colucci Miami Beach, FL

Susan Marnoy (909) 625-1591 Claremont, CA

Susan Munshower (610) 530-8172 Schnecksville, Pennsylvania

Susan Saulk 619.320.9933 Palm Springs, CA


Susan Schmidt (520) 818-9181 Tucson, AZ

Susan Tate (541) 484-4011 Eugene, Oregon

Susanne Barry Personal Best Training Partnership Hertfordshire, UK

Suzanna Zweifel-Ashcom (208) 622-7199 Ketchum, ID

Suzanne Duncanson Alexander Technique England

Suzanne Gutterson (505) 256-1345 Albuquerque, New Mexico

Suzanne Martin Total Body Development (510) 769-2917
Alameda, CA

Suzanne McCarty 0043 1 4035090
Authentic Pilates Center Studio, Wien Lange Gasse 78. 1080 Vienna, Austria
Certified Pilates Instructor

Suzanne Rosi (520) 299 0544 Tuscon, AZ

Suzanne Westmoreland (949) 454-8959 Mission Viejo, CA

Suzen Younglove (727) 204-3635 Clearwater, FL

Suzie Trains Maui Hawaii

Svaha Yoga: Amsterdam Netherlands

Swami Maheshananda Saraswati

Swamiji World Peace Tour 2001

Sweat by Design TX

Swedish Health Institute
17525, Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA

Swedish Institute New York

Sybil Shearburn Body Language, Inc. (256) 704-5080 Huntsville, AL

Sydney Shapiro 323.717.1444 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Sydney Yoga Space

Sylvia Camarillo
My Pilates Studio (949) 874-1645 Irvine, CA

Sylvia Gamnoet Bodies in Balance (615) 354-0550 5137 Boxcroft Place Nashville, Tennessee

Syndicated News
World news, commentary, business and technology news

Syner-g Erin Pilates studio 323-965-8681 LA, California

Synergetic Health

Synergistics Personal Training Boston, Massachusetts

Contact and general information for "transformative massage", utilizing intuitive bodywork/energy work.
Offers counseling, coaching, and developing wellness plans to prevent relapse of problems or issues

Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy Center Vancouver, BC
Workshops in a therapeutic system designed to trigger the body's natural healing reflexes

Szetlana Epifanova 310.276.1809 / 310.801.920 Beverly Hills, Ca

Certified Pilates Instructor & PRIMA BALLARINA ABSOLUTE

Tactical Fitness TX

Take Thirty NS, Canada

Takuyo Takahashi Williams (808) 822-0269 Kapaa (Kauai), HI

Talia Chris,, Hollywood, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor and Dancer

Tama Cruz Salvadores, Malibu, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Tamara Hoffman (901) 737 7322 x 308 Memphis, TN
Certified Pilates Instructor

Tanja Baumann

Tanya Friedl (480) 603 6570 Ahwatukee & Scottsdale, AZ

Tanya Nieto-Winzey (305) 606-2897 Miami Beach, FL

Tanya Shoop Alexander Technique London, England

Taos School of Massage

Tar Pit Yoga, Los Angeles

Taras Howell Atlanta, Georgia

Target Safety

Taunya Foerster Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tawny Solorzano (310) 383-1423 Agoura Hills, CA

Taylor Made Fitness Personal Training San Diego

Taylor Made Fitness Pittsburgh, PA

Taylor Made Personal Training NY

TCR Body Tech

Te Aro Astanga Yoga: Wellington New Zealand

Team Fitness Lake Stevens, Washington

Team Holland Inc.

Team Rehab Iowa

Teaque Equipment 818-991-9405 ................................Pilates Equipment Sales

Tech Fitness Madison, New Jersey

Telegraph: Connected

Telos Performance Center (972) 386-2582
13701 Dallas Parkway Dallas, TX

Temple University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Graduate Assistantships for master's and doctoral studies are available

Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage Knoxville, TN

Tennis Corporation of America (TCA)
Operates multi-recreational clubs and spas

Terence (Terry) Smith 310.313.6870 Los Angeles, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor
Boxing-Pilates & Post-Rehab

Teresa Carpenter TX

Teresa Floyd 757.486.8665
2232 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Todd Rosenlieb 757.625.7282
325 Granby Street, Norfolk, Virginia

Teresa Sullivan (520) 622-8517 Tucson , AZ

Teresa Theis (317) 782-9160 Indianapolis, IN

Teri Keresey 323.823.4860
418 Grand Blvd. Venice, CA
Pilates Instructor

Terri Condon (310) 469-2469 Agoura, CA

Terri Roberts, Evansville, Indiana

Terri Roberts
State College, Pennsylvania

Terrie Reeves,
Energy Quest

Terry's Total Fitness TX

Tess Pierchorowicz 011 418 229617 Sydney Rawdwick, Australia

Tessa Crofton (250) 370 1515 Victoria, British Columbia

TEST Healthclub New Jersey

Texas Chiropractic College

Thayer Beverly Hills, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

The Abdominal Training FAQ

The Airport Club North Bay, CA

The Alexander Alliance

The Alexander Learning Studio of Portland, Oregon

The Alexander Studio London, England
Offers lessons to regular students and a teacher training course

The Alexander Technique Oakland, California

The Alexander Technique - What is It?
Description of the technique emphasizing its basic concepts

The Alexander Technique and Tai Chi
How this method can help with the practice of Tai Chi

The Alexander Technique College of Sussex England

The Alexander Technique Studios New York

The Alexander Technique Teacher Training School London, England
This school provides certification for prospective Alexander Technique teachers after a three year, 1600 hour, training course

The Alexander Technique
Brief descriptions and information on how it is taught as well as useful links

The Alexander Technique,
Guide to Habit and Backache
A student's account of his lesson experiences

The Alternative Medicine College of Canada

The American Center for the Alexander Technique New York
Training center for Alexander teachers in New York City

The Aquatic and Fitness Center Philadelphia, and Bala Cynwyd, PA

The Aquatic and Fitness Center Cherry Hill, New Jersey

The Art of Control
735 Anderson Hill Rd. Purchase, NY 10577
SUNY at Purchace College

The Ashtanga Yoga Shala Canada

The Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies

The Astanga Yoga Center Uptown, San Diego

The Athletic Training Center Bosie, Idaho

The Away Spa and Gym New York

The Back and Body Studio

The Bannockburn Club Illinois

The Bar Method California and Connecticut

The Barnett Training System

The Beach Fitness Center Newark, Delaware

The Bo Tree, Davis

The Bodhiwork Institute Concord, California

The Body Factory Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C.

The Body Gallery
Cassidy, Jesse or Jill 415.776.6641 1527 baker street, San Francisco CA

The Body Project

The Body Sculptress

The Body Shop Gym Mammoth Lakes

The Body Studio for Fitness Foster City, California

The Bodyshop Fitness Center Horsham, PA

The British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) United Kingdom

The Buzz Page
Daily news featuring a selection of odd news headlines

The Canadian Chiropractic Association
Information on chiropractic in Canada and a search feature to locate a nearby chiropractor

The Canadian Chiropractic Association Canada
Information on chiropractic in Canada and a search feature for the chiropractors near you

The Canadian Society of Chiropractic Evaluators Ontario
Information about the CSCE, directory of members, standards and guidelines, treatment modalities, case management glossary and algorithms and a desktop reference manual

The Cancer Letter
News and information on the world of cancer research, including activities of the U.S. National Cancer Institute and the latest research funding opportunities

The Cardio Club Reading, PA

The Center for Creative Being
Classes, workshops and private sessions on alternative health topics

The Center for Holistic Arts New York
Offers and promotes courses in Homeopathy, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Kung Fu, and Polarity Therapy
Distant learning courses available

The Chiropractic Resource Organization
A web site for and created by chiropractors, featuring the ChiroZine, activism information, individual state information, as well as sections devoted to journals, abstracts and case studies

The Club at Ranchlands Grande Prairie, AB, Canada

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
Includes definitions, how to find a teacher, scientific and medical research, foreign language material, interactive

The Complete Personal Training Company

The Connection for Women and Families Summit, New Jersey

The Cooper Institute (800) 635-7050

The Cyclotherapist
A monthly column on cycling performance topics

The Dean Team

The Deeper Well: Integrative Medicine Workshops Three Rivers, CA
The Effects of Posture on Learning:
Implications from the Alexander Technique
Study of children's posture done at Leeds University in England

The Eggs
E-zine from the European Geophysical Society provides articles, news, journal watch and book reviews

The Elbow Room Ireland

The F M Alexander Charitable Trust
A registered charity which educates the public in the Alexander Technique and promotes research and study

The Fairfield College of Myopractics and Naturopathic Medicine
Advance teaching in Naturopathic Medicine as well as a PhD. Degree in Myology with an emphasis in orthomolecular biochemistry

The Feldenkrais Guild of North America
A way of working with the awareness of one's body to improve movement and enhance human functioning. Increases ease and range of motion, improves flexibility and coordination.
Newsletter, books, tapes, and research information

The Feldenkrais Institute of Bend Bend, Oregon
Teaches body awareness and movement education

The Feldenkrais Method and Posture
A Los Angeles based practitioner and teacher's guide

The Firm London, UK

The Fit Zone

The Fitness Almanac

The Fitness Edge Connecticut

The Fitness Group Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Fitness Institute Toronto and Montreal, Canada

The Fitness League UK

The Fitness Mentor San Francisco

The Fitness Network Inc.

The Fitness Prof

The Gym at Southern Ice Cool Springs Galleria, Tennessee

The Harvard Science Review

The Healing Hands Center

The Healing Intensive Retreat
6 days of healing with support, combining allopathic medicine, contemporary energy medicine and the profound healing of Divine Love

The Health and Safety Training Presentation

The Health Reformer
A free monthly newsletter on health reform and drug use prevention

The Hills Fitness Center (512) 327-4881 (x 801) Austin, Texas

The Hills Fitness Center 512.327.4881
4615 Beecaves Road Austin, Texas

The Hindu: Sci Tech

The Hope Chest -
Patients Newsletter
News and links for members of the University of Minnesota lung support group and for anyone who has had or is waiting for a lung transplant

The Humanities Center Florida

The Institute of Holistic Nutrition ¬ Canada
Offering Diploma programs in Applied Holistic Nutrition. Includes information on history and philosophy of holistic medicine

The Integrated Body
Idrienne Steiman (317) 208-2929 Indianapolis, IN

The Iron Dungeon

The Kathol System

The Longfellow Clubs Wayland, Massachusetts

The Margaret Corbishley School of Reflexology Hertfordshire, UK
Contains training information, course schedule and FAQ

The Massage and Alternative Medicine Online Course

The Metabolic Thruster Workout Program

The Method Pilates

The Middendorf Breath Institute San Francisco, California
The centre provides details of practitioners, teachers and workshops in 'The Experience of Breath'

The Mighty Vine Cincinnati, Ohio

The Mindful Body, San Francisco

The Movement Center

The National Personal Training Institute

The New York Times: Science

The Next Level Personal Training

The North Carolina School of Yoga

The Omni Club and LivingWell Lady Florida

The Oregon Massage Therapists Association
Provides mentoring, direction, continuing education and networking to practitioners

The Performance School Online
Seattle center featuring online opportunities to study the Alexander Technique

The Personal Training Station Inc. Mississauga, Canada

The Physique Morpher
Issues in health and fitness with references from scientific journals and textbooks

The Pilates & Physical Therapy Center of Seattle
Ginny Haley-Kannnigel 206.405.3560 Seattle, Washington

The Pilates Place (901)761-0602 474
Perkins Road, Ext. # 207 Memphis, Tennessee

The Pilates Bible
273 Pilates Protocols
The WHAT-HOW-WHY of Pilates Exercise Physiology as applied to Pilates

The Pilates Body
Kelly Tourgeman 818-265-9918 1401 West Kenneth Road, Glendale CA

The Pilates Center (303) 494-3400 Boulder , CO

The Pilates Center of Boulder

The Pilates Center of Columbia,
Stephens College Campus Studio (573) 442-2211 x 4715 Columbia, Missouri

The Pilates Center of Virginia, 757.625.7282
325 Granby Street Norfolk (near Virginia Beach), Virginia

The Pilates Center 703.779.3511
312-H East Market Street Leesburg, Virginia

The Pilates Ivon Dahl, PhD
(323) 656-6373 Los Angeles, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor,
Director of International Pilates Certification,
Masters in Education

The Pilates Experience
Barbara Crostic (772) 485-8775 Stuart, FL

The Pilates Fitness Center 310.459.9845 Pacific Palisades, Ca
Reformer classes

The Pilates Haus 155 Second Street Jersey City, New Jersey 07302

The Pilates Home

The Pilates Path 760.776.9904 Palm Springs, Ca

The Pilates Program

The Pilates Room Fulham, London, UK

The Pilates Studio at The Chatham Club
484 Southern Boulevard Chatham, New Jersey

The Pilates Studio Brasil 55 11 3081 1157 Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Pilates Studio of Sparta (973) 729-2262 25 Heighwood Trail Sparta, New Jersey

The Pilates Studio Glasgow, UK

The Posture Page
Comprehensive information about several varied approaches to achieving an easy, flexible upright posture. Many useful links

The Power of BreathWork
Love yourself, release old emotions and pent up feelings allowing happiness, joy, peace and love to fill your daily life, breathe yourself whole. Provides a wealth of information on BreathWork and related subjects

The President's Council on Fitness and Sports

The Pulse For Men Virginia

The Pumping Station

The Q-Net Monthly Newsletter
Encourages endoscopy communities to dialogue on topics relating to sterilization, disinfection, decontamination, and instrument reprocessing

The Quiet Mind Body Shop New Zealand

The Raw Story

The Relationship between Stress and Performance in Top sport

The Ron Fletcher Work Texas

The Rush 24/7 Fitness Complex Knoxville, Tennessee

The School of Holistic Aromatherapy
School provides training in Britain and abroad. Prepares students to practice professionally within the private and state healthcare systems

The School of Holistic Therapy
The School of Holistic Therapy in Scotland training in healing, energy work, bodywork, massage, and shamanism

The School of Mantra Colour Healing
Combines a variety of vibrational healing methods such as color and sound therapy

The Sennin Foundation Center for Japanese Cultural Arts

The Seven Bodies

The Sex Files
Education program examining sex from a scientific and sociological view points

The Sheppard Method Pilates Studio Los Angeles CA

The Society for Holistic Breathing
Offers online training in Eastern techniques for natural breathing and preventive maintenance

The Spa Loft
818-226-5638 5441 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Woodland Hills, CA

The Sport Club at San Jose University

The Sport Club at San Jose University

The Sports Center Pier 60,
off West Street (212) 336-6000 New York, NY

The Sports Club Woodlyn, PA

The Sports Coach

The Stamford Athletic Club Connecticut

The Summit Community Center For Health Promotion and Fitness www.summithealthcenter. com Kalispell, Montana

The Sydney Alexander School Sydney, Australia

The Texas Center for the Alexander Technique Austin, Texas

The Thoughtful Body Pilates Studio Derby, UK

The Train Station Houston, Texas

The Training Sensation Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Training Station, Inc.
Southside Indianapolis Indiana

The Training Zone Vancouver, Washington

The V Health Community Charleston, South Carolina

The Westbourne Villas Studio London
W2, UK

The Why Files

The Workout Company St. Louis, Missouri

The Works Health and Fitness Center Somersworth, New Hampshire

The Worldwide Center
Teaches workshops, teleclasses, one-on-one sessions that enable individuals to improve their health

The Xercize Corp New York

The Yoga Company, San Ramon

The Yoga Group: Yoga for HIV/AIDS
Denver - Free yoga classes to persons living with HIV/AIDS

The Yoga Loft Canada

The Yoga Lounge Canada

The Yoga Order United Kingdom

The Yoga Room, Berkeley

The Yoga Room, Encinitas

The Yoga Site teacher directory

The Yoga Solution with Marti Foster, Silicon Valley Area

The Yoga Source of Marin, San Rafael

The Yoga Studio

The Yoga Vasistha

Thea J. Nebeker (530) 889-9115 Auburn, CA
Information for therapists and practitioners, including marketing and general information

Therapeia, San Francisco

Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio Canada

Therapeutic Rhythmical Massage

Therese Desrosiers (514) 489 7532 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Third Power Fitness Washington, DC

Thirumoolar Varmalogy Institute
Dedicated to knowledge of this Indian form of bodywork

Thomas Kurz's Column

Three Shires School of Reflexology UK
Provides details of courses at the Three Shires School in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, as well as background information, and contact

Three-D Human Anatomy Software 1.800.716.2475

Thurston, Julie
Certified Pilates Assistant Master

Tia Fink AlotaPilates (952) 926-4981
6418 West Lake Street St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Pilates Instructor

Tia Peterson (480) 244 0277
9160 E. Shea Blvd, # 110 Scottsdale, AZ

Tibbens Business Services
Information on transcription services for chiropractors

Tiffany Lawrence La, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Tiger Health & Fitness UK

Tim Soar Alexander Technique Swansea, South Wales

Timberline Fitness Studio Houston, Texas

Time: The Power Of Yoga,8599,106356,00.html

Tina Cook The Pilates Zone (650) 325-9663 Menlo Park, CA
Pilates Instructor

Tina Wagner (847) 726-8402 Hawthorn Woods, IL

Tina Willis (954) 551-1855 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tiny Tummies Online
Monthly food and nutrition newsletter for families
Edited by a registered dietician

Titan Personal Training Michigan

Todd Opheim -

Tollgate Hotel & Leisure England

Tom Koch's Alexander Technique Amsterdam, Holland

Tom McCook Center of Balance (650) 967-6414 Mountainview, CA

Tom Welsh (850) 644-0843 Tallahassee, FL

Toms River Fitness and Aquatic Center New Jersey

Tone, A Pilates Studio
Monica Anderson 707.526.3100 850 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa CA, 95404

Tony Sweet 323-497-0556 LA, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor
& Wieght Trainer

Tonray Ho (773) 791-3656 Chicago, IL

Tools of Change
Interactive planning guides and case studies show users how to apply community-based social marketing tools more effectively in environmental and health promotion programs

Top Breaking News Headlines

Topanga Fitness
Sharona Saltzman 818.347.9500 5441 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Woodland Hills CA

Personal Training and Fitness Consulting - Health News
News on health continually updated from thousands of sources around the net

Torey Manning Santa Clarita, Calififornia, USA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Tori Sikkema (732) 786-8804
19 Cranbury Brook Drive Englishtown, New Jersey

Toronto East Sport & Social Club
Offers co-ed sports leagues, adventure trips, as well as the Insideout ski and snowboard club

Torq London, UK

Torrensville Yoga Studio: Adelaide

Torres Pilates; CONTACT Rick at 561.301.1964 Miami, Florida & Los Angeles-Brentwood, California
Certified Pilates Instructor

Total Activation New Jersey

Total Athletic Performance Maximization Solutions

Total Body Fitness Training San Francisco, CA

Total Body Fitness Sumner, Washington

Total Body Fitness

Total Body Fitness

Total Fitness By Rene Albany, NY

Total Fitness For Women Express Maryland

Total Fitness Network

Total Fitness Westbrook, Maine

Total Health News Online
A free monthly newsletter that examines health and wellness issues from the perspective of Ayurveda, Earth's oldest healing tradition

Total Solution Wellness Center Tampa, Florida

Total Vision Hampshire, UK

Totally Sound Fitness Washington

Touch of Health
Eight steps to good health

Touch Therapy Institute Encino, CA

Touching America Little Rock, Arkansas

Touchpoint Reflexology Canada

TouchPro Institute of Chair Massage
An international professional association providing training, certification, and support to practitioners

Tracie Hendricks 818.752.1778 Los Angeles, Ca

Tracie Munn Anderson Pilates (520) 886-4843 Tucson, AZ

Tracy Coe (310) 798-7600 Manhattan Beach, CA

Tracy Friesen-Integration Pilates Studio (780) 421-9853 Edmonton, ALB Canada

Tracy Gil Alexander Technique Bristol, England

Tracy Maury (561) 379-9151 West Palm Beach, FL

Trade Secrets
PBS report by Bill Moyers about how human health and safety have been put at risk by the chemical industry

Traditional Pilates, 703.476.5930
2024 Chadds Ford Drive
Reston, Virginia

A non-profit corporation which represents and supports Trager psychophysical integration and Mentastics movement education

Train For Results Fort Lee, New Jersey

Train With Ron Illinois

Trainer Force

Trainer's Club Lake Oswego, Oregon

Training By Dominique South Florida

Training FItness Surrey, UK

Training With Jim
The Public Health Foundation's (PHF) online distance learning clearinghouse for public health training

Transformations Incorporated Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Conscious breathing with psychotherapy and bioenergetics
Specializes in abuse and women's issues

Treasure Coast Chapter of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association
Contains information on legislative issues and a newsletter

Treehouse Athletic Club Draper, Utah

Triangle Pilates (919) 851-7221
2425 Kildaire Farm Road, #103 Cary, NC

Triangle SportsPlex Hillsborough, North Carolina

Tri-City Court Club Kennewick, Washington

Tri-Fitness Prince Frederick, Maryland

Trisha Woolen
Pilates Fitness Center, Pacific Palisades, CA

Private and Group Reformer Cllasses

Trish Masson 8761 ½ Reading Ave. Westchester, CA

Tri-State College of Massotherapy Ohio
Offering an 18 month course leading to a diploma

TriVantage Fitness Loft Houston, Texas

Trocye Thome 949.842.2992 San Clemente, CA

Trophy Fitness Club Dallas, Texas

Troy Beck's Personal Training San Francisco

Troy McCarty 216.221.9998 Clevland, OH
Ballet Master, Certified Pilates Instructors, Many studios, Elite Instructors

True Heart Personal Training Cincinnati, Ohio

True Image Fitness

True Vitality SW London, UK

True Yoga, Thousand Oaks

Truly Huge

Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter
sample articles from recent issues, subscription information, table of contents for the past year, and forms to order back issues

Tulane University New Orleans, LA
Extensive offering of programs in public and tropical health


Turtle Island Yoga, San Rafael

TW Training NYC New York

Twenty Four Hour Fitness Pilates Programs Glendale, Ca

Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts

Twisted Fitness Claremont, New Hampshire

Two Fit Pros Training PA

UCLA 1.800.554.UCLA, 1.800.825.2631
California Fitness workshops and continuing education for Pilates

UCLA School of Public Health
Academic information including admissions, research centers and projects, newsletter, alumni information and resource links.
Graduate program: Master of Public Health

UK Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association United Kingdom

Ultimate Fitness Grand Junction, Colorado

Ultimate Fitness Center Streetsbor, Ohio

Ultimate Fitness Liverpool, NY

Ultimate Fitness, Inc (847) 733-9478
David Englund Evanstan, IL

Ultimate Pilates Guide

Ultra body fitness 323.851.9400 / 213.538.8750 Los Angeles, Ca

UMass, Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences
University of Massachusetts offering Health Policy and Management and Community Health Education programs

Underdog Personal Fitness New York City, NY

Underworld Health & Fitness Australia

Union Street Athletics Bangor, Maine

Unique Physique Fitness Center York, PA

Unique Training Company Bletchingley, Surrey, UK

United Gym Fitness Center St. Leonard, PQ, Canada

United States Trager Association
Promotes professional standards of this approach to mind/body integration and movement education

Univ. of Texas-Houston School of Public Health
Provides graduate educational training addressing complex health problems at the community level, offering both master's and doctoral degrees

Universal College of Reflexology
Specializing in reflexology with four levels of certification: foot, advanced, and Master Reflexologist and UCR Teacher of Reflexology.
Fully recognized by The Association of Massage Therapists and Wholistic Practitioners

Universal Therapeutic Massage Institute Albuquerque, NM

University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic
A non-profit, coeducational professional institution offering a program for a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree

University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health
Programs of study, research centers and projects, public health library

University of Connecticut - Health Center Graduate School
The University offers a Master of Public Health and several combined degree programs

University of Denver Department of Recreation Colorado

University of Dundee - Department of Epidemiology and Public Health UK
Post graduate courses in Public Health (MPH) and Environmental Health (MSc)

University of Florida Master of Public Health
Describes curriculum, guidelines, admission criteria and application information

University of Hawaii
School of Public Health, offers both the master of public health (MPH) and the master of science (MS) degree in public health in the specialization of epidemiology

University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health
Two degrees, the Master of Public Health (MPH) and Doctor of Public Health (DrPH), are offered by the School.
On-line and continuing educational programs also available

University of Iowa College of Public Health
Offers M.P.H., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees
Also, the department of Health Management and Policy offers the MHA and PhD degrees through the Graduate Program in Hospital and Health Administration

University of Kansas - Department of Health Policy and Management
Offers accredited graduate health administration training in the Kansas City metro area
The program offers joint degrees in law, business, and nursing

University of Liverpool - Public Health UK
A Public Health program; a multidisciplinary course providing a comprehensive public health knowledge

University of Michigan School of Public Health WWW.SPH.UMICH.EDU
Degree programs in Public Health; Master of Public Health (MPH) and MPH and Doctor of Medicine (MPH/MD)

University of North Texas, Ft. Worth
The School of Public Health offers a Master's of Public Health (MPH) degree

University of Oregon Strength and Conditioning

University of Pittsburgh - Graduate School of Public Health
Offering professional and academic graduate training opportunities across the spectrum of public health

University of Pretoria - School of Health Systems South Africa
Programs offered include: Diplomas in Tropical Health and Public Health, Master of Public Health

University of Wisconsin Health Integrative Medicine

Upper Limits UK

Upside Down Pilates
Lisa Smith (808) 779-1934 Kailua, HI

Brooke 415-896-2438 410 Jessie Street, loft 703, San Francisco CA

Urban Yoga Center, Palm Springs

Ursula Moon 818.694.2242 La, Ca

US Center of Kaivalyadhama Yoga
Online school of yoga with programs in yoga teacher training certification and yoga philosophy

US News Link

US Yoga Association,
San Francisco Yoga Studio

US: International College of Applied Kinesiology

USF College of Public Health Florida
The aim of the college is educating, conducting public health research, and distributing information

V Pilates Toluca Lake, Ca
Piloxing Classes, world famous hybrid of Pilates
with boxing

Val Walters' Specialized Kinesiology Wollongong, NSW Australia
Workshops on specialized kinesiology methods Blueprint and Touch For Health

Valentina Maiani 39 3687619220 Italy

Valerie Hirst (949) 495-7302 Laguna Miguel, CA

Valerie Jacobs 310.738.9191 / 820.4553 Brentwood, CA

Valerie Senter-WIlliams (850) 916-2228 Gulf Breeze, FL

Valerie Von 81 0 42573 9457 WOWD Kichijouji Inariya Bldg 7F Kichijouji Honc Tokyo, 180-0004, Japan

Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage

Vanessa Scardina Valencia, Ca
Certified Pilates Instructor

Velociti Fitness League Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

VeloForce 802.388.7400
Vermont Center for Classical Pilates The Marble Works District Middlebury, Vermont

Venus Code Fitness Cranberry Twp, PA

Venus Rising Shamanic Breathwork
A highly experiential technique designed to help individuals remember and reconnect with their own inner healer. Linda Star Wolf, founder. Facilitators and counselors list

Vered Arbel 773 935 7120 Chicago, IL

Verizon SuperPages
Chiropractor yellow page listings by city and state

Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Vertical Workshop (310) 271-4741
9012 West Olympic Boulevard, #200 Beverly Hills, CA

Vibeke Hirsch 310.617.4441 16363 Royal Hills Dr, Encino, CA

Vicki Bingaman 661.245.1468, Pilates Studio (661) 547-4519 Frazier Park & Santa Clarita, Ca

Vicky Hansen
1265 Bonnie Brae, Hermosa Beach, CA
Pilates Studio

Victoria Chiropractic Clinic Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Victoria Miller
Pilates Studio (310) 694-0131 Los Angeles, CA

Victoria Yoga Canada

Victory Gym Cedar Hill, Texas

Videos – Pilates 800- 910-0001, 416-482-4050, fax 416-482-2742 Stott

Videos – Pilates 800-240-3539, 800-PILATES, 916-454-2838 Balanced Body

Videos – Pilates 800-505-1990 Institute for the Pilates method

Videos – Pilates Classical Pilates Inc. 215.205.8004

Vigueur Fitness Consultants Australia
Services include personal training, weight loss, and message therapy

Vincenza Arrizza Pilates Studio Milano, Italy

Violet Yoga Studio Canada

Virginia Nicholas
Moving Breath Pilates Studio (480) 731-3101 Tempe, AZ

Virtual Fitness Trainer

Vishnu-devananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Berkeley

Vision Fitness New Hampshire

Vision Quest Fitness

Visions Personalized Fitness San Diego

Vital Fit

Vital Health Yoga Centre Canada

Vital Signs Fitness NY

Vita's Vibe

Viveca Jensen 818.769.6474 Studio City, Ca
"Piloxing" is a innovative cross between Pilates and boxing, CLASSES OFFERED, 1st time FREE
Liscensed Ocupational Therapist/Pilates instructor

Vivekananda Yoga Education Research and Therapy Institute

Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation

Vivian Lukz (561) 929-0581 Boca Raton, FL

Vivian Zapata 63 917 844 0944 Makati City, Phillipines

Vygor Fitness and Nutrition Bloomfield, PA

Waldyr Meirles Fillo 55 41 339 8389 Curitiba, Brazil

Walking Technique and Form
Learn the proper form and posture for power walking

Warrior Force New England

Washington Post - Health News

Washington State AMTA Chapter
Information about Massage in Washington State
Articles, Schools, Find a Therapist

Water's Edge Health Club and Spa Skagit County, Washington

Wayne Health and Fitness Center Newark, NY

Web Med
Protocols, Guidelines & Contraindications

Directory portal for aerobics information on the web

Webster Fitness Chicago, Illinois

Weight Lifting and Fitness

Weight Lifting Co Webz

Weight Lifting Routines

Weight Training Center

Weights & Skates NYC, NY

Weights On The Web

Fitness, wellness, and spa services that meet the needs and lifestyles of busy professionals, families, fitness enthusiasts, and non-enthusiasts

Wellbridge by SSM Fitness Club and Spa St. Louis, Missouri

Wellbridge Boston, Massachusetts

Wellington College Winnipeg, Manitoba

Wellness Charleston
Information about pain relief and natural health through applied kinesiology

Wellness Coach and Trainer
On-line and Email wellness coaching and personal training

Wellness for Body and Soul

Wellness Innovations
Seminars, health fairs, newsletters, fitness incentive programs and personal training for individuals or organizations

Wellness Kinesiology Bellingham, WA

Wellness Letter
Newsletter from the University of California, Berkeley, which discusses health news and provides advice on staying healthy via nutrition, exercise, self-care and preventive medicine

Wellness Programs
Certified Minority Business Enterprise dedicated to the evaluation, management, and promotion of high-quality, creative, and cost-effective programs and services in Training, Wellness, Education and Safety

Wellness Skills, Inc.

Wellness Unlimited London, England
London based centre that provide courses and workshops with the objective of enhancing health and wellbeing

Wellness Weekly
A weekly e-mail newsletter designed for people who are interested in general or specific health-related topics

Wellness Works, Inc. Boston, Massachusetts

Wellspring Studio 412- 363-6900
5830 Ellsworth Avenue, Suite 102 Pittsburgh, PA

Wendie Marlais (602) 538-0406 Scottsdale, AZ

Wendy Andersen (402) 423 8472 Lincoln, NE
Pilates Trainer

Wendy Halperin (954) 349-6458 Hallandale, FL
Pilates Trainer

We're Into Safety

West Australian Association of Masseurs Inc.
Organisation for all hands on bodywork practitioners within this state

West Coast College of Massage and Hydrotherapy

West Coast Pilates

West Coast Pilates Vancouver, Canada

Westboro Tennis and Swim Club Westboro, Massachusetts

Western Canadian Place Fitness Center Canada

Western Regional Radon Training Center Colorado
Certification and continuing education courses and home study distant based programs for Radon Professionals and the general public. Offered by the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado

Western Reserve Racquet and Fitness Club Streetsboro, Ohio

Western States Chiropractic College

Westminster Alexander Centre London, England
Articles include: Alexander Technique and the Work-Place, Voice and Respiration, and Health and Fitness

Westmoreland Athletic Club Greensburg, PA

West-Wind Massage Academy Phoenix, Arizona

What is Flexibility and Why Should I Care?

What's Wrong with the Chair:
Sitting and the New Ergonomics
An analysis of postural problem caused by most chairs and how better chair design can help

Wheaton Sport Center Wheaton, Illinois

White Cloud Institute
Offering a new understanding of healing with energy medicine based on ancient wisdom from Taoist masters and recent scientific discoveries in the field of quantum physics

White Cloud Studios .................................................................Clevland, OH

Troy McCarty 216.221.9998
Troy is a WORLD FAMOUS choreographer
All Pilates Instructors in theses 4 studos are ELITE trainers

White Lotus Foundation, California

Whole Body Fitness

Whole Body Gallery
6711 Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles CA, 90068

Whole Body Gallery
7713 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles CA

Wichita Pilates Group,
LLC Julie Long (316) 684-1911 Wichita, KS

Willow Studio
(615) 297-7117 2203 Bandywood Drive Nashville, TN

Wilson Health and Exercise Centre Crosby, Liverpool, UK

Wilson Zinnurov 'Private Pilates Instruction on the Movie SET', 617.835.7689 Los Angeles, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor Contact;

Wind River Fitness Center Lander, Wyoming

Windsong School of Healing Ltd.
Offers education in holistic sciences and traditional oriental medicine

WinWin and Associates

Wisconsin Athletic Club Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy

Wisdom of Yoga

Wise Practice

Women's Exercise Research Center of Washington, D.C.

Wood Valley Racquet Club and Fitness Center Topeka, Kansas

Woodinville Athletic Club Eastside, Washington

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Massachusettes
The Center for Firesafety Studies offers both master's and doctoral degrees as well as the advanced certificate and graduate certificate in fire protection engineering

Work It Circuit Commack, NY

Work Out West Greeley, Colorado

Work Out World New Jersey

Working Out Women
Holland & Bucks County, PA

Workout Master

Workout Wizard


Workouts For Women

Workouts For You

World Chiropractic Alliance
An international organization promoting drug-free, subluxation-based chiropractic. Information and news for D.C.s, consumers, other practitioners

World Federation of Chiropractic Toronto, Canada
The voting members of the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) are national associations of chiropractors in over 60 countries. The WFC represents them and the chiropractic profession in the international community

World Gym
Provides news, information, current events, member area, online store, and World Gym locator

World Gym Kennewick, Washington

World Instructor Training Schools (888) 330-9487

World Karate FIT Centre Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

World School of Massage & Holistic Healing Arts San Francisco, CA

World Star Fitness, LLC.

World Yoga Healing Arts Center, Walnut Creek

WOW’D (81) 3.5766.2090 1.800.621.7500 Tokyo, Japan
educational site TOP RATED PILATES SITE

X-TREME Pilates workouts are for the advanced client only contact Ivon Dahl at 323-656-6373

X Gym Seattle, Washington

Xertion Fitness Surrey, UK

Yahoo! News - Health

Yale School of Public Health
The first US academic program in public health. There are six academic divisions: Biostatistics; Chronic Disease Epidemiology; Environmental Health Sciences; Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases; Health Policy and Administration; and International Health

Yaz, Inc. Fitness Training Washington, D.C. Georgetown

Yoga & Pilates Center
Melanie Renze 310.325.9642 3230 W. Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance CA

Yoga Age

Yoga Anand Ashram Online

Yoga and Spinning Center, Venice

Yoga Arts
retreats in Bali, Indonesia, and Byron Bay and Sydney, Australia

Yoga Association of Alberta Canada

Yoga Association of Victoria

Yoga at a Vacation Villa Spain

Yoga Atlantic Canada

Yoga Bharati, San Francisco Bay

Yoga Bliss, San Francisco/Berkeley

Yoga Center Madrid Spain

Yoga Center of California, Costa Mesa

Yoga Center of Marin

Yoga Center of Oklahoma
11217 N. May Avenue (405) 755-9642 Oklahoma City, OK

Yoga Center, Santa Cruz

Yoga Centre Sai Mithra: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Yoga Centre, San Luis Obispo

Yoga Ireland

Yoga dance

Yoga East, Los Angeles

Yoga Elements: Bangkok, Thailand

Yoga Fitness, Campbell

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Now Brisbane, Melbourne

Yoga Forums

holistic research and wellness centre, Kerala

Yoga Haven Canada

Yoga in Australia

Yoga In Daily Life Canada

Yoga in Daily Life New Zealand

Yoga in Italy Italy

Yoga in Mazatlan Mexico

Yoga Information

Yoga Inside Out, West Hollywood

Yoga Ireland Ireland

Yoga is Youthfulness, Mountain View

Yoga Jones, Ventura

Yoga Kingdom, Pasadena

Yoga Limbs

Yoga Loft Canada

Yoga Loft, San Francisco

Yoga Mandala, Berkeley

Yoga Mind Space United Kingdom

Yoga Movement
An exploration of breathing and meditation

Yoga Nexus, San Francisco

Yoga Noosa

Yoga Sausalito

Yoga Online
Free yoga video downloads and uses flash animation to show yoga moves

Yoga Place, Orange County

Yoga Research and Education Center (YREC)

Yoga Revolution and Fitness Canada

Yoga School Oslo, Norway

Yoga Shakti, Huntington Beach, Irvine, and Laguna Beach

Yoga Shala Netherlands

Yoga Shala Canada

Yoga Solutions

Yoga Soul, Atherton, Palo Alto, Menlo Park

Yoga Space Barcelona Spain

Yoga Space Canada

Yoga Space

Yoga Studio Mill Valley

Yoga Studio Canada

Yoga Supersite on Holistic on line

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teachers Association

Yoga Teachers of Colorado

Yoga Teaching Forum

Yoga Therapy Centre

Yoga Therapy Ireland

Yoga To Go Centre of Health and Wellbeing

Yoga Tree

Yoga Tree, San Francisco

Yoga Vidya Dham: Nasik, India

Yoga West Natural Therapies Centre

Yoga West Canada

Yoga with Jody Myers Canada

Yoga with Kelly, San Jose

Yoga with Ronit Israel

Yoga With Thomas , Carmel

Yoga Zone and Pilates (516) 676-8300 Old Brookville, NY


Yoga.Co United Kingdom


Yogadotcalm Canada

YogaFit Training Systems

YogaKula, Berkeley

Training with Peter Masters

YogaMotion Netherlands


YogaPath -
Ashtanga and Iyegar Brussels, Belgium




Yorba Linda Fitness
20539 Yorba Linda Blvd Yorba Linda, CA

Your Body is Unique

Your Health and Nutrition News
Health & nutrition related articles, healthy recipes, contests and freebies on the internet

Your Health Care:
Choice or Chance
Shows how to navigate the health care system (Includes information on public health issues and wellness programs)

Your Health Daily
Updated daily and past health-related newspaper articles and press releases searchable by keyword

Yumi Takada 011 813 548
5388 University of the Sacred Heart Hiroo 4 Chome 3- Tokyo, Shibuya-Ku JAPAN

Yvonne Cruz (954) 435-3639 Cooper City, FL

Yvonne Yolanda
Schul Studio Zuid voor 31 40 2950903 Norway

Z. Altug, MS, PT Los Angeles, California

Zane Rankin (609) 397-3431 Lambertville, New Jersey

Zazen Posture
A meditator's guide to achieving good posture

Zen Adventure Virginia

Zen in the Art of Self-Resistance

Zenda Sergo (928) 710-0628 Prescott, AZ

Zinnurov 'Private Pilates Instruction on the Movie SET', 617.835.7689 Los Angeles, CA
Certified Pilates Instructor Contact;

Zenirgy Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt

Zero Balancing Association
Information on this hands-on body/mind system

Zero-Zero Pilates London and West Sussex, UK

Zest Health Clubs Australia
Features membership, health, and fitness information

Zion's Hope
Current news from 5 different sources relating to family health issues

Zone Fitness Ltd. Hamilton, Ohio

Zsuzsanna Bokor 36 70 3196373 Budapest, Hungary

Zloof Pilates, Serene LA,CA
Certified Pilates Instructor

Liability Insurance for Pilates Instructors
National Health Club Associates;
$145 annual fee, 800-765-6422, fax 303-986-6813
Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation, 800-844-0536,
C.M. Meiers co. Inc;
$145 800-596-0969 818-986-7105 fax818-986-2828
American College of Sports Medicine; 317-637-9200
Fitness and Wellness Insurance Agency; 866-557-2842,

Pilates Equipment Manufacturers
Balanced Body inc. 800-240-3539, 800-PILATES,
Stott 800- 910-0001,
Grats 718-361-7774
Teaque Equipment 818-991-9405
Peak Body Systems 1-800-925-3674
Pilates Total Gym Reformer,
attention code #4000, 800-541-4900,
Mark Spenard Enterprises,
Pilates Resource,
414 California Ave, Santa Monica, CA, 90403,
Glassless Mirrors
@ Ivanko; 1.800.247.9044 x 209, Chet Groskreutz
Foot Products;

Learning Tools & Continued Education 1.213.739.5293,
CPR and First Aid, Injury Prevention; Protocols, Guidelines & Contraindications 1800-299-3366x295 1.800.621.7500, Charts & Models 1.800.716.2475, 3D Human Anatomy Software 1.800.55medco, products & catalog 1.800.333.3032, injury education materials
UCLA workshops and continuing education; 1.800.825.2631 1.888.822.9255, ethics in business, how to become a successful employee Continued Education Credits National Organization of Credibility Assurance Magazine Education conferences & affiliation organization International Pilates Certification educational site 323.549.6660, 212.581.7043
FREE grants & training for Pro dancers, Subsidized Certification 866.720.7405, incorporation Yoga, Pilates, Gyro-kinesis and business workshops

Pilates Video
Classical Pilates Inc. 215.205.8004

Institute for the Pilates method; a variety of levels on all the equipment 800-505-1990
Stott 800- 910-0001, 416-482-4050, fax 416-482-2742
Balanced Body 800-240-3539, 800-PILATES, 916-454-2838, fax 916-454-3120

Pilates maintenance, repair, used equipment
Michael Salizar; 323-270-2951
Phil; 323-662-0880