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Yale School of Public Health
The first US academic program in public health. There are six academic divisions: Biostatistics; Chronic Disease Epidemiology; Environmental Health Sciences; Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases; Health Policy and Administration; and International Health

Yaz, Inc. Fitness Training Washington, D.C. Georgetown

Yoga & Pilates Center
Melanie Renze 310.325.9642 3230 W. Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance CA

Yoga Age

Yoga Anand Ashram Online

Yoga and Spinning Center, Venice

Yoga Arts
retreats in Bali, Indonesia, and Byron Bay and Sydney, Australia

Yoga Association of Alberta Canada

Yoga Association of Victoria

Yoga at a Vacation Villa Spain

Yoga Atlantic Canada

Yoga Bharati, San Francisco Bay

Yoga Bliss, San Francisco/Berkeley

Yoga Center Madrid Spain

Yoga Center of California, Costa Mesa

Yoga Center of Marin

Yoga Center of Oklahoma
11217 N. May Avenue (405) 755-9642 Oklahoma City, OK

Yoga Center, Santa Cruz

Yoga Centre Sai Mithra: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Yoga Centre, San Luis Obispo

Yoga Ireland

Yoga dance

Yoga East, Los Angeles

Yoga Elements: Bangkok, Thailand

Yoga Fitness, Campbell

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Now Brisbane, Melbourne

Yoga Forums

holistic research and wellness centre, Kerala

Yoga Haven Canada

Yoga in Australia

Yoga In Daily Life Canada

Yoga in Daily Life New Zealand

Yoga in Italy Italy

Yoga in Mazatlan Mexico

Yoga Information

Yoga Inside Out, West Hollywood

Yoga Ireland Ireland

Yoga is Youthfulness, Mountain View

Yoga Jones, Ventura

Yoga Kingdom, Pasadena

Yoga Limbs

Yoga Loft Canada

Yoga Loft, San Francisco

Yoga Mandala, Berkeley

Yoga Mind Space United Kingdom

Yoga Movement
An exploration of breathing and meditation

Yoga Nexus, San Francisco

Yoga Noosa

Yoga Sausalito

Yoga Online
Free yoga video downloads and uses flash animation to show yoga moves

Yoga Place, Orange County

Yoga Research and Education Center (YREC)

Yoga Revolution and Fitness Canada

Yoga School Oslo, Norway

Yoga Shakti, Huntington Beach, Irvine, and Laguna Beach

Yoga Shala Netherlands

Yoga Shala Canada

Yoga Solutions

Yoga Soul, Atherton, Palo Alto, Menlo Park

Yoga Space Barcelona Spain

Yoga Space Canada

Yoga Space

Yoga Studio Mill Valley

Yoga Studio Canada

Yoga Supersite on Holistic on line

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teachers Association

Yoga Teachers of Colorado

Yoga Teaching Forum

Yoga Therapy Centre

Yoga Therapy Ireland

Yoga To Go Centre of Health and Wellbeing

Yoga Tree

Yoga Tree, San Francisco

Yoga Vidya Dham: Nasik, India

Yoga West Natural Therapies Centre

Yoga West Canada

Yoga with Jody Myers Canada

Yoga with Kelly, San Jose

Yoga with Ronit Israel

Yoga With Thomas , Carmel

Yoga Zone and Pilates (516) 676-8300 Old Brookville, NY


Yoga.Co United Kingdom


Yogadotcalm Canada

YogaFit Training Systems

YogaKula, Berkeley

Training with Peter Masters

YogaMotion Netherlands


YogaPath -
Ashtanga and Iyegar Brussels, Belgium




Yorba Linda Fitness
20539 Yorba Linda Blvd Yorba Linda, CA

Your Body is Unique

Your Health and Nutrition News
Health & nutrition related articles, healthy recipes, contests and freebies on the internet

Your Health Care:
Choice or Chance
Shows how to navigate the health care system (Includes information on public health issues and wellness programs)

Your Health Daily
Updated daily and past health-related newspaper articles and press releases searchable by keyword

Yumi Takada 011 813 548
5388 University of the Sacred Heart Hiroo 4 Chome 3- Tokyo, Shibuya-Ku JAPAN

Yvonne Cruz (954) 435-3639 Cooper City, FL

Yvonne Yolanda
Schul Studio Zuid voor 31 40 2950903 Norway