Julie Thurston

Pilates Teacher
of the Year

Julie modified Mat Pilates to be performed standing. She develops dynamic community outreach programs while enhancing the quality of life for special populations

Ivon Dahl

Pilates Research

Synthesizing Pilates with Bio-mechanics & Kinesiology
to discover the Pilates Essence.

Advancement & Evolution of Pilates with research publications:
'The Pilates Bible', 'The Pilates Encyclopedia'.

Developing Pilates education programs,
non-profit foundations and Pilates charities.

'My Pilates Body'
Studio of the Year

Erica Meek
MPB owner & instructor encourages a diverse Pilates staff and provides a blend of Pilates equipment options leading to integration of many of Pilates teaching styles- unique in Pilates !

Paulette Blaszak
Pilates Teacher
of the Year

Paulette adapted Pilates Principles to golf. She teachesi Pilates-Golf workshops internationally



Ken Endelman: The 'Hubertus' Award Nominee
For support of the Pilates community in Pilates equipment design and most notably for spearheading the class action lawsuit against Pilates copyright registration.

Sebastien Lagree: Pilates Development Nominee
For creating a new genre in the world wide 'Pilates Plus' franchises and innovation of a new generation of Pilates apparatus.

Shana Miller: Pilates Research and Development Nominee
An expert in the critical evaluation of Pilates movements and appropriate application for health promotion and physical rehabilitation. She is also a professional in the implementation of evidence-based recommendations and prevention to improve the health of all Americans. Shana Miller is trained in Physical Therapy rehabilitation protocols with clinical experience in Pilates applications. Shana is a leader in Pilates Research for clinically based evidence and documenting of Pilates effectiveness in PT Modalities.

Troy Mcarty: Studio of the Year Nominee
Accomplished choreographer and White Cloud Pilates Studios proprietor. Providing continued education and advanced choreography for his many Pilates instructors.

Mikael Salazar: The 'Hubertus' Award Nominee
For support of the Pilates community for 20 years of Pilates service and advice. The Pilates community much appreciates Mr. Salazar's heartfelt devotion and support of the Pilates profession.

Mari Winsor: Expansion of Pilates Nominee
Introduction of Pilates to the general public with 29 million DVD's sold and distributed by 'Guthy Renker' and 'Gaiam'.

Sean Gallagher: Research & Development Nominee
He initiated the first Global Pilates teacher training organization with Carola Tier and Romana Kryzanowska (original instructors of Joseph Hubertus Pilates) and integrated the Pilates modality into physical therapy since 1990.

International Pilates AWARD WINNERS




Matt Richardson

Pilates Teacher
of the Year

Matt developed
Health program protocols
in Wellness clinics and

Pilates videos
for teen education



Viveca Jensen


Viveca created a new Pilates hybrid
with licensing and international education



































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