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Liability Insurance for Pilates Instructors

National Health Club Associates;
$145 annual fee, 800-765-6422, fax 303-986-6813
Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation, 800-844-0536, csimpson@sportsfitness.com
C.M. Meiers co. Inc;
$145 800-596-0969 818-986-7105 fax818-986-2828
American College of Sports Medicine; 317-637-9200
Fitness and Wellness Insurance Agency; 866-557-2842, www.fwidirect.com

Pilates Equipment Manufacturers

Balanced Body inc. 800-240-3539, 800-PILATES, www.balancedbody.com
Stott info@stotteducation.com 800- 910-0001, www.stottpilates.com/studio.html
Grats www.pilates-gratis.com 718-361-7774
Teaque Equipment www.pilatesfitness.com 818-991-9405
Peak Body Systems 1-800-925-3674 www.peakpilates.com
Pilates Total Gym Reformer,
attention code #4000, 800-541-4900, efisportsmedicine.com
Mark Spenard Enterprises, www.markspenard.com
Stamina www.stamina.com
Pilates Resource,
414 California Ave, Santa Monica, CA, 90403, pilatesresource@hotmail.com
Glassless Mirrors
@ Ivanko; 1.800.247.9044 x 209, Chet Groskreutz
Foot Products; www.footsmart.com

Learning Tools & Continued Education

www.redcross.org 1.213.739.5293,
CPR and First Aid, Injury Prevention;
www.webmd.com Protocols, Guidelines & Contraindications
www.healthedco.com 1800-299-3366x295
www.anatomical.com 1.800.621.7500, Charts & Models
www.primalpictures.com 1.800.716.2475, 3D Human Anatomy Software
www.medco-athletics.com 1.800.55medco, products & catalog
www.krames.com 1.800.333.3032, injury education materials
UCLA workshops and continuing education; 1.800.825.2631
www.walkthetalk.com 1.888.822.9255, ethics in business, how to become a successful employee
www.acsm-healthfitness.org Continued Education Credits
www.noca.org National Organization of Credibility Assurance
www.pilatesstyle.com Magazine
www.PMA.org Education conferences & affiliation organization
www.internationalpilates.org International Pilates Certification educational site
www.careertransition.org 323.549.6660, 212.581.7043
FREE grants & training for Pro dancers, Subsidized Certification
www.corporate.com/dm150 866.720.7405, incorporation
www.inneridea.com Yoga, Pilates, Gyro-kinesis and business workshops

Pilates Video

Classical Pilates Inc. www.classicalpilates.net 215.205.8004 info@classicalpilates.net

Institute for the Pilates method; a variety of levels on all the equipment 800-505-1990
Stott 800- 910-0001, 416-482-4050, fax 416-482-2742
Balanced Body 800-240-3539, 800-PILATES, 916-454-2838, fax 916-454-3120

Pilates maintenance, repair, used equipment

Michael Salizar; 323-270-2951 www.thepilatesguy.com
Phil; 323-662-0880