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International Pilates Convention

Animated History of Pilates

INTRINSIC CORE muscles   Research

ABSOLUTE Pilates   Opinion by Shana Miller

What is a Goniometer   Pilates Q & A

Teaching Pilates to EMOTIONAL Clients   Research by Isabelle Apel

Pilates in ASIA   Published Article

Pilates as an ALTERNATIVE to prescription DRUGS   Research by Alexandria Brown, Stephanie Harries, & Vanessa Harries

PARKINSON'S and Pilates   Research

Multiple Sclerosis and PILATES   Research

WEST COAST vs EAST COAST Pilates styles   Pilates Q & A

How to EVALUATE a Pilates Program   Research

Prevent BURN-OUT with SPIRITUALITY   Opinion

Back Safety for clients   Handout for Clients by Chava Hamlet, Brandon Alter, Catherine Beehan, Gillian Burns,
                                                                               Hollin Pulley, Michelle Wong, Ricky Godinez, Sorel Carradine
Improvement of ATHLETIC performance   Opinion


Articular Traction   Research by Victoria Manning

Embracing Diversity in the Pilates Community   Opinion

An Interpretation of Pilates Principles   Opinion by Sarah Steele

Architectural Aspects of Pilates   Research by Jose Gaspar

Knee Safety for clients   Handout for Clients by Randee de Rosa

Shoulder Safety for clients   Handout for Clients Inspired by Pilates Instructors of ‘Circuit Pilates Silverlake’, Chava Hamlet; owner

Building your IMMUNE SYSTEM with Pilates   Published Article

Food GAMES People Play   Published Article

Getting 'IN-SHAPE' for Summer   Published Article

Gym Etiquette   Published Article

Pilates Ball Routine By Julie Thurston

Pilates for Cyclists    Workout by Alanna Flanagan

HEALTH HISTORY   Business Form


How to choose a Work-out Partner   Published Article

The Pilates Bible book review by Lori Rubenstein


Building Washboard ABS   Published Article

FITNESS RECORD    Business Form

The X-MASS Blues   Published Article

Pilates ABS   Workout

PREGNANCY  Handout for Clients

Pilates Instructor LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY   Instructor Development

PILATES as MEDITATION   Opinion by Lisa J. Woodward

PILATES on Contrology   Opinion by Joseph Pilates & Frederick Rand Rogers

Understanding Pilates from a Dancer's Perspective   Instructor Development by Vanessa Scardina

Pilates Flow Class    A mat workout designed by a Ballet Teacher; Pamela Sosa, ARAD

U.N. on Physical Activity     Published Article  by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

THE Best massage I ever had    Opinion

Cupping for Health   Wellness Alternative

BREATH   Published Article

International SIGN Language   Published Chart

The Pilates Conversation    Research By Jenni Gilbert

Pilates instructors as INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS    Opinion

AGE & Exercise   Published Article

Osteoporosis Routine   Handout for Clients
Sitting on a Chair Routine

How to measure Muscle Strength      Pilates Q & A

7 CHAKRA's & attributes Wellness Alternative

Pilates for GOLFERS   Research by Paulette Blaszak

HGH   Opinion

A Taste of Pilates     A 15 minute Pilates Workout by Gena Ruffino

Introducing Pilates to a person with Weight Training experience     Transcription by Joe DiGiandomenico

Attitude   Opinion by Charles Swindol

Mat Routine  Handout for Clients

Pilates is a FEELING   Opinion by Kristin Floyd Hurtado

Pilates and Obesity   Opinion by Tracy Jai Edwards